Transcribed by and property of Don Rubarts
  Sugar Creek Township          Original Page 80
           Stamped page 84B
FAMILY                NAME      AGE SEX COLOR OCCUPATION Real Estate Place of Birth Infirmity
Rumley, Juratha 22 F Tennessee
Rumley, Robert 12 M Missouri
Rumley, Missouri 10 F Missouri
Rumley, Houston 17 M None Tennessee
528 Stephens, Nalory 21 M None Arkansas
Stephens, Thursday 21 F Arkansas
Stephens, Sarah E. 1 F Arkansas
529 Freeman, Joseph 31 M Farmer 600 Arkansas
Freeman, Eliza H. 27 F Tennessee
Freeman, Sarah E. 10 F Arkansas
Freeman, Joana 8 F Arkansas
Freeman, Mary A. 14 F Arkansas
Freeman, Jefferson T. 2 M Arkansas
530 Washburn, J.T. 23 M None Arkansas
Washburn, Hannah S. 20 F Tennessee
Washburn, David H. 1 M Arkansas
531 Stephens, Jonah 28 M None Missouri
Stephens, Catharine C. 20 F Tennessee
Stephens, Bennett F. 10/12 M Arkansas
Tyner, Bennett 22 M None Arkansas
532 Ford, Richard 52 M Farmer North Carolina
Ford, Isabella 53 F South Carolina
Ford, George W. 21 M None Tennessee
Ford, Jonas 20 M None Tennessee
Ford, Evins S.T. 18 M None Tennessee
Ford, Jackson 15 M None Arkansas
Ford, Nancy 20 F Tennessee
533 Ford, Henry 45 M H. Carpenter North Carolina
Ford, Nancy 40 F Tennessee
Ford, Catharine 22 F Tennessee
Ford, Robert 18 M None Illinois
Ford, Elizabeth 16 F Illinois
Ford, Rebecca 14 F Illinois
Ford, Mary A. 11 F Illinois
Ford, Nancy 5 F Illinois
534 Ford, W. 22 M None Illinois
Ford, Hannah 20 F Tennessee
Ford, David 1 M Arkansas
535 Ford, Wm. C. 34 M None Tennessee
Ford, Matilda 26 F Missouri