Family Group Sheet

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Father: Lafayette Schell

Lafayette & Mary Schell
  • Birth: 16 Sep 1868 at home near Lowell, Benton Co., AR.
  • Death: 4 Sep 1948 in Rogers, Benton Co., Arkansas at age: 79
  • Burial: Hart Cemetery in Bentonville, Benton Co., Arkansas
  • Marriage: 21 Sep 1890 in McDonald Co., MO. his age: 22 her age: 16
  • Father: Philip Schell
  • Mother: Martha Jane Bear
  • Note: LaFayette and Mary Moved to Benton County, Arkansas in 1917 from McDonald County, MO. Ferne Schell daughter of LaFayette and Mary, said that her daddy didn't want the kids to be around all the drinking from his family. died at his farm home near Lowell, Ark., where he had lived 29 years. He had been ill a year. Lafayette had five brothers, 2 sisters, 19 grand children, and 6 great grand children. Funeral was held at Bentonville Church of Christ by Rev. J. H. Martin of Rodgers Buried with wife Mary as one gravestone that says SCHELL on middle top. LAFAYETTE 1868 - 1948 to the left MARY HALL 1874 - 1950 to the right.

Mother: Mary Magdelene Hall

  • Birth: 12 May 1874 in McDonald Co., MO
  • Death: 28 Feb 1950 in Bates Memorial Hospital on Tues. 2pm. at age: 75
  • Burial: 1950 Hart Cemetery in Bentonville, Benton Co., Arkansas
  • Father: James Kimsey Hall
  • Mother: Martha Irene (Jane) Clanton
  • Note: Obit. reads: Mary had 19 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren Came to Benton Co. Ark in 1843 Member of the Bentonville Church of Christ Funeral services were in Bentonville Church of Christ by Rev. Willie Warren Funeral Home direction of Callison-McKinney


1 F Oma Mae Schell

  • Born: 6 Feb 1893 in
    Died: 7 Nov. 1966 in Lowell, Benton Co., AR. at age 72.
    Buried: Hart Cem. in Bentonville, Benton Co., Arkansas
    Spouse: Jeff Vickery b. 1893 d. Oct 1927
    Spouse: Dempsey Cowan d. Nov. 1967
    Married: 1945 in
    Note: Married Jeff Vickery and then Dempsey Cowan Gravestone read as follow JAMES JEFFERSON to the left OMAMAY (is how they spelled her first name) to the right. VICKERY in the middle. Dates bottom under each name for Jeff 1893-1927 for Oma Mae 1893-1966 Mattie and Oma had a dear love for one another, on the back of pictures you could see - From your loving sister Mattie. Ferne Schell (Their sister) said they spent more time together because they were the two oldest.

2 F Mattie Jane Schell

  • Born: 3 Jan 1895 in
  • Died: 18 Apr 1974 in Eaton, Colorado at age 79.
  • Spouse: Henry Organ
  • Note: Lived Eaton Colo. Some records say date of death for Mattie is April 18th instead of 17th

3 F Laura Belle Schell

  • Born: 21 Sep 1896 in
  • Died: 24 Jan 1980 in Lowell, Benton Co., AR. at age 83.
  • Buried: Hart Cem in Bentonville, Arkansas
  • Spouse: Horace Perry Stipp b. 5 Aug 1893 d. 23 May 1964
  • Married: 5 Aug 1893 in
  • Note: Gravestone reads - STIPP on top middle. HORACE PERRY AUG. 5, 1893 - MAY 23,1964 to the left LAURA BELLE SEPT. 21, 1896 - JAN. 24 1980 same gravestone with husband. Laura Stipp SS# 432-34-7745. Issue state: AR, Birth 21 Sep 1896, Death: Jan 1980, Death state: AR, Last known residence: Lowell, Arkansas 72745, Last known Payment Location: Rogers, Arkansas 72756

4 F Josie Ardell Schell

  • Born: 1897 in McDonald Co., MO.
  • Died: 1898 in McDonald Co., MO. at age 1., died at 18mo. old

4 M Emory Calaway Schell

  • Born: 24 Jul 1899 in McDonald Co., MO.
  • Died: 28 Nov 1985 in Platteville, CO. at age 86.
  • Spouse: Elsie Griggs
  • Married: 17 Feb 1924 in
  • Note: Emory name has also been seen on the back of pictures spelled Emery. Some records show death 27 th day of Nov. 1985

6 M Willie Joe Bill Schell

  • Born: 10 Jun 1901 in McDonald Co., MO.
  • Died: 28 May 1983 in Bentonville, Benton Co., AR. at age 81.
  • Buried: Hart Cem in Bentonville, Arkansas
  • Spouse: Veta M. Soaps b. 1907 d. 1991
  • Married: 10 Feb 1924 in
  • Note: Willie's middle name on the back of pictures says its Jackson, but Joe is correct. Gravestone reads WILLIE J. 1901 - 1983 to the top left. Veta M. 1907 - 1991 to the top right. SCHELL in the middle bottom. The headstone must of been purchase before their deaths because the date of death is in a different color. Willie Schell SS#431-68-9034, Issue state: AR, Birth 10 Jun 1901, Death May 1983, Death state: AR, Last known residence Bentonville, Arkansas 72712, Last payment location: Bentonville, Arkansas, 72712

7 M James Elmer Schell

  • Born: 16 Feb 1903 in McDonald Co., MO.
  • Died: 24 Oct 1904 in McDonald Co., MO. died at 18mo. old

8 F Maude Lee Schell

  • Born: 27 Dec 1904 in McDonald Co., Missouri
  • Died: 31 Aug 1995 in Hanford, California at age 90.
  • Buried: 6 Sept 1995 in Grangeville Cemetery, Armona, California
  • Spouse: Preston Hutcheson d. 31 Mar 1981
  • Married: 24 Jul 1924 in
  • Note: Lived in Seaside Calif. Maude Hutcheson SS# 551-42-5787, Issue state CA, Born 27 Dec 1904, Death Aug
  • 1995, Last known residence: Hanford, California 93230, Last payment location: Laton, California 93242. Graveside Service Wednesday, September 6th 1995 10:00 am. Officiating Rev. Kevin Killem Freewill Baptist Church Hanford, California
  • Services Conducted By People's Funeral Chapel Hanford, California

9 M Philip Conway Schell

  • Born: 11 Jan 1907 in McDonald Co., MO.
  • Died: 4 Apr 1971 in Lowell, Benton Co., AR. at age 64.
  • Buried: Hart Cem. in Bentonville, Arkansas
  • Spouse: Cloetta Woodard
  • Note: Gravestone says PHILLIP C. SCHELL at top. 1907 - 1971
  • Philip Schell SS# 499-07-1469, Issue state: MO., Birth 11 Jan 1907, Death Apr 1971, death state: AR, Last known residence: Lowell, Arkansas 72745
  • Obits for Philip Schell the spelling of names is as they put it in the obituary.
  • Phillip Schell Dead At 64
  • Phillip Schell of Lowell, 64, died Sunday at Gravette Medical Center. He was born Jan. 11, 1907, in McDonald County, MO. He was a member of the Church of Christ. He is survived by a son, Harold Dean Schell of Kansas City Mo., four brothers and five sisters; Emery of Plattsville, Colo., Bill and Lester of Bentonville, Rupert of Handford, Calif., Mattie Ogan of Eden, Colo., Mrs. Bell Stipp and Mrs Cleo Robins of Lowell, Mrs. Maud Hutchenson of Los Bansos, Calif., and Mrs. Fern Smith of Gravette; and four grandchildren. service will be Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Callison Chapel with Walter Buchanan officiating. Burial will be in Hatt's Cemetery.

10 M Rubert Baxter Schell

  • Born: 17 Jan 1909 in McDonald Co., MO.
  • Died: 13 Jul 1971 in Hanford, California at age 62.
  • Buried: in California
  • Spouse: Laura Olive Gardner b. 7 Dec 1907 d. 19 Sep 1978
  • Married: 11 Feb 1929 in
  • Note: Lived Hanford, Calif.

11 M Lester Jackson Schell

  • Born: 7 Apr 1911 in McDonald Co., MO
  • Died: 21 Aug 1988 in Gentry, Benton Co., Arkansas at age 77.
  • Buried: Gentry Hiple in Springtown Arkansas
  • Spouse: Orpha Philpot
  • Note: Gravestone says SCHELL at top. LESTER JACKSON APR. 7 1911 ~ AUG. 21 1988 at bottom. In the middle he has a picture of hills and trees with cows. Off to the side there is a place to put flowers in a vase made of the same stone that has his initials L J S

12 F Ferne Evelyn Schell

  • Born: Living
  • Baptized:
  • Spouse: Orlia Smith b. 4 Oct 1912 d. 9 Mar 1994
  • Married:
  • Note: Married Orlia Smith Preacher name Billy Sears. Mr Sears got Mrs Sears out of bed to be a witness to the union. Ferne also worked in the town of Gravette at the Plant: She canned tomatoes & beans. Ferne seem to half to have something to do always, when she wasn't attending her garden or cleaning house, she was sitting in her chair sowing quilts together. Not sure if she ever bought a dress, most often she would make them. If I had one thing that touch my heart more than anything about my grandmother I would have to say it was her kindness and how she let us kids just be kids. Oh how she shows us her love. To this day she prays for us all "How blessed it is to have a grandmother pray for her grandchildren". (written 2001)
  • As a Child Ferne said she played more with Dale and Les, she said that is why she could run faster than the other girls. Then she laugh with a sweet chuckle (written Oct 8th 2001) When Ferne was 5 she had tie-floyd fever - she had to learn to walk all over again, she remembers Dale (her brother) having it about the same time. She also had lock-jaw at sometime in her life. They had to run her to the hospital because of it. Ferne was baptized at the age of 11, but was re-baptized w/Orlia because she didn't feel like she knew what she was doing at the age of 11

13 M Child Dale LaFayette Schell

  • Born: 26 Nov 1915 in McDonald Co., MO
  • Died: 13 Oct 1937 in Breighton, Co. at age 21.
  • Buried: Hart Cemetery in Bentonville, Benton County, Arkansas
  • Note: When Dale died he lived in Colorado at the same time as Lester. When Lester got wind of them wanting to do an Ortopcee, on Dale he put a stop to it. So they never did find out how he died at such a early age.

14 F Theo Ellen Schell age: 86

  • Born: Living - in Benton Co., Arkansas
  • Spouse: Delbert Robbins d. 30 Dec 1985
  • Married:1937 in Cave Spring, AR
  • Nickname Tote

LaFayette and Mary Magdelene SCHELL's sons taken 1921

LaFayette and Mary Magdelene SCHELL's daughters

Grandchildren of LaFayette and Mary Magdelene SCHELL