Every Name Index
1850 Federal Census, Benton County, Arkansas
A - D
Surnames A-D
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Transcribed and compiled by Don Rubarts.
Page Numbers are stamped on every other page.  The stamped page is considered "A"

- A -     Page
Abbott, Ataline 55B
Abbott, Betsy 55B
Abbott, Betsy A. 55B
Abbott, Catharine 55B
Abbott, Daniel 55B
Abbott, Elizabeth 55A
Abbott, John W. 55A
Abbott, Joshua 55B
Abbott, Malissa 55B
Abbott, Richardson 55B
Abbott, Robert 55B
Abbott, Tho's 55A
Abbott, Wm. P. 55B
Jackson, Elizabeth 76B
Alderson, Jessee B. 52B
Alderson, Sam 52B
Alderson, Scynthia 52B
Alderson, Wm. H. 52B
Alexander, Benton 48A
Alexander, Hugh 48A
Alexander, James 48A
Alexander, Mary 48A
Alexander, Thomas 48A
Alexander, W. 48A
Alexander, Wm. 48A
Ames, Berthina 55B
Ames, David 55B
Ames, Hiram 56A
Ames, Tabitha 55B
Ames, Wm. O. 56A
Anderson, John P. 81A
Anderson, Joseph N.   60A
Anderson, Letty 60A
Anderson, Mary A. 68B
Anderson, Mary C. 68B
Anderson, Missouri 81A
Anderson, Oliver J. 68B
Anderson, P. 81A
Anderson, R. 60A
Anderson, Robert S. 60A
Anderson, Wm. W. 60A
Armstrong, Amanda 84A
Armstrong, Byron S. 44A
Armstrong, Casland J.   44A
Armstrong, Darcus 84A
Armstrong, Elijah 84A
Armstrong, Kelly A. 44A
Armstrong, Polly A. 44A
Armstrong, Robert 44A
Armstrong, Wm. 84A
Arnold, Christopher 77B
Arnold, G.M. 69B
Arnold, Samuel S. 69B
Ash, Betsy A. 82B
Ash, Claborn 82A
Ash, Eliza C. 82B
Ash, Ervin 82B
Ash, Harriett 82A
Ash, Hiram 82A
Ash, Hjacob 82A
Ash, Hugh 82B
Ash, Ladawic 82A
Ash, Lucinda 82A
Ash, Mary E. 82B
Ash, Wm. 82A
Auertine, I. C. 62B
Auertine, Patsy 62B
- B -
Bacon, Amanda 74A
Bacon, Caroline 74A
Bacon, Lyman 74A
Baker, Ataline 61B
Baker, Charles W. 68A
Baker, James 61B
Baker, Jarrell B. 68A
Baker, John 68A
Baker, Joseph L. 68A
Baker, Lewis 68A
Baker, Moses 68A
Baker, Polly A.S. 68A
Baker, Vika 68A
Baker, Vika 68A
Balch, Elizabeth A. 47B
Balch, John N. 47B
Balch, Mary 46B
Balch, Mary J. 47B
Balch, Wm. 47B
Baley, James W. 86B
Baley, John D. 86B
Baley, Nancy A. 86B
Baley, Nathan 86B
Baley, Polly 86B
Baley, Sarah J. 86B
Baley, Wm. H. 86B
Ballard, Wilson 80A
Banister, Margarett 70B
Banks, B.F. 72A
Banks, Charlotte 72A
Banks, Elizabeth 72A
Banks, Jabez 72A
Banks, John W. 72A
Banks, Jordan 72A
Banks, L.S. 72A
Banks, Labiuis 72A
Banks, Mary E. 72A
Banks, R.J. 72A
Banks, S.P. 72A
Banks, Sarah 72A
Banks, Susan M.F. 72A
Banks, Susana 72A
Banks, Tho's 72A
Banks, Wm. E. 72A
Barely, Eliza J. 52A
Barely, Mary E. 52A
Barely, Rebecca 52A
Barely, Wm. P. 52A
Barnhill, Abel 81B
Barnhill, Abel 81B
Barnhill, Abel S. 82A
Barnhill, Abredy 81B
Barnhill, Alexander 81B
Barnhill, Alford 81B
Barnhill, Alford 81B
Barnhill, Annie S. 81B
Barnhill, David S. 81B
Barnhill, Elijah 81B
Barnhill, Elijah A. 81B
Barnhill, Elizabeth 81B
Barnhill, Elizabeth 81B
Barnhill, Lucinda 81B
Barnhill, Mary C. 81B
Barnhill, Nancy 81B
Barnhill, Rhoda A. 81B
Barnhill, Ruth 81B
Barnhill, Samuel 81B
Barnhill, Samuel 81B
Barnhill, Sarah 81B
Barnhill, Sarah A. 81B
Barnhill, Sarah M. 81B
Barnhill, Unity 81B
Batty, Joab 86A
Batty, John 86A
Batty, Margarett 86A
Beasley, Edward E. 50B
Beasley, Mitchell 50B
Beasley, Priscilla 50B
Beasley, Sarah A. 50B
Beasley, Wm. M. 50B
Bellmear, Alford 58B
Bellmear, Elizabeth R. 58B
Bellmear, Mary L. 58B
Bellmear, Sarah L. 58B
Bellmear, Wm. F. 58B
Black, Elizabeth A. 74B
Black, Emily J. 74B
Black, James H. 74B
Black, Samuel 74B
Black, Thomas J. 74B
Black, Wm. 74B
Blackstone, Eliza J. 48B
Blackstone, L. L. 48B
Blackstone, Louisa 48B
Blackstone, Mary J. 48B
Blackstone, P. M. 48B
Blackstone, R. D. 48B
Blackstone, Robert 48B
Blackstone, Thomas 48B
Blagg, Fatima 51A
Blagg, Hester 51A
Blagg, James 51A
Blagg, Jesse 51A
Blagg, Manerva 51A
Blagg, Martha A. 51A
Blagg, Mary E. 51A
Blagg, T. 51A
Blagg, Thomas J. 51A
Blagg, Wm. R. 51A
Blair, Mary 78B
Blair, Sarah 78B
Blake, Ellis G. 65B
Blaylock, J. 64B
Blaylock, James 64B
Blevin, Artimsey 44B
Blevin, Billy 44B
Blevin, Esquire 44B
Blevin, Jackson 44B
Blevin, Lucinda 44B
Blevin, Lucinda 44B
Blevin, Mary J. 44B
Blevin, Mary J. 44B
Blevin, Newman 44B
Blevin, Susan 44B
Blevin, William 44B
Blevin, William 44B
Blevin, Wm. 44B
Blevin, Wm. B. 44B
Bolen, B. H. 44A
Bolen, B. H. 44A
Bolen, Ch. W. 44A
Bolen, Hardina 44A
Bolen, John R. 79A
Bolen, Julian 44A
Bolen, Margarett B. 79A
Bolen, Martha C. 44A
Bolen, Nancy 79A
Boonkin, Margaret 44A
Booth, Anna 78B
Booth, Martha J. 78B
Booth, Nancy E. 78B
Booth, Reuben 78B
Booth, Sarah A. 78B
Boyd, George C.B. 48A
Boyd, Jane H. 48A
Boyd, Thomas M. 48A
Boyhton, Susan 82A
Boyhton, Thomas J. 82A
Bramblett, G. 45B
Breathwart, George 74A
Breathwart, John (?) 74A
Breathwart, Martha 74A
Breathwart, Mary 74A
Breathwart, Robert 74A
Breathwart, Sarah 74A
Bricky, Amanda 52B
Bricky, Jamnes N. 52B
Bricky, John M. 52B
Bricky, Jonathan 52B
Bricky, Joseph 52B
Bricky, Mary E. 52B
Bricky, Nancy 52B
Briscoe, Elizabeth 85A
Briscoe, Isaac 85A
Briscoe, Isaac J. 83A
Briscoe, James 85A
Briscoe, James C. 83A
Briscoe, John 83A
Briscoe, John 85A
Briscoe, John E. 83A
Briscoe, Louisa 85A
Briscoe, Lucinda M. 83A
Briscoe, Mahala J. 85A
Briscoe, Margarett 85A
Briscoe, Martha A. 85A
Briscoe, Martha A. 85A
Briscoe, Nancy 83A
Briscoe, Susana 83A
Briscoe, Wm. R. 83A
Brown, Allen 59A
Brown, Blackstone L. 59A
Brown, Elizabeth 65B
Brown, Emily A. 62B
Brown, Hezekiah 65B
Brown, Jane 52A
Brown, Jessee C. 65B
Brown, Jessee H. 59A
Brown, Jnancy J. 59A
Brown, John 65B
Brown, Leroy 65B
Brown, Mary 65B
Brown, Mary A. 59A
Brown, Oliver F. 59A
Brown, Orpha 62B
Brown, Patena 65B
Brown, R. K. 62B
Brown, Rachel 62B
Brown, Tho's G. 62B
Brown, Wm. 62B
Brown, Wm. J. 65B
Brown, Zachariah 62B
Brumfield, Catharine 61A
Brumfield, George 61A
Brumfield, James 61A
Brumfield, James 61A
Brumfield, Jesse 61A
Brumfield, Lucinda 61A
Brumfield, Margarett 61A
Brumfield, Mary J. 61A
Brumfield, Wm. 61A
Bryan, Lagrand 69A
Bryan, Sarah 69A
Bryant, Thos. 44A
Bucher, Charles 58B
Bullard, Elizabeth A. 79A
Bullard, Elizabeth A. 79A
Bullard, Jacob 79A
Bullard, John A. 79A
Bullard, Martha 79A
Bullard, Mary J. 79A
Bullard, Nancy J. 79A
Bullard, Nancy L. 79A
Bullard, Sarah M. 79A
Bullard, Wm. H. 79A
Burgen, B. 66A
Burgen, B. L. 66B
Burgen, Lucinda 66A
Burgen, Martha A. 66A
Burgen, Merrett 66A
Burges, John 68A
Burges, Manerva 68A
Burges, Wm. 68A
Burgess, Abigail 56B
Burgess, Elvira 56B
Burgess, Hannah 50B
Burgess, Harriett 56B
Burgess, Maleno 56B
Burgess, Manerva J. 56B
Burgess, Martha 56B
Burgess, Mary 56B
Burgess, Medaline 56B
Burgess, Richard 56B
Burgess, Susan 56B
Burgess, Wm. W. 56B
Burks, J.W. 83A
Burks, John 83A
Burks, Julia 83A
Burks, Nancy 83A
Burks, Samuel 83A
Burks, Samuel 83A
Burks, Silus 83A
Burks, Wm. 83A
Burnett, John 79A
Burnett, Joseph 79A
Burnett, Judah 79A
Burnett, Louisa 79A
Burnett, Mary 79A
Burnett, Matilda 79A
Burnett, Nancy 75B
Burnett, Patsy 75B
Burnett, Polly 79A
Burnett, Rebecca 79A
Burnett, Reuben 75B
Burnett, Reuben 79A
Burnett, Sarah 79A
Burrow, Alford 68A
Burrow, Jarrell H. 68A
Burrow, Jasper 68A
Burrow, John 68A
Burrow, Milton 68A
Burrow, Rebecca 68A
Burrow, Richard M. 68A
Burrow, Wm. G. 68A
Burton, Amanda 80A
Burton, G. 80A
Burton, Rhoda 80A
Burton, Sarah 80A
Butler, James 75B
Butler, Winifred 75B
- C -
Calahan, Denes 58A
Calahan, Elizabeth D. 58A
Calahan, Hugh A. 58A
Calahan, Mary M. 58A
Calahan, Sarah 58A
Campbell, Andrew 46B
Cantrell, Eliza J. 52B
Cantrell, Elizabeth 55B
Cantrell, Elvira S. 52B
Cantrell, George W. 55B
Cantrell, Hiram D. 55B
Cantrell, John 55B
Cantrell, Martha 55B
Cantrell, Mary 55B
Cantrell, Mary 55B
Cantrell, Mary 55B
Cantrell, Richard 55B
Cantrell, Richard 55B
Cantrell, Samuel 55B
Cantrell, Sarah 55B
Cantrell, Shadrac 55B
Cantrell, Susan 55B
Cantrell, Virginia 55B
Cantrell, Wm. 52B
Carden, Tho's 86B
Cardin, Polly 83B
Cardin, Thomas L. 83B
Carl, James H. 66A
Carl, Martha L. 66A
Carl, Nancy A. 66A
Carnahan, Elizabeth 55B
Carnahan, John 55B
Carnahan, Louisa 55B
Carnahan, Sarah E. 55B
Cary, Caroline 74B
Cary, Hopkins L. 74B
Cary, Joseph 74B
Cary, Martha 74B
Cary, Mary 74B
Cary, Sarah 74B
Cary, W.B. 74B
Cary, Wm. 74B
Casae, Mary 65B
Case, Jacob 65B
Case, Marshall 65B
Case, Moria 65B
Case, Retvin 65B
Case, Sarah 65B
Caveness, Aaron 75B
Caveness, Amanda E. 87B
Caveness, Benjamin 87B
Caveness, Edmund 87A
Caveness, Elizabeth 75B
Caveness, Henry 75B
Caveness, James A. 87B
Caveness, Jane 75B
Caveness, Jeremiah 75B
Caveness, Joel 87B
Caveness, Joel J. 87B
Caveness, John 87B
Caveness, Keziah 75B
Caveness, Lucinda 75B
Caveness, Manerva 87B
Caveness, Martha A. 75B
Caveness, Mary 87B
Caveness, Mathew 87B
Caveness, Matthew 75B
Caveness, Matthew 87B
Caveness, Matthew 87B
Caveness, Nancy 75B
Caveness, Nancy 87B
Caveness, Rachel 87B
Caveness, Rachel 87B
Caveness, Rebecca 75B
Caveness, Rebecca 87A
Caveness, Rebecca 87B
Caveness, Sophia 75B
Caveness, Thomas 87A
Caveness, Wm 87B
Caveness, Wm. 75B
Caveness, Wm. 75B
Caywood, Eliza J. 46A
Caywood, Rachel 46A
Caywood, Thomas 46A
Caywood, Wm. G. 46A
- C - Con'd     Page
Center, (not named) 73B
Center, Abner 73B
Center, Phoebe 73B
Center, Sarah 73B
Center, Vennia 73B
Chambers, Abijah 55B
Chambers, Elisha 64B
Chambers, Emily 55B
Chambers, James 64B
Chambers, John 55B
Chambers, John 64B
Chambers, Mary 55B
Chambers, Nancy 64B
Chandler, Ann W. 51B
Chandler, David 51B
Chandler, Henry P. 51B
Chandler, James P. 51B
Chandler, Jane E, 51B
Chandler, John P. 51B
Chandler, Mary 51B
Chandler, Matton W. 51B
Chandler, Morima A. 51B
Chandler, Rebecca E. 51B
Clark, Albert G.D. 74B
Clark, Benjamin 73A
Clark, Elvira B. 58A
Clark, Jackson 64A
Clark, Jame W. 74B
Clark, James 64A
Clark, Jane 64A
Clark, Jane M. 74B
Clark, John 64B
Clark, Levina T. 58A
Clark, Lurena 64B
Clark, Matilda 64B
Clark, Micajah 64A
Clark, Wm. 64A
Clark, Wm. R. 74B
Clenon, George W. 85A
Clenon, Mary 85A
Clenon, Rosanna 85A
Clenon, Rufus 85A
Clenon, Sarah A. 85A
Coats, C. 49A
Coats, Elizabeth 49A
Coats, Henry 49A
Coats, John 49A
Coats, Sarah 49A
Coats, Scynthia 49A
Cockfell, Eve 44A
Cockfell, Mary C. 44A
Cockfell, Wm. 44A
Colville, Alatine 69A
Colville, Ann 69A
Colville, Duncan 69A
Colville, Elizabeth 72B
Colville, Jane 69A
Colville, John 69A
Colville, Joseph 72B
Colville, Lorn C. 69A
Colville, Luva N. 69A
Colville, Martha 69A
Colville, Mary 69A
Colville, Polly 72B
Colville, Samuel 69A
Colville, Silus 72B
Cook, Arthy M. 76A
Cook, Francis 79B
Cook, James 76A
Cook, Jane 79B
Cook, Jefferson 79B
Cook, Martha E. 76A
Cook, Nancy A. 76A
Cook, Sarah 79B
Cook, Wm. 79B
Cook, Wm. G. 79B
Cooper, Eliza 48A
Cooper, George 48A
Cooper, Louisa 48A
Cooper, Lucinda 48A
Cooper, Mary 48A
Cooper, Matthew 48A
Cooper, Robert 48A
Cooper, Robert 48A
Cooper, Wm. 48A
Copeland, Alexander 54B
Copeland, Amanda B. 73A
Copeland, D. 73A
Copeland, David M. 73A
Copeland, J. 79B
Copeland, James 54A
Copeland, James W. 73A
Copeland, Jane E. 54B
Copeland, Jessee 54A
Copeland, John 54A
Copeland, Joseph A. 54B
Copeland, Mahala 54B
Copeland, Mary 54B
Copeland, Nancy 54A
Copeland, Newton W. 73B
Copeland, Sarah 54B
Copeland, Seaburn 54B
Copeland, Wm. 54B
Copland, Daniel 54A
Copland, Emeline 54A
Copland, Jackson 54A
Copland, James 54A
Copland, Lucinda 54A
Copland, Martha J. 54A
Copland, Nancy 54A
Copland, Sally A. 54A
Corder, Jane 76B
Corder, Joel 76B
Corder, John 76A
Corder, Rachel 76A
Corder, Rebecca 76B
Corder, Robert 76A
Corder, Robert 76B
Corder, Sarah 76A
Corder, Wm. 76A
Couch, Andrew 56A
Couch, Jacob 56A
Couch, Martha 56A
Couch, Martha E. 56A
Couch, Wm. 56A
Cowan, Catharine 70B
Cowan, Elizabeth H. 70B
Cowan, Ellen C. 70B
Cowan, H. Louisa 70B
Cowan, James W. 70B
Cowan, Martha M. 70B
Cowan, Nancy J. 70B
Cowan, Peggy A. 70B
Cowan, Sally E. 70B
Cowan, Scynthia A. 70B
Cowan, Wm. A. 70B
Cowen, Andrew 62A
Cowen, Andrew J. 70A
Cowen, Clarisa 62A
Cowen, Edwin H. 62A
Cowen, Elizabeth 73B
Cowen, Elizabeth M. 62A
Cowen, Harlin M. 72A
Cowen, Jerutha 62A
Cowen, John 73B
Cowen, L.F. 72A
Cowen, Leander L. 72A
Cowen, Loran A. 62A
Cowen, Louisa 73B
Cowen, Lucy H. 62A
Cowen, Ludy E. 62A
Cowen, Marriett V. 73B
Cowen, Martha E. 72A
Cowen, Martha J. 62A
Cowen, Robert 73B
Cowen, Samuel H. 70A
Cowen, Sarah 70A
Cowen, Tho's 62A
Cowen, Walker S. 73B
Cowen, Wm. T. 62A
Cox, Anna 74B
Cox, Duke Y. 49A
Cox, Frederick 63A
Cox, Jessee 49A
Cox, John 45A
Cox, John 49A
Cox, Kiziah 49A
Cox, Lewis 63A
Cox, Lyddia 63B
Cox, Margarett M. 49A
Cox, Mary 63A
Cox, Sarah 49A
Cox, Zachariah 49A
Crabtree, (no name) 46B
Crabtree, Caleb H. 46B
Crabtree, Ellen 48A
Crabtree, F. S. 46B
Crabtree, Henry 48A
Crabtree, James 48A
Crabtree, James N. 46B
Crabtree, John M. 48A
Crabtree, Lucinda 48A
Crabtree, Martha A. 46B
Crabtree, Mary J. 48A
Crabtree, Sarah C. 48A
Crane, Nancy 83A
Cranmer, Catharine 87A
Cranmer, James W. 87A
Cranmer, Joel 87A
Cranmer, Jonathan 87A
Cranmer, Mary E. 87A
Cranmer, Sarah 87A
Cranmer, T. 87A
Crawford, Archibald B. 63B
Crawford, James 63B
Crawford, Lucinda 63B
Criger, Eliza C. 70A
Criger, George 70A
Criger, Jane L. 70A
Criger, John G. 70A
Criger, Larkin C. 70A
Criger, Wm. F. 70A
Cromer, Wm. 80A
Crowell, Charles 78B
Crowell, Eldridge F. 78B
Crowell, Hiram B. 78B
Crowell, Lucinda 78B
Crowell, Robert C. 78B
Crowell, Samuel G. 78B
Culberth, D. 55A
Culberth, John 55A
Culberth, Margarett 55A
Culberth, Norcessa 55A
Cunningham, Wm. 46A
Curtis, James M. 85B
Curtis, John J. 85B
Curtis, Lewis 85B
Curtis, Mary 85B
Curtis, Sarah A. 85B
Curtis, Thomas 85B
Curtis, Wm. 85B
- D -
Daniel, Denis W. 70A
Daniel, James 53B
Daniel, James 54A
Daniel, Jane 70A
Daniel, John 54A
Daniel, Martha 53B
Daniel, Martha 53B
Daniel, Martha 54A
Daniel, Mary 53B
Daniel, Mary 54A
Daniel, Melvina 54A
Daniel, Rachel 53B
Daniel, Thomas B. 70A
Daniel, Wm. 53B
Daniel, Wm. 53B
Darneal, Elvira 80A
Darneal, Julian 80A
Darneal, Martha 80A
Darneal, Mary 80A
Darneal, Mary J. 80A
Darneal, Wm. 80A
Darneal, Wm. 80A
Davidson, B. 73A
Davidson, Harvey N. 83A
Davidson, John C. 83B
Davidson, John E. 83A
Davidson, Jonah H. 83A
Davidson, Mary N. 83A
Davidson, Sarah H. 73A
Davidson, Sydney B. 83B
Davis, A.L.P. 72A
Davis, Charlotte 49B
Davis, Eliza 49B
Davis, Felix H. 49B
Davis, Francis 49B
Davis, Green 72A
Davis, John R. 49B
Davis, Josephine 72A
Davis, Mitchell 49B
Davis, Porter 49B
Davis, Sarah 49B
Davis, Thos. C. 49B
Davis, Thursday (?) 72A
Debenport, James 67A
Debenport, Jeptha 67A
Debenport, John B. 67A
Debenport, Mary 67A
Debenport, Mary 67A
Debenport, Rachel E. 67A
Debton, Marthy A. 45A
Deen, A. 87B
Deen, James P. 87B
Deen, John W. 87B
Deen, Lewis C. 87B
Deen, Mary A. 87B
Deen, Nancy 87B
Deen, Robert L. 87B
Deen, Wm. B. 87B
Dehaven, Eliza 80A
Dehaven, George 80A
Dehaven, Jehiel 80A
Dehaven, Joseph 80A
Dehaven, Mary 80A
Dehaven, Sarah 80A
Dehaven, Wm. 80A
Denton, David R. 45A
Denton, Eliza J. 45A
Denton, Samuel 45A
Denton, Sarah 45A
Denton, Thomas 45A
Derhom, James 85A
Derhom, Jonathan 85A
Derhom, Margarett 85A
Derhom, Nelson 85A
Dickson, Caledonia W. 69A
Dickson, E.J.A. 69A
Dickson, Eliza H. 69B
Dickson, Ephraim 74B
Dickson, Ezekiel 69A
Dickson, George 74B
Dickson, Hugh L. 74A
Dickson, Isabella E.S. 69A
Dickson, J.D. 74B
Dickson, James A. 74A
Dickson, James M. 69A
Dickson, James N. 69B
Dickson, Jane A. 69B
Dickson, John 74B
Dickson, John A. 74A
Dickson, John D. 69B
Dickson, Joseph 74B
Dickson, Joseph M. 69B
Dickson, Joseph M. 74B
Dickson, Margarett A. 69A
Dickson, Mary 69A
Dickson, Mary 74A
Dickson, Mary 74A
Dickson, Mary H. 69B
Dickson, Mary J. 69B
Dickson, Nancy 74B
Dickson, Rachel C. 74B
Dickson, Robert 74A
Dickson, Robert 74B
Dickson, Sarah J.W. 74B
Dickson, Sophia J. 69A
Dickson, W.W. 69B
Dicky, ????? 44B
Dicky, ??onda 44B
Dicky, A. 46A
Dicky, A. H. 44B
Dicky, Alford 44B
Dicky, Andrew J. 44B
Dicky, Elizabeth 45A
Dicky, James F. 45A
Dicky, Luron 44B
Dicky, Martha A. 46A
Dicky, Mary A. 45A
Dicky, Mary T. 46A
Dicky, Nancy 46A
Dicky, Nancy J. 46A
Dicky, Samuel 44B
Dicky, Sulanta 44B
Dicky, Wm. U. ?. 46A
Dinsmore, A.W. 63B
Dinsmore, Catharine 63B
Dobbins, Eliza 45B
Dorn, Eliza C. 46B
Dorn, Elizabeth 46B
Dorn, Elly B. 46B
Dorn, John 46B
Dorn, Mary 46B
Dorn, Richard 46B
Doty, Catharine 53A
Doty, Charity 53A
Doty, F. 53A
Doty, John S. 53A
Doty, Mary A. 53A
Doty, Prudence 53A
Doty, Sarah J. 53A
Drake, Celia 46B
Drake, H. 46B
Drake, James 46B
Drake, Jersey E. 46B
Drake, Mary L. 46B
Dubigan, Joseph 87B
Duckworth, J. T. 69B
Duckworth, Martin Y. 69B
Duckworth, Pulaskie A.  69B
Duckworth, Sarah 58A
Duckworth, T. M. 58A
Duckwortj, Nancy 69B
Duff, Amanda 75A
Duff, James 75B
Duff, John 75B
Duff, Martha 75A
Duff, Susan 75A
Dunigan, Rebecca E. 87B
Dunigan, Sarah 87B
Dunigan, Susan 87B

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