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Southern Claims Commission

The Southern Claims Commission was created by an Act of Congress approved 3 Mar 1871 to allow Union sympathizers from the Southern States to apply for and receive compensation for stores and supplies confiscated by the Union Army during the war. In early 1872, the Act was extended to include property taken by the Navy. Applicants were required to prove they were loyal to the Union during the War, and the amount, nature, and value of the property taken.

In all, more than 22,000 claims were filed but fewer than a third were approved. Proving one's loyalty was not always easy; and there were some whose claim of loyalty to the Union was contradicted by Confederate records available to the Commission. Even claimants who could prove loyalty to the Union sometimes wildly exaggerated the value of the items taken.

In Benton County, the claims were for a wide variety of items, including horses, mules, oxen, cattle, hogs, sheep, grain, fodder, bacon, flour, molasses and sugar, wagons and bedding, bee hives, lumber, fence posts and rails, and at least one "house appropriated for a fort." Those files which include records of the testimony can be quite large and may contain a wealth of information about family, friends, and events. These abstracts are for claims filed by people who were residents of Benton County, either during the war or at the time of filing, and include only the bare facts of the claims.

Claimants A-J

 Claimants K - Y

Name Claim # Amount
Witnesses Remarks
Keele, John 9280 $1,305.00 $0.00 6 May 1871 S. H. Johnson, Royal Neel, Lafayette Moran, Richard J. Maxwell, Thomas Grimsley, Permelia a. Johnson, John M. Johnson, Martha J. Cooper, G. W. Hamby
Keith, William 18726 $1,700.00 $0.00 8 Jan 1873 James Harper, C. C. Kelley, John May, Simon Meeks, Sarah Keith, Eliza Jane Hedges, Julia Hollingshed, Arminda Green Had a son in the Confederate service. Was considered a Rebel -- is not yet reconstructed.
Keltner, Andrew 9274 $1,112.50 $0.00 15 May 1871 Henry Keltner, Jasper Keltner, Arresia Keltner, John S. Reynolds, William Pace
Kindly, Cyrus 17241 $2,010.50 $959.00 11 May 1871 Cynthia H. Kindley, Thomas F. Kindley, Maggie Kindley, Wm. H. Woods, William W. Black, John N. Curtis, John W. Stroud, Maj. R. k. Hart (Springfield, Mo.) Claimant is 57 years old. Resided on farm in Benton Co. till 1864 when he removed to Missouri to get away from the Rebels, who had frequently taken his property and robbed him. Opposed to secession and adhered to the Union and bore the reputation of loyal man.
Lambeth, Alson G. 16160 $1,550.00 $800.00 29 Aug 1872 Maj. R. K. Hart, (Springfield, MO), Cyrus Kindley, William Blagg and Asa Ellis (Bourbon Co. KS), John W. Curtis Claimant is 43. Was drafted by Rebel army in 1862, but left Benton Co. under the protection of Union Army and went to Kansas where he still resides. Worked as a teamster for the Union Army. Two witnesses, his neighbors and kindred testify to his loyalty.
Latham, Thomas 11539 $301.00 $210.00 1 Feb 1872 No local witnesses. Farmer, 33 years old when war began. In late 1862, in order to delay conscription, he contracted with the Confederates to deliver saltpetre from a cave on his father's land, expecting the Union troops to arrive shortly. He delivered 500 lbs, but in December, when the advance of Federal troops was delayed, he hid the rest of the saltpetre and fled to the woods to hide from the Rebel conscription officers. In August 1863, joined the 1st Alabama Federal Cavalry and rose to rank of Lieutenant.
Latty, Matilda 684 $156.00 $0.00 14 Apr 1871 Charles T. Dunham, Delily Woods, Samuel Ramsey, Charles Walls, John Gordon
Layne, Andrew J. 9226 $495.00 $230.00 7 Nov 1871 Danl. C. Thurman, Joshua Hill, Thos. Stark, Jno. Truesdale, B. Smith (all of Washington Co.); Capt Jno A. Dienst (1st Ark Cav.) Jos. R. Rutherford, Ed England (all of Benton Co.) Threatened by the Rebels who searched his house for him, molested his family, and took 3 horses and flour. In 1864, enlisted in the State Federal Militia and served 3 months. One brother in the Union Army & two in Texas in the Rebel Army. Several witnesses testify to loyalty.
Leach, James 9638 $570.00 $0.00 11 May 1871 William Luck, Sally Luck, Minerva J. Leach, Nancy Barnhill, J. N. Curtis, Samuel Ramsay, Joel Buttram, E. L. Hard
Lefors, John 9631 $767.75 $0.00 8 Jun 1871 Henry Lefors, Jane Lefors, W. c. Lefors, Sarah Lefors, Benjamin Lefors, Kinneman, M. LaRue Harrison, E. M. Thomason, Henry Lefors, J. G. Curtis, W. C. Lefors, G. W. Mitchell, Joseph Thomas, Isaac January
Mann, Cynthia C. 5790 $397.00 $79.00 24 Jun 1871 M. C. Crowden, Mrs. Jane Clark, Nancy A. Mann, Sarah J. Mann, Mrs. Martha Clark, J. N. Curtis, M. C. Crowder, James W. Clark. Her husband, Robert Mann, was shot 23 Mar 1868 on his way home from a journey. He left 7 children -- the oldest a minor under 16 at the close of the war. He was drafted into the C.S.A. in 1863 where he staid three months & then deserted & went to Ft. Smith then in possessionn of the federals & went to work in the Govt. blacksmith shop & remained in the service of the Govt. till the close of the war. He & his wife were unquestionably loyal. He voted for the Union ticket, was threatened & molested. He had taken by the rebels 2 cows, 1 mare, 2 mules & other property.
Marshall, Thomas R. 9632 $1,122.50 $376.00 22 Apr 1871 M. H. Marshall, Thomas Marshall, C. W. Rice, Reuben Deans, Arch Blansett, Lewis Pratt He was threatened and robbed by Rebels and in 1864 moved to Missouri to escape them. Two Union neighbors confirm his statements and testify to his loyalty.
Martin, Mary 5791 $1,240.00 $0.00 17 Jul 1871 Catharine Warren, Martha Moore, Eliza Wood, Geo. W. Warren, John H. Patterson, Wiley Foster, Charles N. Rice
Martin, William N. 5789 $1,780.50 $0.00 20 Jul 1871 Horace Patterson, Jane Patterson, Martha C. Martin, Margarett E. Fine, Joseph A. Martin, Asbury Dawson, George Dawson, Kesiah Dawson, A. D. Williams, John S. Reynolds, Christian C. Sager
Mason, John J. 9634 $627.50 $353.00 4 Jul 1871 John T. Mason, Joshua Mason, Andrew J. McClellan, John Kimbrough, James P. Lumer Resided in Benton Co. and was over conscript age. Swears to loyal sympathies and that he voted the Union ticket. Two sons in 1st Arkansas (Union) Regiment, One son was a short time in Confederate Army but deserted and enlisted in Union Army. In 1864 claimant was threatened by Rebels and in such peril from Bushwackers that he went into Choctaw Nation and remained till the close of the war. Several witnesses testify to his loyalty.
Mason, William H. 9635 $1,965.00 $794.50 4 Jul 1871 Joshua Mason, John B. Mason, Joseph D. Mason, Paschal Turner, John J. Mason, Wm. C. Derreberry, Henry Lefors, Thos. Trammell, J. N. Curtis Farmer, about 60 years of age. Resided in Benton Co. until the fall of 1862 when to get out of the Confederacy, he went with a detachment of the Federal Army to Kansas where he remained till after the war. Opponent of secession and unquestionably a Union man.
Maxwell, James W. 9245 $1,119.25 $312.00 2 May 1871 Arseny Maxwell, Marildy Maxwell, Newton J. Maxwell, Margarett Maxwell, John R. Maxwell, Mrs. Thomas Hewey, John N. Curtis, John W. Stroud, Isam Watson, Jackson R. Maxwell Claimant swears to loyal sympathies and that he went to Springfield MO in 1864 to get out of the way of the Rebels but returned and joined a Union Military Company for mutual protection. Two sons entered the Rebel Army but soon deserted and at his suggestion enlisted in the Union Army. Three or four witnesses confirm his statements and testify to his loyalty. Evidence shows he was abused, beaten and robbed by Rebels because he was an old Union man.
Maxwell, Ozias D. 685 $527.50 $0.00 11 Apr 1871 William H. Woods, Robert S. Woods, Miss Elizabeth Woods, William W. Black, James M. Jenkens
McKeen, Elizabeth 9639 $410.00 $0.00 6 May 1871 Susan McManis, William W. McKeen, Delilah Neal, Polly Maupin, John G. Curtis, Edmond L. Hart, James W. Oakley, Henry McManis
McPhaill, Elizabeth V. 19426 $6,378.25 $0.00 25 Jan 1873 Daniel Heydon, Troy McPhaill, May Phillips, John Cliburn, Fannie Tanner, Nannie Dobkins Spl. Comr. Bartlett assigned to take testimony. Parties preferred Spl. Comr. Harris who was ordered not to take testimony.
McPhaill, Samuel 20154 $3,110.00 $0.00 31 Jan 1873 Administrator of John McPhaill
Meek, John 20150 $2,055.00 $0.00 18 Feb 1873 Major Hunt, Judge Ham, James Bly, Enoch Meek, Jack Dutton, , Moses Meek, Thomas J. Meek, John Harper, William Meek Witnesses examined by W. Smith on behalf of the Government certify that the claimant was a thief and a robber, and the leader of a band composed of his sons and cousin in law, his brother and his family who wound back and forth through the county and stole horses and cattle and other property in Arkansas, Texas and the Indian Country before and during the war. The claim is doubtless a fraud, supported by perjury of claimant and his sons. The mistria***ul which he claims to have met with by rebels was not inspired by his patriotism but by the lawless outrages committed by him and his gang. We reject the claim.
Miles, John 1635 $256.75 $0.00 6 May 1871 A. H. Alfrey, William Mason, Denny Weatherby
Mustain, Ann B. 11077 $360.00 $0.00 19 Dec 1871 James Albright, Ephraim H*****, Sam Woods, Thomas P. Stokes, William Luck, Sarah Mustain, Thomas Luck, William Mustain, Samuel Ramsey, James W. Dryden Son Nathaniel enlisted in Rebel army. Had one son in Union army. Living children, John M. 30; Clarissa J. 29; Nathaniel 27; Pricilla E 25; William J. 23.
Nicholds, George W. 9789 $262.80 $137.80 3 May 1871 Thomas Nicholds, Mariah Buxton, William Oaks, Alexander Oaks, Elizabeth Miser, Gorge R. Foster Opposed secession & gave no aid to the Confederacy. Witnesses testify to his language in favor the Union & to his reputation as a Union man. In 1861 a Home Guard was organized in his vicinity composed of Unionists & Confederates to protect themselves against thieves & marauders. The Captain was a confederate & at the time of the Pea Ridge battle, wanted his company to fight on the Confederate side. Claimant refused. The Company was disbanded. They were not furnished by the Confederate authority with arms -- had their own rifles. From the testimony in this & other cases, we think Mr. Nichol's story of this organization is in the main true. In Dec 1862 to get out of the Confederacy and to escape persecution, he went with his family & other loyal familes with a Federal escort to Missouri where he remained till after the war.
Nidiffer, Jacob 18754 $975.00 $0.00 10 Jan 1873 William Keith, James Hyser, Isaac Nidiffer Claims house was appropriated for a fort. Was paid $160 for a wagon for C. S. Quartermaster Dept. by Capt. J. E. Barkley at Sugar Creek on 14 Sep 1862.
Norris, John 2417 $500.00 $0.00 20 May 1871 Nathan Butts (Texas), Gilbert Norris, Pontillius Butts (Missouri),
Pace, William R. 9296 $800.00 $0.00 10 May 1871 John S. Pace, Caroline Pace, Henry Baumiester, Sarah A. Pace, William J. Pace, James L. Hendrick, Louis Curlew
Parker, William 9275 $585.00 $0.00 27 Apr 1871 Shadrich Gallion, Amanda E. Parker, Edward T. Graham, Daniel McKisick, John Buxton, William Oaks, John Baker
Pitts, John W. 13721 $3,337.50 $0.00 22 Jul 1871 Jefferson Meeks, John Harper, Col. M. LaRue Harrison, John Meeks, Capt. E. B. Harrison 1st Lieut. Co. I 19th Regt La. Volunteers. On the list, this man's residence is Arkansas, but because the name exactly conincides with that on the list, it was thought proper to report it.
Pollard, Sarah S. 9648 $835.00 $385.00 26 Jul 1871 Joseph Mason, Wm. H. Mason, Pension Certificate 47687, Martha Kirby, Caroline Blakemore, Samuel M. Pollard, Hiram Gholson Claimant is a widow whose husband was a Union soldier, enlisted in 2nd Arkansas Cavalry in 1863 and killed in battle in 1864. She is drawing a pension. After her husband's death, she moved to Springfield MO where her relatives who were Union people resided.
Potts, Polly 9241 $805.00 $0.00 8 May 1871 James Wardlaw, George Roller, Lucy Gallian, Ellen Roller, William Wardlaw, Hugh Clemens, Jasper Roller
Pounds, Lavina 9922 $938.00 $673.00 19 Oct 1871 Sarah E. Sykes, Lavina M. Lee, Anna E. Sikes, Robert Walker, Elijah Buttram, John Patterson, Chas. Rice Widow now 76 years of age. Swears that her sympathies were Union. Her principal business, besides carrying on the farm, seems to have been to keep her only son out of the Confederate Army. He was sickly, and near the end of the war she moved to Cassville MO with this son & staid there until the end of the war. Witness Elijah Buttram who was a preacher says: "She is a good, honest, kind-hearted inoffensive, irgnorant, old woman x x x I Have seen children who had much better ideas of business & matters generally that she has." She had the reputation of a Union woman and probably gained it by her efforts to keep her son out of the army.
Pratt, Lewis 9649 $997.00 $468.00 20 Oct 1871 Archabold Bransett, John Pratt, Thomas R. Marshall, Andrew McClelland, Standwix Magfield Lived on the Pea Ridge battle ground. Had 65 acres in cultivation. About 15 days before the battle, he piloted Generals Ashboth and Seigel from camp at Sugar Creek to Bentonville. The evening before the battle, Gen'l Ashboth told him he had better move his family and he moved them 3 miles East. Before leaving, he showed Capt. Key, Qtr. Mstr. around his property & told him to take & use it as he saw fit. When he returned 3 days later, his house was occupied by soldiers. The floor, ceilings, windows and doors were gone. Nothing but the frame was left & every living thing on his farm was gone except 4 sheep and 1 cow. He was much threatened & abused by the rebels. In the summer of '63 he had to go to a federal station at Cassville for protection and in "64 he was obliged to go to Missouri & staid there till the close of the war. His son was conscripted into the rebel service, deserted soon, joined the Union Army & served till the close of the war.
Reddick, Jane 9650 $104.00 $0.00 22 Apr 1871 William Reddick, Elizabeth Reddick, Ellen Glascox, Betsy Pratt, Archabold Blanset, Thomas H. Marshall, George W. Glascox
Reed, Minter 9651 $643.00 $517.00 6 May 1871 Alfred Brown, Joseph P. A. Reed, Eliza J. Brown, Elvira Brown, Edmond L. Hart, Amos A. Brown, J. W. Brown Claimant seems to have been half crazy. He swears to his loyalty and his neighbors who are witnesses testify to his loyal conversation and reputation. He had no relatives in the Rebel Army and was in no manner complicated with the Rebellion.
Reynolds, John S. 18132 $1,317.00 $0.00 26 Oct 1872 George Br**, Maria Shelten, John Basinger, H. Smiley, C. Crowder Nothing in claimants career that has the semblance of loyalty till 1864 when he joined a military colony under the auspices of the Union Troops for neutral protection against guerillas and raiders. In the early part of the war claimant avoided Union troops his son in law volunteered in Rebel Army and two adopted sons of his wife volunteered at his home without remonstrance from him and took horses from his wife's farm then under his control and rode them in the service. -- we are not satisfied with the sufficency of the evidence in support of loyalty and we therefore reject the claim.
Riddell, James 5793 $948.00 $0.00 17 Jul 1871 Thomas R. Tramell, John Hays, Matilda Kerr, Henry Lefors, Joseph Thomas Dec'd. Claim filed by A. H. Kerr, Admr.
Ritter, Aaron 9654 $385.00 $0.00 11 May 1871 Hetty Capps, Bartheny Ritter, B. P. Posy, Mary Snider, J. R. Dunagan, Sarah Stelie, James Leach, Thomas Luck, Harmons Threat, William Luck.
Ritter, Joel 18508 $1,309.50 $0.00 2 Jan 1873 Charles Rice, S. H. Mayfield, R. E. Ritter, Orlena Ritter Was disloyal. 3 sons in rebel Army. Furnished provisions to Confederate Army.
Roller, George W. 1152 $290.00 $0.00 1 May 1871 Polly Potts, Archibald Roller, Joel Buttram Claim first presented at Memphis, Tennessee and rejected.
Rotramell, Mary 9270 $1,200.00 $0.00 13 May 1871 Richard H. Rotramell, Daniel Nickisick, Shadrick Gallian, David Edwards
Sager, Christian C. 9267 $2,229.00 $0.00 13 Jun 1871 Margarett Green, Henry Barmiester, Fred W. Sager, Allen M. Sager, William R. Pace, Mrs. Macy Sager, Charles Rice, Samuel Ramsey, Lewis Pratt
Saurey, Washington R. 9657 $1,752.50 $0.00 6 May 1871 Elizabeth C. Saurey, Joseph H. Saurey, Isap B. Saurey, John W. Stroud, Ben E. Gambell, E. L. Hart, J. N. Oakley
Scott, Robert J. 10067 $1,220.00 $0.00 19 Aug 1871
Scott, William P. 1480 $4,685.00 $0.00 13 May 1871 Sidney Pigmore, Nancy Pigmore, John Cox (Washington Co. Ark.)
Seary, Calvin 18752 $692.00 $0.00 9 Jan 1873 William Kieth, Hugh Doakins, Hugh Truemin, Joel Sellers, Hannah Lee, Mary Jane Lee, Agnus L. Lee
Setser, John 18479 $335.00 $0.00 4 Jul 1871 Jacob L. Setser, Sarah C. Setser, Rice E. Setser, Ephraim Thomison, Isaac January, Thomas January, Co. Henry Hastings
Smith, Edward W. 9279 $1,072.00 $348.00 23 May 1871 John N. Curtis, Jas. D. Harston, Thos. P. Henry John Galbreath, J. W. Stroud Blacksmith in Bentonville. In the fall of '61, a Rebel command under Col. Rector took over his shop, tools & "fine stock of materials." The Rebels remained in possession for 5 months, until 18 Mar 1862 when they were driven out by the Federal Army. Claimant was much threatened, abused, and molested by the rebels and in 1863 went with his family to Cassville MO & staid till the end of the war.
Spring, Lucinda 22043 $3,082.50 $0.00 25 Feb 1873 Charles Rice, Charles Wall, Robert Harston, James Woolsy, J. N. Curtin, George Jefferson, Wm. H. Jefferson Widow of William Spring.
Thomas, Nicholas 1636 $165.00 $165.00 8 Aug 1871 Geo. W. Nicholas, William Oaks Claimant swears to loyal sympathies and that he voted against secession. A Rebel home guard was formed in his neighborhood in the fall of 1861. He could not run away and he could not remain with safety without joining. He joined but intended to leave the State at the first opportunity. In the winter of 1862/3, he moved to Missouri,, joined the Union Militia, and served for two years. Two witnesses testify to his loyalty.
Threet, Harmons 9800 $758.00 $0.00 4 May 1871 Mary A. Threet, Ruthey A. Musteen, Mary J. Threet, James Threet, Winney Threet, Samuel Ramsey, Fredrick Sims, James Leach, William Webb, Aaron Ritter Loyalty not proved.
Trammell, Thomas R. 5795 $1,441.00 $0.00 17 Jul 1871 Alex H. Kerr, John Hays, Polina Gadberry, Perminta Morgan, Catharine Tramell, L. K. Tramell, W. C. Lefors, Joseph Thomas, Henry Lefors, H. J. Dickson, John Hays A man by this name was 2d Lt. Comdg Co. E, 11th Ga Vols Oct 3d 1862 & was at Winchester Va. Signs request for promotion of his Col. G. T. Anderson. **** D 1416 Applns for **** Major & Brig. Genls 1-2000 1862. (Though States do not correspond - it is possible that he may have been in a Regt from a State other than his own as was frequently the case in our Army & the name being peculiar it has been thought best to report it.)
Trolinger, James N. 5796 $1,910.00 $320.00 10 Jul 1871 Ransom Sanders, Jasper Dunegan, William Morgan, J. N. Curtis, William Morgan, Ransom Sanders, all of Benton Co.; William P. Trollinger, Thomas M. Trollinger, Geo. W. Trollinger, E. H. Trollinger, of Laurence Co. MO Claimant and two witnesses tesify that he was against secession and talked in favor of the Union, and was so threatened and molested by the Rebels that he was constrained to leave Arkansas and move his family into Missouri. While there, he and his two sons enlisted in the Union Army. We find the claimant loyal.
True, Wallis 9661 $570.00 $120.00 17 Jun 1871 John True, Sarah True, William True, Saml. B. Derryberry, Isaac Coonfield, John D. Crank, B. W. Coonfield, William Derryberry Was opposed to secession and voted for Union candidate. In the fall of 1862 he went into the Camp of the Union Troops to keep out of the way of Rebel soldiers who were threatening him, and under protection of Union Army moved to Kansas where he remained till the close of the War. He went out with the Kansas Militia in 1864 and was captured by the enemy in the Westport Battle. Several witnesses testify to his loyalty.
Truesdell, John P. 9242 $710.00 $0.00 10 May 1871 William Cantrell, Delila Hutchison, Elizabeth Truesdell, James Truesdell, Joseph R. Rutherford, James W. Clark The claimant is 76 years old. He claims to have been in sympathy with the Union cause from the beginning to the end of the war; and to have assisted the regular officers of the U.S. Army in procuring supplies & forage. That he gave a home at one time to Gen Blunt's command & forage at other times. Had protection papers from federal officers; belonged to the union Home Guard, and took an oath of allegiance to the U.S. when he joined it; that shortly before the battle of Pea Ridge he was taken a prisoner at his house & brought to Bentonville for trial by the confederate authorities, for being a union man. On the approach of the union army he was turned loose & went into the union camp. Alphonzo Curlew, a neighbor, testifies that he lived near & saw him often and that his public reputation was as a loyal union man. Loyalty proven. Only testimony to the taking of property comes from claimant, his wife and his son-in-law. The [value of] items are greatly exaggerated.
Walker, Thomas H. 9662 $472.00 $0.00 26 Apr 1871 William E. Walker, Susan Walker, Sarah Walker, William H. Woods, Robert S. Woods, William W. Black, M. F. Buttram Received interest on Confederate coupon bonds.
Wammack, William 9788 $715.00 $0.00 30 Jun 1871 Isaac Harrel, M. A. Harrell, Leman H. Harrell, Matilda L. Wammack, Sarah P. Wammack, Agnes J. Fare The claimant joined the rebel Army upon being notified that he was drafted. He went because he thought he wd be forced to go, & by joining voluntarily he could choose his regiment -- served 2 months -- taken with measles, got well, deserted, went home & then to Kansas. After he went to Kansas he acted with the Union men & went out in the Union Militia. We can not say he was loyal throughout the war. Claim rejected.
Ward, Hiram 15075 $427.50 $65.00 9 Jul 1872 Isaac Coonfield, William Stewart, William Hoeback, Wallace True, Capt. Richard Himpey, Joseph Powell, Mrs. mary hoback, William Turner In Aug 1862 he was conscripted by the Rebel Army and ordered to appear at camp. He started to escape, but was caught and imprisoned. He was released on promise to appear at camp, was mustered in and served about 2 months. On first chance, he deserted and went to Kansas. He got his family moved there & is now in Osage Co. KS. In Aug 1863 he enlisted in the U. S. Kansas Cavalry, was appointed 1st Lieut., served 14 months & honorably discharged. Loyalty fully proved.
Ward, Louisa 21544 $2,125.00 $0.00 24 Feb 1873 Joseph L. Ward, Mary Yeargain, Lou Hasting
Watson, Isam 9237 $1,483.25 $655.00 15 Apr 1871 William Phillips, James Reeves, Jack Maxwell, Junius Farrer, Martha Maxwell, J. N. Curtis, John Crank, J. W. Stroud Claimant swears to his opposition to secession, to voting for Union delegates to Convention, to abuse, mistreatment and arrest by Rebels, and that they threatened him and burned his dwelling in his absence throwing his family out of doors. He went to Missouri frequently, some times on business and some times to keep out of the way of the Rebels. He sought safety also at the Union Military Post at Fayetteville. He had no relatives in the Rebel Army and his son in law was in the Union Army. Neighbors testify to his loyalty.
Weaver, Ephraim 5798 $325.28 $267.50 2 May 1871 James N. Dryden, John R. Woods, John Weaver, Thomas Walker, Jane Weaver, Catharine Weaver, James Wight, Simson Garrett, Dyzart Woods Claimant is a native of Tennessee, was about 40 years old, a small farmer and blacksmith in Benton Co. when the war began. Two circumstances that militate against his loyalty are that he voted for Breckenridge at the Presidential election of 1860 (contrary to the practice of Southern Unionists generally) and that his son went into the Confederate army in 1864, when he could just as easily gone to the Federal lines. But with regard to this last event, it seems established that the claimant did make a sincere effort to induce his son to go to his realtives in Missouri, offering him a horse, saddle and bridle for doing so, but that the young man who was close upon his majority, was otherwise persuaded and the claimant, who was greatly displeased at his decision, gave him nothing upon leaving home but a counterfeit Confederate bill of small denomination intending even this to be merely symbolical of his getting no aid from his father, while a Confederate soldier. Claimant also explains satisfactorily his vote given for Breckenridge. Claimant voted for Union delegates to the State convention on Secession, gave considerable aid to Union men leaving with their families for the North; was kindly treated by the Federal army and unkindly by the military authorities of the Confederacy; was in the local company organized for home defense by the Federal commander at Bentonville during the last year of the war, and was admitted to the list of voters during the iron-clad regime immediately succeeding the war. Both he and his witnesses testify in a very satisfactory way and we find him to have been loyal to the United States during the war.
Webb, Thomas 12721 $1,156.50 $0.00 12 Jun 1872 Archibald Blausct, Thomas Hayes, Asbury Dawson, Wm. Webb, George Dawson, James Dawson, Sterling Carter, Sulina Price, John Steakley, T. R. Marshall
Webb, William 9663 $1,040.00 $0.00 4 May 1871 Andrew Deans, Christife Deans, John Deans, John Bassinger, James H. Wight, Simeon Garrett, William Luck, Thomas Luck, Dysart Woods, Samuel Woods
White, James 9272 $392.00 $0.00 30 Aug 1871 Surinda White, Joseph D. White, Henry Hartley, Samuel Ramsey, William Robertson Rebel Bondholder, Bill & receipt for medical services with Hunters Regt MO Vol C.S. Army. Paid $156.66 at Little Rock Ark 8 Feb 1863 by Maj. Ths. Monroe, A.G.M.C.S.A.
Wight, James H. 1079 $938.25 $0.00 30 Apr 1871 Ephraim Weaver, Edward T. Graham, Simon Wight, Malissa T. Wight, Dysart Wood, Samuel P. Wood, William Woods, James N. Dryden
Wolf, Levicy 17640 $1,140.00 $0.00 30 Oct 1872 Samuel Ramsey, William A. Wolf, John A. Otsy, Almira S. Wolf, Mary Ann Wolf
Woods, Robert S. 688 $155.50 $0.00 18 May 1871 No local witnesses Rebel Bond holder
Wright, Simeon 10522 $900.75 $323.00 2 May 1871 James H. Wight, S. T. Graham, Nancy E. Wight, James M. Chambers, Lived on his farm of 265 acres 4 miles East of Bentonville till March 1863 when he joined a Union Militia Company or Colony & moved with his family to that. He once went with a detail of his company to guard an ammunition train of U.S. to Cassville MO. He was somewhat threatened for being a Union man, & lost two horses by Confederates by desiring them. Three of his witnesses are his near neighbors whose farms adjoined his & saw him often & knew him intimately. One of the witnesses was a Union soldier & one was with the claimant in the Union Colony or Militia Camp under Lieut. Monroe of the first Ark. fed. Cavalry. They all testify decidedly to his loyal character & conversations.
Young, Oliver M.  11240 $2,349.25 $0.00 1 Oct 1872 James W. Clark, James H. Woolsey, Elizabeth F. Young, Martha E. Jefferson Age 48.

Claimants A-J