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July - September 1996

Rosetta Dyer 7/22/96
Searching for info on John Randolph Wright (1867-1943 ) m. Clara M. Collins. Sons- Everett John, Harry E. & Roy L. Daughter- Mae
around the MonteNe area in late 1800's.
Any help appreciated
mailto: gdjpdd@ebicom.net

Kay Martin 7/22/96
Looking for descendants of Galliton MARTIN (ca 1800 - 17 Sept 1883) who lived in Benton Co., AR from before 1860 until his death. He married Christina STRICKLER in about 1833/4 and had a large family. Children: Julia Elizabeth, Abner, Wesley, Barbara, Thomas, Nancy, Polly, Tempy, John, Samantha, and Eliza. I have a lot of MARTIN data to share. Thanks!

Ellis Brockman 7/24/96
Callaghan, Dennis: Benton Co., AR: d 1879
mailto: Ellis.Brockman@cmich.edu

Robert P. Lewis 2593 S.E. ALDER St. Hillsboro, Oregon, 97123, 7/24/96
My Wife's father - James Walter McSpadden, son of Samuel Crookshanks McSpadden and Mary Elvira Jane (McSpadden) McSpadden was born 2 Jul 1884 in Rogers, Benton Co., AR. - the second of 9 children born in Rogers, AR to Samuel and Jane. We have EXTENSIVE records on the ancestors (original emmigrant - Thomas McSpadden - from Co. Antrim, IRE to Augusta Co., VA ca. 1740) and descendents of almost all branches of this family.
We have well over 19,000 souls either direct or contingent lines in our PAF 2.3 database - looking to "fill in" gaps and trade with others who may be interested or "shirt-tale" relatives.

Mike Boyd Thu Jul 25 20:09:31 1996
Would like to know whereabouts of descendants of David Calhoun McKenzie and wife Nancy Jane Allison of Benton Co., Arkansas.

Judith B. Glad Tue Jul 23 19:48:49 1996
Seeking information about my grandmother, Hattie L. Holmes, who was born in Rogers, Benton County on 21 March 1882. Her family (father Jotham L Holmes) lived in Rogers for a short time and may or may not have owned property there. I would appreciate information as to how I might find out if they did. Also, are there birth records for that time? Thanks.

kristin robinson Tue Jul 23 12:39:04 1996
Seeking info on family of Benjamin Franklin PEACHEY b. 1868 KS and Louisa Bell MARGESON b. 1870 IA living in Siloam Springs, Benton Co. AR 1888-1920. hey had 9 children, the youngest being Emmett Inez PEACHEY b. Sept 1909.(my grandfather) Benj's father James was living with them as of the 1910 census. He was born in ENG. He d. 1913 in Siloam Springs. Benj had a brother James jr, whereabouts unk.

Alysse Lemery Rasmussen Tue Jul 23 08:09:53 1996
Am looking for any information on the descendants of William Wise Tharp & Marry Jane Healey of Siloam Springs, Benton County, AR. William Wise Tharp born 10-AUG-1824, Champaign OH died shortly after moving his family to Siloam Springs, Benton County, AR in 1890. His wife, Marry Jane Healey Tharp, and he had the following: Elizabeth Jane Tharp (1860-1937), married James King. Mary Ann Tharp (1861-1935) married Henry Clark Sarah C Tharp (1866-) William H(omer)? Tharp (1869-) James Harvey Tharp (1870) Frances Belle Tharp (1872-) who married a Titus and a Joseph Marten Mathias W Tharp (1874-) married Clara L or Fala E Charles Albert Tharp (1877-) Margaret Rosella Tharp (1880-1967) married & divorced (with return of maiden name) James W Shaw. Later married Frank Oscar Joseph Anderson. This entire family appears in deed books in Siloam Springs Benton County when they sold off parts of their father's estate (1898 & 1904). While none were born in Benton county, most appear to have been married there ... at least once :-)

Alysse Lemery Rasmussen Tue Jul 23 07:54:19 1996
W(illiam)? Shaw was born in England before 1850. He died in or near Siloam Springs, Benton County, AR before 1895. His wife and daughter's names were thought to be Corah Mary. The wife was widowed by 1895 and baked pies for miners to make money. They lived in a covered wagon. James W(illiam)? Shaw, the son, was born in Siloam Springs, Benton, AR in 1875. He married Margaret Rosella Tharp on 13-DEC-1895 in Siloam Springs, Benton, AR by J A Petty, JP filed Bk D4, page 203. They traveled extensively. In and out of Indian Territory, down to Mena, Polk, AR, etc. James was sent to Leavenworth Prison for a year and a day for committing adultery with a "half-breed Indian, named Cora Davis". (He appears to have a real "thing" for Cora's ... it's his daughter's name, too.) James & Margaret Rosella were divorced (he was a no show) 30-MAR-1903 in Siloam Springs, Benton, AR. James is thought to have died somewhere "out west", possibly AZ or OR circa 1950 in some sort of train accident. Any information concerning any members of this family would be much appreciated. It's a real stumbling block for me.

Alysse Lemery Rasmussen Tue Jul 23 08:16:24 1996
Would like information on the following marriages & families who lived in Benton County: Elizabeth Jane Tharp married first ??? Gardner second James King Mary Ann Tharp married Henry Clark Frances Belle (Fannie) Tharp married first ??? Titus second Joseph Marten (possibly of Granby, MO) Mathias W Tharp

John Robert Neeland Sat Jul 27 14:44:32 1996
Anna J. Stephens, nee Paisley. Wife of Theron L. Stephens. both came from |Bond County, Illinois. Would like especially information on her death, which was during winter of 1919-20. Actual death date and burial place. Son Stanley Paisley Stephens, born 12 May 1896. Also any information on her daughter Alta L. Stephens who married Cris C. Atkins 12 Oct 1917, later married Newkirk. granddaughter Clara C. Atkins.

John Robert Neeland Sat Jul 27 14:54:38 1996
Would like obituary, et., on Charles Henry Neeland who died at Siloam Springs 18 Apr 1944.

John Robert Neeland Sat Jul 27 15:09:46 1996
Information on family of Anna J(eanne?) Stephens, nee Paisley. Would like her death date and burial place (winter of 1919-1920) She was the wife of Theron L. Stephens. Both came from Bond County, Illinois, about 1894. children: Stanley Paisley Stephens, born 12 May 1896, Rogers. Alta L.Stephens, born ~1901, Rogers; married Chris C. Atkins 12 Oct 1917, Benton Co.; later to Newberry. daughter of Alta: Clara C. Atkins, born ~Dec 1918.

Dave Kindem Tue Jul 30 10:48:17 1996
My ggggrandparents, Adam Carter Gann II & Mary Polly Lemon were married about 1831 in Tennessee. Members of the family settled in Barry County, MO and Benton Counton AR in the 1850's. Adam died in 1877 and Mary died before 1880. Their children include Rosanna Elizabeth, Thomas, Jane Matilda, Samuel B., Nicolas Briles, Daniel L., William McKinnely, James K, Joseph Green, Adam Carter III, Caleb Winfrey (Uncle Doc), Mary Angeline and Nancy Emmaline. I'm seeking information on descendants and related families.

Dave Kindem Tue Jul 30 10:57:38 1996
My gggrandmother, Margaret Roller was born in Benton County in 1840, the daughter of Jacob Roller and Patsy Brisco. She married Hiram Rogers prior to the Civil War and had 2 children: Jake Washington and Nancy Ann. In 1872 she married Charles DeForest. their children included William E., Dora Isabelle and Rececca Jane. I'm seeking additional information on members of these families.

Carolyn McCoy Mon Jul 29 11:58:46 1996
Seeking information about my great-grandmother, Emma Mason HENRY, b. 1857, Benton Co., Arkansas. She married Dr. Thomas Lewis KERR on 21 Jun 1877. They lived in Cooke Co., Texas. Her parents were from North Carolina. Appreciate any information about her and her family.

Donna Lininger Tue Jul 30 18:33:12 1996
Would like any info on George Orthneal Stewart, b. 1875 in Bentonville; Newton L. Stewart, b. 1851 in Tennessee, d. 1882 in Colville township; James A. Stewart, b. 1830 in North Carolina. IAW 1880 census, Newton and James were living in Colville township, Benton County.

Paul E. Diles Fri 02 Aug 96 14:36:31
Myrtle Evelyn Crabtree, born 19 Sept. 1897 in Bentonville to William J. Crabtree and Katherine Metcalf Crabtree. This is my mother and would like to find out more of William and where he came from.

Larry Keith
Specific to Benton County is the family of William Bird and Sarah Ruth (May) KEITH. This family settled in Benton in the 1830's, and produced 13 children there. I am Coordinator of The Keith Genealogy Book Project, which is concerned with ALL American Keith families. http://pages.prodigy.com/KeithName
I am prepared to aid with queries on this surname, in Benton County, and elsewhere. Thank you.

Pauline Laughlin Thu Aug 15 06:40:31 1996
Will the "Westman" @direction.net who has information about the Deans family of Benton Co.,AR please contact me.

Jan Christy Sat Aug 17 07:26:01 1996
Researching the following: Descendants of Alfred Payne Alfred Payne Abt 1834-1906 + Nancy Brewer Davis + Millie Draper - Abt 1887 2. Emiline Payne +Ely Jennings 3. Vinery Jennings 4.Copnnie Richerson 4. Audie Richerson 4. Lola Richerson 4. Marlin Richerson 4. Hubert Richerson 4. Coy Richerson 2. Marion Payne 2. Martha Payne 2. Sarah Payne 1857-1934 + Benjamin Isaih Mullins 1852-1938 3. Behjamin Harrison Mullens 1890-1958 + Azora Davis 4. Fern Mullens] + Boyd ? 4. Leo D. Mullens 4. Bob Mullens 4. Joe Mullens 4. Tom Mullens 4. Vaneda Velma Mullens 1918- + Howard Homer Friddle 5. Betty Sue Friddle 5. Frieda Loriene Friddel 4. Ruth Mullens + ?. Bowers 3. Emeline Mullins 1893- + Fred Burch 3. Harrison Mullins 3. Margaret mullins 1887- 3. Mary Mullins 1872_ 3. Thomas Mullins 1895- 3. William Mullins 1881- 3. Martha Mullins abt 1877 + Frank Sr. Norman 4. Frank Jr. Norman 3. Rosie Bell Mullins 1879- + Joseph Taylor Hamilton 4. Birdie Hamilton 4. Nettie Hamilton 5. Ernest Emerson 5. Bob Emerson ?-1950 3. Josie Mullins 1884- + Steve Jones 4. Alice Jones 4. Erdil Jones 4. Everett Jones 4. Mable Jones 4. Mary Jones 4. Pleze Jones 3. James Riley Mullins 1898- + Emmie Watts 1898- 4. Zelma Mullins 1919- + Adam Moor 5. Janita Moor + Johnnie Shamblin 5. Venita Moor + Bert Poole 4. Thelma Mullins 4. Edith Fay Mullins 4. James Doll Mullins 4. Leroy Mullins 3. Joe Mullins Abt 1856- 2. James Payne Abt 1860-Abt 1940 + Emma Smith Abt 1866-Abt 1940 3. Homer Payne 1894- 3. Jewel Payne 1897- + Eldon Clem 4. Rhea Clem + Harold Burke 3. Alvin Carl Payne 1906- + Alice Shannon 3. Ruth Payne + Paul Grant 2. George Washington Payne 1873-1957 + 1st Wife Millie Cook + 2nd Wife Sally Northcut 3. Nettie Payne 1898-1988 + Asa Wilson 1887-1976 4. Robert E. Wilson 1929- + Nola ? 4. Woodrow Wilson 1913- + Lora Hughes 5. Kenny Wilson 5. Richard Wilson 5. Rosalind Wilson 4. Mary June Wilson 1918-1984 + Pete Nemetsky 1914-1972 5. Barbara Nemetsky + Sandy Bennett 6. Mathew Bennet 5. John Nemetsky 5. Infant that died 4. Melba Opal Wilson 1922- + Dan Slavin 5. Alan Slavin 5. Nancy Slavin 5. Raylene Slavin 5. Cary Slavin + 3rd Wife Della Manasco 1880-1957 3. Clarence Leonard Payne 1904-1979 + Nora E. Marshall 1906-Present 4. Dorothy Virginia Payne 1923-Present + 1st Husband Howard Wilmont Christy, Jr. 1918-1948 5. Howard Wilmont Christy III 1945-Present + 1st Wife Rose Irene Harsley 1944-Present 6. Howard Wilmont Christy IV 1965-Present + ? 7. Howard Wilmont Christy V 7. ? 6. Corina Michelle Christy 1969-Present 6. Kimberley Belle Christy 1970-1970 6. Shawn Bodie Christy 1972-Present + 2nd Wife Marsha ? 5. Jan Conrad Christy 1948-Present + Ruby Lara 1948-Present 6. Marisela Lee Cornejo (adopted) 1968- + James Sylvia Brooks 7. Mathew James Brooks 1987-Present 7. Macey Lyn Brooks 1991-Present 6. Dee Ann Christy 1971 + John Freeman Kraus 1965-Present 7. Ashley Paige Kraus 1990-Present 7. Amber Rain Kraus 1994-Present 6. Marsha Marie Christy 1978-Present 5. Larry Dee Christy 1949-Present + Linda Glenski 1949-Present 6. Lori Christy 1968-Present + Wayne ? 6. Erick Christy 1971-Present + Carrie ? + 2nd Husband William Earl Crocker 1954-Present 5. Susan Earlene Crocker 1951-Present + 1st Husband James Carso + 2nd Husband Christopher Ledvina + 3rd Husband Mike Summers 1949-Present 6. Kimberly Kristen Summers 1982-Present 5. Curtis Carl Crocker 1954-Present + 1st Wife Dixie Walker + 2nd Wife Kathey Loucks 6. Kira Michell Crocker 1981-Present 6. Calib Carl Crocker 1986-Present 3. Agnes L. Payne 1907-1908 3. Julia Payne 1909-1910 3. George Curtis Payne 1911-Present + Nedra Madge Wilderman 1914- 4. Sherry Eileen Payne 1932-Present + George U. Bell 1926- 5. Mellisa Hellen Bell 1959- 5. Erin Dia Bell 1961- 4. Nedra Carol Payne 1933- + Jan Wills 1924- 5. Jennifer Wills 1954- 5. Eric Wills 1955- 5. David Wills 1959- 5. Jan Christian Wills 1969- 3. Carlos W. Payne 1913-1930 3. Ruby Estelle Payne 1913-1930 + 1st Husband Virgil Brooks 4. Jacqueline Loundean Brooks + Charles Kern 1930-Present 5. Charles William Kern 1951-1951 5. Alan Dean Kern 1952- 5. Becky Lou Kern 1953- + Paul Jackanicz + 2nd Husband Chester William Browning 1917- 4. Chester Carl Browning Sr. 1938 + Joyce Grimes 1941- 5. Chester Carl Browning Jr. 1961 5. Steven Travis Browning 1962 5. Belinda Justin Browning 1964 3. Cecil Payne 1917-1918 3. James David Payne 1922-1926

Juanita Naron Wed Aug 21 20:58:23 1996
I have a family triangle of Benton County from about 1851 to 1878. The three main families are Isom Evans, Andrew Jackson Gadberry and son Aaron C. Gadberry, and several Trammells. Others with close connections are : Whinnery, Phillips, Ross, January and a mystery John Ford. Johnathan J . Ford is thought to be the son of Zilpha Trammell Ross Whinnery. Any information on any of these families will be appreciated.

Deana Evans Fri Aug 30 17:30:56 1996
Searching Hembree, Mahorney , Burton. looking for Humphrey Sanders and Fletcher Morgan families circa 1880-1910

Melise Leech Fri Aug 30 19:06:09 1996
Seeking information on my CLEMENT (possibly CLEMENTS at some point) ancestors. My g.g. grandfather was Curtis Washington CLEMENT, b. 1842 in ?, d. 1916 in Pea Ridge, Benton Co. Arkansas. Curtis married Mary Ann ROGERS (b. 6 Jul 1848 in Northern MO, d.1 Dec 1910 in Bentonville, Arkansas) on 26 May 1867 in Benton Co., Arkansas. Their children, all born in Benton Co., were: William Alexander, b. 7 Mar 1868, Ida May, b. 6 Apr 1872, d. 4 Aug 1937, Fredonia, KS, John, Charley, L.A., Grace, Eska, and Burton. Ida May CLEMENT married Seth LEECH, Sr. in Bentonville, Arkansas on 25 Jun 1891. Seth was from Kansas (I don't know what he was doing in Benton Co.!). One other possible CLEMENT was Curtis Washington's father, also named William Alexander, b. about 1820. I don't have any verification on him, though. Does anyone look familiar? Any and all help is sincerely appreciated.

Casey M. Cockrell Sun Sep 1 23:41:15 1996
I'm searching for anything on James Nathaniel Cockrell (1834-1915) and Mary Elizabeth Wardlaw (1839-1922). Both lived in Benton County their entire lives. Any information would be much appreciated.
Joe Thurstenson Fri Sep 6 19:18:12 1996
My wife is secretary at Twin Springs Christian Church and has received a request from Mary Gregory of Arkansas City, Ks to locate any information on her Great Aunt would lived in Siloam Springs area during the early 1900's. Her name was Cornelia married to Samuel Wine of Perry Cty, Ind. Cornelia had a sister Sarah who married Dudly Joy in Siloam Springs at what was then First Christian Church on 04/04/04. All church records were lost the down town flood during the 70's. Ms. Gregory will be in the area during mid September to follow any leads we can develop. It is also believed that Cornelia Wine was buried in Benton County. Thanks for any help forthcoming.

Joyce Gore Locke Sat Sep 7 15:12:00 1996
Searching for information on James Isaac McGee b 07 July 1880 Crawford Co, AR, lived also Independence Co where he had ferry boat service on White River, d 12 Apr 1932 Bentonville, AR. Supposed to have been buried at Temperance Hill Church, have been told that this cemetery no longer exists and would like to confirm the information. Also would like a copy of any obit published there,will reimburse costs. Many descendents of J. I. McGee and Marigrette Alifare Johnson believed to still live in this area, would like to correspond. Thanks! Joyce Gore Locke

Carol Beaman Sun Sep 8 13:58:49 1996
Looking for info on Samuel R and Amanda Elizabeth Beaman who moved from Ind. in 1880s and raised several children there. He was a minister and moved regulary. Maybe in and around Washborn and Seligman Mo. Need obits for them and their Daughter inlaw Avis Beaman who died 7-8-1926 and her son Clinton who died 11-11-1911. Avis maiden name was Robinson any help on her family is appreciated also. I know I'm asking a lot but I have been in that area several times and not been able to spend enough time to find any info.

Wanda Irby Tue Sep 10 09:17:29 1996
Seeking information on Jeptha Irby who died in Benton County sometime in 1861. His wife was Phila/Pheba Gorden. She died sometime after Feb. 1860. They were married in Washington Co. Her mother was Elizabeth Stockstill Gorden. Was Jeptha the son of John Irby who also settled in the area? Jeptha had several brothers one of whom was Benjamin. Some of the Gorden researchers show Ben as Phila's spouse rather than Jeptha.
Carol Beaman Tue Sep 10 17:30:29 1996
Looking for history of S.R.(Samuel) and Amanda Beaman. They made their home in Benton Co. and McDonald and Barry Co. Mo. 1880- 1920. These are our GGparents. Thanks for your time

Kay Martin Wed Sep 11 21:43:49 1996
Thomas MARTIN was head of a young family in Washington Co., AR on the 1830 census. In his household was another young man... Could that have been Galliton MARTIN who married Christina STRICKLER and later lived in Benton Co., AR.? Any help appreciated!

Cynthia Blankenship Wed Sep 18 09:53:03 1996
I am looking for THOMASONS. A brother of Zemeriah THOMASON was supposed to have gone on to Benton Co., while Zemeriah and families stayed in Boone Co..

John & Sandie Mahoney Thu Sep 19 21:49:34 1996
Seeking information on John M. Norris (11-5-1849 to 7-1-1907) He lived in Cherokee City in the late 1800's and early 1900's. also Harvey Baxter of Cherokee City around the same time. Also Mastine Williams of Cherokee City and Bozarth Community.

Patricia Ware Sat Sep 21 22:13:27 1996
Am researching the family of James A Churchwell, b: 1825, Tenn, and Mary Frances Emilene Grady Blackburn who lived in War Eagle, Benton County, Arkansas. James lived in Washington County prior to his marriage to his first wife, Jane Gregg. Jane was killed during the civil war. During this first marriage, six children were born: James C. Churchwell, b: 1849 Elizabeth Churchwell, b: 1852 married Jessie Brinson Charles Churchwell, b: 1858 Anne Belle Churchwell, b: 1860, married Samuel Cook Benjamin Churchwell, b: 1861 Ellen Churchwell, b: 1863. The second marriage produced: DeWitt Churchwell, b: 1867 Ailsey Churchwell, b: 1868, married Joseph Collins Adolphus Churchwell, b: 1872, married Joan Downs Anyone researching any part of this family, would love to compare notes and share our information. Patricia Ware

Rhonda Strange Sat Sep 28 16:04:42 1996
I am interested in the ancestors and descendants of Richard Lenox and his wife Nancy Gann.I have infomation to share.They raised their children in Benton Co.Arkansas

Carmen Farmer Sat Sep 28 17:30:49 1996
Is anyone out there researching the Farmers or Redwines from Benton County? William D. Farmer m. Mary Frances Redwine. Their children: Wade Hampton Farmer b. 24 Jun 1869 Benton Co AR Laura Alice Farmer b. Feb 1871 Benton Co AR John Preston Farmer b. 1872 Benton Co AR Squire Lee Farmer b. 10 Mar 1874 Benton Co AR Nora ElizabethFarmer b. 1878 McLennan Co TX Burton Farmer b. 1883 McLennan Co TX

Thomas Harrison Sat Sep 28 21:29:05 1996
Looking for: Littrell surname. Any information regarding Raymond Litrrell, Andy Fenton Littrell, Tom Littrell (Lowell, Ark.)

Maxey Sumlin Sat Sep 28 21:51:09 1996
B. D. Jones married Martha Ellen Whinrey on 7 July 1872 in Benton County, Arkansas. I haven't found a record of descendants for them nor have I been able to locate any info on B. D. Jones or his parents. The local FHC shows that he was born in the year 1848 in Benton, Arkansas but that is all they have. Any help would be appreciated.

Melissa Calhoun Sun Sep 29 18:48:51 1996
Family of William A. (b.1840? IN) and Ellen BEEDLE (b.1849? OH). Listed in 1880 Census of Benton Co, AR with children: Howard E., Florence M., Amanda M., Albert R., and Francis B., all born in IN. Where in IN were they from? Did they stay in Benton Co, AR?

October - December 1996

Judy C. Waisner 10/5/96
Hunting the Lewis Fowler and Chloe Renfrow family who lived in Washington co. in 1870, but later moved to Benton co. Had two children; Edward Lewis born 1872 in Benton co. who married Lou Ella Stanley the daughter of John Andrew Stanley and Hannah Johnson. Need info on the Stanley school students also where Lou Ella attended. How are they related to the Leake family. Lou Ella Stanley's sister married Arthur Secore. Would like more on the Secore family too. Need parents of Lewis Fowler who was born 1847 in Ark or Ind. Chloe's parents were Joseph C. Renfro and Elizabeth Scott. Lewis and Chloe had Joseph Chessley born 1874 in Benton co. who married Thursey Melinda Kerr. Lewis died 1878 in Washington co. and Chloe remarried a John B. Jones in 1880 and moved to Stillwell, Okla

Kathleen M. Pruitt Tue Oct 1 16:55:53 1996
I need to know the parents of William M Miller,b.1830in Indian Terr,(northwest Ark. ?). He married Melvina Lee, daughter of Elijah and Gracie Ann (Owens) Lee, In Benton Co in 1855.

Susan F. McGuire Sun Oct 6 11:56:43 1996
I am working on the Guthrie Family that lived East of Siloam Springs and is buried in the Martin Cemetery. Sarah and her son William came to Benton CO after the 1880 Census when they were in St. Joseph CO MI. Sarah also had a daughter Millie that married Charles Royce and settled in Butler CO KS. On the 1900 Census in Benton Co she is said to have had six children and 3 were living. I don't know who the third was. Also would like to know what happened to William. His wife Allie and two children (William & Joseph) are also buried in Martin Cemetery.

Ivan King, MD Mon Oct 7 17:16:51 1996
I am trying to find out anything about Wesley King...lived and died around Lincoln, Prarie Grove region. He was my great grandfather, and this is all that I have been able to find out from the old relatives. Can you be of help? Many thanks, Ivan King, MD

Kay Griffin Sat Oct 12 12:52:23 1996
BLACKBURN, Would like any info on any Blackburn living near or at War Eagle, in Benton Co. I have record belonging to my gg gf William Blackburn, it seems he may have been in the tanning business and later in lumber. First date is 28 Dec 1860. Mentions several names/customers from the area. Need to know if he was related to Sylvanus and Ambrose Blackburn? Where did he live before Arkansas. This family moved to Missouri in Lawrence Co. by 1870. Any help appreciated.

Deborah Stuart Mon Oct 14 13:58:03 1996
Interested in contacting any descendants of the children of Lewis HAMMACK (sons included Thomas, Jesse, John and William) who settled in Washington County (and later in Benton County) in 1830's. John and Jesse later moved to Hunt County, Texas, as did sister Mary CULVER. Other daughters included Margaret (m. WILLIAMS). Jesse Hammack was my husband's gr-gr-grandfather; he married (2nd) Mary Elizabeth WALKER, daughter of William and Sarah WALKER who also settled in Benton County. John was one-time sheriff of Benton County. Will share goodly amount of information! Am anxious to contact descendants of William and Thomas, particularly.

Michael E. Collins Tue Oct 15 22:59:58 1996
I am looking for any information regarding my grandfather and grandmother. I believe my g-father Eliga Allen Collins was born there on 4. march 1879, he married my g-mother Ada Mae Collins (Lodgson) around 1927-30 they had twelve children, the first 5 in Benton County, the rest in Mannford, Oklahoma (I think). I know my g-father requested his SSN in Benton county and it was issued 432-16-3159. I also know that my g-father was married before in Benton county and that his first wife died altho I dont know her name, there were also 10 children to this marriage.The hardpart for me is that I am trying to do this research from Germany whereI have NO access to this info. I thank you in advance for any assistance.

Anne Lozano Sat Oct 19 20:40:40 1996
My G.Grandmother, Louisana Ellen Banks was born in Pea Ridge Ark 9/6/1857. She married Winfield Scott Taylor and they settled in Clay County Mo where both are buried. She had at least 3 siblings, brothers, John, Houston and Monte. I have a picture of them taken in late 1800s that needs restoring. I am also looking for photo restoration sources. I hope someone can help me find her parents and other siblings. etc.

Floy Jean Adkisson Mon Oct 21 15:41:36 1996
BENTON COUNTY QUERIES HIGHTOWER, need information on Robert Tucker HIGHTOWER, d. Rockport, AR, ca. 1853. He married Katherine Fenter Jackson in Benton, AR, 7 Dec 1838. He had two sons born in AR. The first was William (Bill) HIGHTOWER, b. 1841, and the second was Joseph Henry HIGHTOWER, b. 1849.

Imogene Bennett Mon Oct 21 18:05:05 1996
ROBERTS / TAYLOR / TRUE I have searched more than 27 years looking for when and where James Nathan TRUE died. Family tradition says he was killed in a sawmill accident around Bentonville, Arkansas, but I can find no record. He was b ca 1833 Johnson Co IN; m 27 Jul 1854 Johnson Co IN to Rebecca ROBERTS; moved to Arkansas shortly after that. Brothers in Benton Co: Wallis TRUE, bur Barron Cem; Irvin TRUE, bur Coffelt Cem; and David TRUE, bur Coffelt Cem. Rebecca had sister in Benton Co: Mary Jane "Polly" ROBERTS Taylor, bur Fairmount Cem, wife of Zachariah TAYLOR. Any searchers working on these people?

Tom Wilbur Wed Oct 23 08:00:54 1996
In 1850, Thornton and Sarah (BOMAR) CRANMER and five children were in Sugar Creek Township, Benton County. Where did they go? Will share info, especially on her Bomar family. Write 1784 Mirabeau Drive, Okemos, MI 48864.

Tad D. Campbell Sat Oct 26 05:15:08 1996
Seeking descendants of TINER/TYNER family of Sugar Creek and Brightwater areas of Benton Co., AR. Bennett TINER (1826-1911) married Mary "Polly" MITCHELL (1836-1911), dau of Charles K. & Nancy (MCPHERRON) MITCHELL. Issue: William C. "Billy" TINER; Henry G. TINER; Lucina Ellen TINER m. William RUDDICK; Samuel Bennett TINER m. Mary Melinda OAKS; John Tilford "Tilf" TINER m. Valeria COX; James Levi TINER; Mary Ann "Polly" TINER m. James POLLOCK; Albert P. TINER m. Minnie J. YOUNCE; Elizabeth "Bettie" TINER m. Joe ROBERTS; Nancy "Nannie" TINER m1. Warren MOORE, m2. Louis PARKER; Delia "Dea" TINER m. Bob LAWRENCE; and Edna TINER m. Arch BLANSETT.

Tad D. Campbell Sat Oct 26 05:27:49 1996
Seek descendants of William OAKS/OAKES (b abt 1822 in TN), son of John & Elizabeth (BARDIN) OAKS, married Melinda WRIGHT (b abt 1823), dau of Joshua & Sarah (LAMAR) WRIGHT. Had Issue: Henry Jackson OAKS m1. Margaret FAULKNER, m2. Nancy HOWARD; Alexander OAKS m1. Rebecca E. (HAMMONS) JACKSON, m2. Mary Rosa HOWARD; Sarah Elizabeth OAKS m. CROWLEY; George W. OAKS; James OAKS m. Elizabeth; Armilda OAKS m. Henry OWENS; Rama OAKS m. Fanny FLETCHER; and John W. OAKS m. Mary. Most of the family resided around the Hiwasee area of Benton Co., AR.

Diana Flynn Sat Nov 2 19:31:18 1996
TEAGUE/TAGUE.Am searching for information on Wymer/Wimer TEAGUE, born ca. 1813 IN. Married Melitta/Melita LAMAR ca. 1840. Children: 1.) Elijah born 22 Jan 1841, Dunklin Co., MO.; 2.) Elias born ca. 1844 Taney Co., MO.; 3.) William born ca. 1846 Taney Co., MO.; 4.) Mary born ca. 1850 IN.; 5.) Alice Jane born 16 Apr 1865 Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., IN; 6.) Lulu born ca. 1867 IN. In February 1891, Wymer signed at the age of 78 an affidavit attesting to Elijah's disability/eligibility for a Civil War pension. At that time, Wymer lived in Siloam Springs, Benton Co., Arkansas. Would like to know the parents and siblings of Wymer and the place of death, date of death, and place of burial for Wymer and his wife. All information will be apprciated.

Vicci Stone Mon Nov 4 21:24:51 1996
HURST_-JENKINS I am resubmitting this as my email has changed. I am looking for any information on the following families Robert Lee Hurst b. 7 Jun 1872 AK d. 23 Oct 1951. Married Levada Jenkins 15 Jan 1896 Springtown, Benton, AK. Levada b. 6 Mar 1877 d. 23 Feb 1961 Compton, LA, CA. Robert 's parents were Hugh Hurst b. ? d.? Married Mary N. Gladden 30 Dec. 1868 Benton, AK. Levada Jenkins Parents were Franklin Newton Jenkins b. 1847 AK married Sarah Malvina Holingshed 26 Feb 1872 Benton , AK. Franklin's father I believe to be William Jenkins.

Melanie Wed Nov 6 08:55:36 1996
Am looking for information on Joseph Roy COYL (b. 25 May 1838, MO) and Mary Jane MESSER (b 10 Apr 1840, MO). They moved to the Bozarth Community in Gentry, Benton, AR sometime prior to 1880. They are both buried in the Bozarth Cemetery. Their children were William (b. abt 1866, MO), Eliza (b. abt 1867, MO), James Samuel (b. 2 Jul 1869, MO, d. 23 Dec 1938, AR) who married E. E. WILMOUTH (11 Oct. 1891, AR), and Francis (b. 1872, MO, d. 1941, AR) who married James R. HOWDERSHELL. Any information would be appreciated. Also looking for John Hawkins SHOOK and Cathryn Manerva FINCANNON, John Bowden POLK and Virginia Tennesses WARDLOW.

Arnold Swagerty Sat Nov 9 11:02:53 1996
I am researching my paterbal side of SWAGERTY. A lot of it comes from NW Arkansas and particularly Benton and Washington Counties. The Swagerty branch comes off Daniel Axley Swagerty and includes WALROD, SON and NAIL I have quite abit of NAIL and wopuld be happy to provide it. Sarah Jame WALROD and Viola SON and their respective lines are my main interest. Thanks for the help.

Nancy Tarver Schlegel Sat Nov 9 13:33:13 1996
Searching for burial place of William MATTINGLY d. 23 Jan 1935 Decatur, AR. He was living with his daughter, Susan SMITH in Decatur at the time of his death. William and his wife Hettie SIZEMORE MATTINGLY had previously lived in Newton County. Family story says that at the time of his death the weather was bad so they could not take him back to Newton County to bury him and he was buried in a small country cemetery near Decatur. His death certificate states that the undertaker was Jas RILEY. Anyone know of funeral home records available for that area and time? Would like to correspond with anyone with knowledge of this family.

Jo Anne Neely Gomez Sun Nov 10 17:19:59 1996
Am doing family research on my great grandparents, Robert Jason NEELY and Mary Ann (Polly) GRAMMER. Robert Jason NEELY born 23 March 1855 and have not been able to locate a specific place, Mary Ann GRAMMER (Polly) born 27 Jul 1848 supposedly Mill Springs, KY (Pulaski Co.). Cousins I have reconnected with have told me that old letters lead them to a GRAMMER family in Benton Co., AR @ 1890s to 1910s but no definite relationships. What I DO know is that Polly was deaf. Her parents were John W. GRAMMER and her mother is believed to be a Mary or Sarah LITTERAL (unsure of spelling of last name). Polly's mother died and apparently John GRAMMER married another woman whose first name was Margaret and another woman (who raised Mary Ann - Polly ) named Sarah. In pictures of the family it states "a neighbor girl, Ola, Minnie, John W. GRAMMER (Mary Ann's father), Sarah (John's 2nd wife and Mary Ann's stepmother) and Johnny. Any help you can give me is appreciated. I am Jo Anne Neely Gomez and my email address is

Anne Lozano Wed Nov 13 1996
Searching for parents of Louisiana Ellen Banks born Pea Ridgw Arkansas 9/8/1857. She had at least three brothers, Monte, John and Huston.

John Freeman Thu Nov 14 13:39:09 1996
Searching for any and all information on the Freeman family from Springtown (Hickory??), Benton Cty, AR. Believed to have come from Georgia around 1840. Any help will **greatly** appreciated. Frank Jackson Freeman born 1898, son of John B(?) Freeman, who was the son of Jessie (John?) Freeman. John B (?) Freeman married Levina (Vina) Smith(?). Frank Jackson Freeman married Alta May Hays.

Karen Raichle Wed Nov 20 16:36:19 1996
MAHANEY/JOHNSON Wish to connect with anyone searching these families in Washington Co from circa 1851 to 1900. Jacob JOHNSON and wife Margaret(Peggy) MAHANEY from Jackson Co TN arrived in Fayetteville area around 1851. Jacob died there about 1853. Peggy died about 1890. Around 1860, they were joined by their siblings, Thomas R MAHANEY and his wife Elizabeth JOHNSON also from Jackson Co TN. Descendants intermarried with BOYD, OXFORD, BRICKSEY, WIL(K)SON. Children were still in the area and in Benton Co in early 1900's. Would love to share info on these families.

Barbara Westman Sat Nov 23 12:43:27 1996
Does anyone have any information about Predestinarian Baptist of Jesus Christ church in Benton County,AR? I seem to have two ancestors as elders or deacons in Benton and one Ordained in Johnson County. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Researching Clawson, Rider, Deans, Hays, Rider, Ford, Mountain, and Tippett in Benton County, AR.

Anne Wayt Dunivan Sat Nov 23 18:08:33 1996
I am looking for Abraham Bird Wayt/Wayte who lived in Batie, Benton Co., AR @1894. Did he die in Benton Co.? I am also looking for information on his eldest son, Elmer Elwood Wayt. Elmer married Mary Blanche Setser in Benton Co., AR. They had four sons - three in AR (I believe) and the youngest one Clyde Elwood Wayt in OK. They moved back to Benton Co., between 1916 and 1920. I really need Elmer's place of birth (somewhere in Indiana).

Bebe (Hayes) Garcia Mon Nov 25 15:46:46 1996
Searching for parents of George Washington HAYES, born 1829 in Rutherfor Co, TN; married Elizabeth Maholah Puckett. they had moved near Bentonville by 1870. They lived at War Eagle where George was Justice of the Peace. Their son, my grandfather, Fletcher HAYES, was born in 1871 at Huntsville, ARK, and died in 1940 at Robinson, Benton County, ARK. He was married to Mary Ellen BRUNER.

Mary Ann Thu Nov 28 17:59:06 1996
CLARK CLEVELAND CALLIS;b 1-5-1888, Bentonville, Ark. He married Mary Luetta Wells in Bville, ark. Would like to share info. e-mail.

JOHN HUNTER Thu Nov 28 19:10:26 1996
I am inquireing about my Aunts baby that is buried in Benton AR. We would very much like to find the cemetary where it was buried. His name was, Willliam Joseph Predmore, died in about 1942 or 43. Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Millie A. Sun Dec 1 19:06:20 1996
This is a hard one: I have a post card dated May, 1912 to my great grandparents - John C. and Virginia (Jennie) Sargent at Gentry, Arkansas (Benton County). I do not know how long they lived there, but Virginia's brother Sam Smith was to go there and try and get work there. John C. was a farmer so I do not know what he would be doing in that area. I need to know where and who to contact for information. They had been living in Fowlerton, Texas before going to Arkansas. Thank you. Millie A.

John Freeman Thu Dec 5 10:19:46 1996
John Smith mar Nancy Bradshaw 21 Feb 1867, Benton Co., AR. Looking for any information that would confirm this. They had a daughter, Levina born Dec 1867, Died 1942. Levina married John Bell Freeman. Would like to know where Levina is buried. Believe in the Springtown area. Also, can someone see if John Bell Freeman was a Deputy Marshall in Benton Co., legend has it that he was. This would have been sometime after or around 1888. Thanks for your help. It is appreciated.

Millie A. Tue Dec 10 10:11:47 1996
This is a hard one for me - searching John C. Sargent and Jennie Sargent - lived and worked in Gentry, Arkansas, Benton County from May 1912 to possibly 1920? They had a son who died in Tyler, Texas in Feb. 1912 and by May, 1912 are living in Arkansas. I cannot find a death certificate on Wade Sargent, so maybe he was buried in Gentry?? If there was a directory or something, as I don't think the census would help. Thank you. Millie A.

Matthew Porter Mon Dec 30 09:24:06 1996
Looking for information about Orin B. STROUD. He moved his family from Woodbury Ruthford or Warren County TN to Benton Co. AR in 1840. His father's name was William STROUD. Orin married Liviney CRAFT in 1820. They had the following children: Robertson Franklin (R.F.), Sarah Loid, Evlyn, Nancy, John Wesley, Manson and America Tennessee.

January - February 1997

Phyllis Schnedler 1/20/97
John Bertrum JONES - b. 1813 in Lee Co., VA, d. 1902 m. in 1838 in Benton Co., AR to Mary Caroline BARKLAY - b. 1822 in AL, d. 1908 Both are buried in KS. They had 9 children, born from 1840-1861 in Benton Co. AR: Mary J., Elizabeth, Phoebe Ann, Rebecca Lula, Nancy E., William Carrel, John Abraham, Robert Kyle & Henry Barklay.
Other associated names include: BARKLAY, KYLE, LATCHFORD, JACKSON

Kelli Pryor Thu Jan 2 18:05:06 1997
I'm looking for information regarding Samuel David Robb and his wife, Ella Mae Silverthorn(e) Robb, who lived in Garfield, Arkansas, until March, 1920. They lived on the old Ford farm. Thanks.

Vera Boyatt Sat Jan 4 00:54:57 1997
Any STILL. LILBURN L STILL moved from Hawkins Co TN to Benton Co Arkansas before the Civil War. His wife may have been Mary with a sister Elizabeth. Maiden name? Any information?

Pat Adkins Sun Jan 5 08:22:39 1997
I am looking for a birth in Benton Co. Arkansas the childs name is WILLIAM HAMILTON MCCALLISTER. He was born in 1852. His mothers name was Cynthia McCallister. I need any information about this man and woman and this birth especially who is listed as the father or who reported the birth and etc. Thank you very much and have a great day. Pat Adkins PJAFLA@aol.com

Susan Tue Jan 7 07:11:31 1997
Both of my great great grandparents were born in Benton Co. My grandfather was Cecil Andrew Seely and was born August of 1869. My grandmother was Nannie Bell Russell and was born April 12, 1872. They were married in Arkansas and had three children there before moving. Their childrens names were Annie, Ella Audrey, and Eula Mattie. If you have any information on Cecil Seely or Nannie Bell Russell please E-mail me. Thank-you.

Aimee Kennedy Thu Jan 9 11:11:24 1997
Requesting information on Willis Polk Luker and Lula N. Horn. War Eagle, Benton Co., AR. Luker born 1861. Father also Willis Polk, born Monroe Co., TN. Lula supposedly Choctaw, born 1862. Requesting info on Robert Alexander Ramsey, born in 1870s or 1880s. Married Bertha Emmaline Luker, daughter of Willis and Lula.

Bob Jordan Thu Jan 9 13:50:47 1997
Looking for ancestors of ALBERT BURNS JORDAN born in NW Arkansas in the 1880s. His wife was Lula Rose Williams Jordan. She was the daughter of Davy Crockett Williams. Albert died in 1960 at Arkansas City Ks. He had two brothers I knew of. Leroy and John or James. Alberts parents may have been a John and Julia Jordan. Albert was said to have been given to a family by the name of Burns??

Richard Sharp Tue Jan 7 20:17:37 1997
Looking for information on the parents of Newton Leroy Sharp who was born in or around the Pea Ridge area on July 26, 1868. He is believed to have a step brother Edward Sharp.

Berhl J. McLendon Tue Jan 7 21:55:17 1997
Am serching for information on Jessie Irwin McLendon b. 25 DEC 1803 Nashville, TN d. 6 MAY 1886 Benton Co. AR; m. Louisa Baggs, b. 29 JAN 1836 Montgomery Co., AR, d. 25 SEP 1907, Stonwall Co., TX ;Dennis Jefferson McLendon, b 27AUG 1878 Benton Co., AR d. 19 JUL 1944, Albuquerque, NM, m. Ocie Hunt, b 31 AUG 1886 San Saba Co. TX, d. 10 JAN 1961, Mojave, CA

Susan Bockoven Fri Jan 10 00:46:40 1997
Seeking information on ALFREY, ANDERSON,STILES, GRAMMER, STITES, HINDS, MAXWELL, FOSTER families of Benton Co., Ark. All in Country from 1850's to 1960's.

Shelley Lee Fri Jan 10 17:15:14 1997
Noble Shelton (Sheldon?) Lee b 1862 Barry Co MO m Sarah Nancy Summers b 1863 Benton Co MO. Children: Horace Greeley Lee b 1883 Cassville MO, Clara May Lee b 1886 Cassville MO, Grover Cleveland Lee b 1887 Cassville MO, Stella Naomi Lee b 1888 Cassville MO, Famous Ferdinand Lee b 1889 Cassville MO, Oney Petroneous Lee b 1891 Cassville MO, Virginia Astoria Lee b 1893 Cassville MO, Noble Talmage Lee b 1896 Benton Co AR, Loften Lafayette Lee b 1897 Benton Co AR, Earnest Oren Lee b 1899 Benton Co AR, William Burlass Lee b 1902 Benton Co AR. Searching for descendants of all of the above. I know Famous and Oney went to Wisconsin ca 1905, but believe others in AR or MO areas. Info to share.

Gale Judkins Sat Jan 11 09:40:58 1997
Would like to correspond with descendants of William R. PACE and his wife, Sarah HENDRIX PACE, m. 1848 Lawrence Co., TN, moved to Benton Co., AR early 1850's. William died after 1880. At least he and one of their children, General PACE, are buried in PACE'S CHAPEL CEMETERY near Garfield. This cemetery was relocated by the Corps of Eng. with the Beaver Dam project(1960's) from the Prairie Creek area, where the PACES lived. Also have some information to share.

Roy L. Gentry Sat Jan 11 17:21:08 1997
I am looking for information on my grandfather LABANUEL ANDERSON GENTRY, born 1898? (Arkansas?), died 1960 (Idaho). He married LONA BELL MERCER and was the father of nine children, most of which, if not all, were born in Arkansas. My father A.Y. GENTRY was born in Dover in 1917. I would lika information on my grandfather's exact date of birth, names of his parents, etc.

Roy L. Gentry Sat Jan 11 17:25:38 1997
I am looking for information on the origins of the town of GENTRY, AR in Benton County. I always heard as a boy that this town was named after an ancestor of mine, but have never been able to substantiate this. Can anyone help??

David McCallister Sun Jan 12 12:23:09 1997
Looking for birth certificate information on my Gr Gr Grandfather WILLIAM HAMILTON MCCALLISTER. Reported to be born in Benton Co in 1852 (March?). Would like all details on his birth certificate. Could someone look this up for me? Would like data on all females with surname of MCCALLISTER who died in Benton Co between 1850 and 1858 Would like to know if RICHARD MCCALLISTER (B abt 1792) is on the 1850 Benton Co census. Thanks, David McCallister

Carol Eagan Mon Jan 13 09:11:13 1997
I would like information or records concerning: Myrtle Agnes Williams, born 8/31/1891 in Garfield Rhoda Staniford, born circa 1860, near Rogers(?). Calvin Williams, born circa 1860, near Rogers(?). Myrtle is the daughter of Rhoda Staniford and Calvin Williams. Thank you for any help you can give.

Eva Hall Thu Jan 16 07:28:17 1997
Would like to exchange info with anyone researching the Galatin Martin family who moved to a homestead east of Siloam Springs c1857. The Martin Cemetery is on the corner of this homestead and probably the first person buried there was a member of the Martin family. Also would like to exchange info on the Carter family of John R Carter and his descendants. He homesteaded land on the Illinois River near Kincheloe.

Patricia Ware Fri Jan 17 20:04:05 1997
James A CHURCHWELL, b 31 Sep 1825, Tennessee d: 26 Feb 1912 War Eagle, Benton County, AR; married 27 Jun 1848 Jane GREGG, b: 19 Dec 1823 d: 1865. James married second: 1865/6 widow of Amburose BLACKBURN, Mary Francis Emilene GRADY, b: Feb 1832 in Missouri; Children from first marriage: (1) James C CHURCHWELL, b: 1849 married Margaret A PROCTER. (2) Elizabeth CHURCHWELL, b: 1852, married Jessie BRINSON; (3) Charles CHURCHWELL, b: 1858 mrd Gui Rudi PLUM, (4) Anne Bell CHURCHWELL, b: 1860, mrd Samuel COOK; 5) Benjamin CHURCHWELL, b 1861 (6) Ellen Churchwell, b: 1863 Children from second marriage: (1) DeWitt P CHURCHWELL, b: 1867; (2) Ailsey "Alie" CHURCHWELL, b: 1868, mrd 7 Feb 1889 Joseph Pinkney COLLINS; (3) Adolphus CHURCHWELL, 5 Apr 1872 mrd Joan DOWNS. Am trying to locate parents of James A CHURCHWELL in Tennessee, and Mary Frances Emeline Grady, born in Missouri. Please contact me if you have any information on this family. Will happily share data. This family lived in Washington and Benton counties. Adolphus and James A moved into Logan county in 1900.

CHARLES CUNNINGHAM Sun Jan 19 18:59:00 1997
I am looking for any information on my Grandparents. Last known to be in Rogers.Grandfather George Cunningham died around 1957 I think. Grandmother Bertha hten met and lived with or married a Bill White. The Cunninghams at one time owned a grocerie store in Rogers.My dad was Charles Henry Cunningham and was killed in WW2 January 17.1945.He had a sister Mary Mae who I belive married a person last name Organ.Any information on the family would be appreciated since I am the last surviving male in the family.

Glasgow Mon Jan 20 18:52:36 1997
TETRICK, SPURGEON above in Benton Co. from at least 1880 until 1900. Lived near Siloam Springs. Any info appreciated.

Frances Morrison Wed Jan 22 04:48:13 1997
Susannah Walker, widow of Robert II MORRISON, Emmigrated to Benton Co. Ark around 1850's. With her came sons Ziza MORRISON who married 1) Margaret Melissa Caruthers who died Benton Co. 1859. He married 2) Elizabeth Jane WILLIAMS 1863 Benton Co. ARK. Susannah (Walker) Morrison had other children in Benton Co. who married PICKENS, HARDY. These can all be seen at web site - http://www.netcom.com/~fpm9944/

Cindy Pierce Wed Jan 22 08:52:13 1997
I am looking for information on TERRY, ENNIS, REED, KING, WHINERY, WILSON, McATEE families of Northwest Arkansas. Thanks.

Bill Morrison Wed Jan 22 09:04:28 1997
Seeking confirmation of my moter's birth at Siloam Springs, AR on 27 Dec 1889. Her name was Anna Mae White. Would also appreciate any info re her first marriage -to a man named Warren Rigler about 1900-1906.

A.L. Kennedy Wed Jan 22 09:50:11 1997
DONALDSON, Matthew m. Eliza MARLOW in Washington Co., IL, moved to Aurora, MO, then to Siloam Springs, AR. Had five daughters, Missouri C., Martha Louella, Mary Kansas, Minnie Carolina, and Eliza Myrtle. Martha Louella (aka Ella) m. first Wilson WEAVER, in 1885, then James H. DUFFER, on 7 Feb 1895. Would like to know what happened to Wilson Weaver, and whether they had any children. Would also like death dates and/or burials for Matthew Donaldson and wife Eliza, which occurred in Siloam Springs sometime after 1880s.

Bea Hayes Thu Jan 23 14:00:27 1997
Looking for wife's names and relations for William L. Ford, came to Benton Co. from NC have land records for 8/1/1844 and 11/15/1854. Born approx. 1820. Child Joseph was born in Elkhorn Tavern, Pea Ridge, Ark. 12/29/1844 and died 4/15/1918 in Bentonville, Benton Co. AR. Also, relations of Joseph's wife Eliza Catherine Dennison. Married 11/14/1869 in Jane, MO. and lived in Bentonville and had 13 children there. Joseph's son Samuel born Bentonville 11/19/1875 married Hanna Elizabeth Townzen 10/26/1902 in Bentonville,AR. Have descendant info. but need info. on their wive's if avail.

Elizabeth Cowley Sat Jan 25 18:53:50 1997
Researching the Samuel Williams, Joseph Williams, James Edward Williams b. 1857 in Benton Co. Arkansas. Also researching Thomas Matkins, John Frank Matkins of Benton County. Anyone researching these line please contact at my private email address. Thank You,

Pam Nordgren Mon Jan 27 09:35:17 1997
Searching for information on William Jewel PATTON, who m. Aley _Jennie_ JOHNSON in Washington Co., AR in 1868. They were parents of William Daniel PATTON, M.D., b. 1870 in Bentonville. Also searching for information on Mary GIBSON, adopted daughter of W. J. Pattons listed with them in census. She became Mrs. Drennan. What became of her? I do not believe she moved with Pattons to TX in 1883. A. Jennie PATTON d. 1902, Canyon City, TX. William J. PATTON d. 1917, Amarillo, TX. William Daniel PATTON m. Luna Florence LEE, dau. of Miller and Nancy (WHEELER) LEE. d. Amarillo, TX in 1915. William Jewel PATTON believed to have served in Civil War as Conf., but nothing is known as to what unit. etc. Help needed on PATTON and JOHNSON parents, as well as any info. on Mary GIBSON.

Rich Convers Tue Jan 28 08:25:37 1997
I am looking for information on the MOULTON family of Siloam Springs. I know that Henry David MOULTON was there about 1840, and had a son Albert David, Albert fought in the Cival War as a confederate from Siloam Springs. He was married to a women named Morning Star PARKS a full blood Cherokee.His wife later moved to Ponca City OK but I'm not sure if he was still alive then or not. She (Albert's wife) died about 1925 and is buried in Ponca City. I anyone can help me find early connections to either of these individuals in Arkansas I would appreciate it.

Marilyn Cain Thu Jan 30 07:11:02 1997
Looking for information on the family of CHARLES CLINTON HUNGATE b. 3-31-1884 Decatur, Macon Co., IL. Died 5-22-1955 in Siloam Springs, AR. and MARY ETTA WEAVER b. 1884 in_______. Need parents names and siblings for both. Thanks,

Pat Weeks Mon Feb 3 17:22:21 1997
Looking for Jacob (Jake) WARNER/WARINER who lived near Maysville, Benton Co 1875 and 1880. Jake was born abt 1843 in Missouri, and married Elizabeth C BRAZEL. They are on the 1870 Montgomery Co KS census. In 1875 they sent a letter to a family member saying they now lived in Benton Co. Family is there on the 1880 census, with children Mary and Joseph (twins) age 6, Serena age 4 and Clementine 7 months old. Son Joseph can be found 1900 in Vian OK. What happened to Jake and wife Bet and other children? Have much BRAZEL information I will gladly share.

George Burt Thu Feb 6 08:32:50 1997
Looking for obituary or relatives in Siloam Springs. My Cornelia Victoria Brown BURT died there May 13, 1905. Her sisters Mattie Brown GRIMMER and Jennie Brown SMITH were present. She was the widow of Daniel Webster BURT.

Janet R. Strode Sat Feb 8 15:04:21 1997
Seeking information about the family of George and Rebecca EASLEY (ESLY). They were in Osage Twp, Benton Co, AR in 1860 census. Their children: William, Manson, Richard, Hannah and Emily. They were in Hamilton Co, TN in the 1850 census.

Chris Schmidt Sat Feb 8 21:51:32 1997
Information on a Curtis Gunter or Ethal Marie Crane my have been spelled Crane or Craine lived in Harrison around 1900's tring to find Grandmothers Faimly Line

Susan Gibson Tue Feb 11 08:20:45 1997
My great great grandfather was William Preston Jones he was born Jan 28, 1861 somewhere in Arkansas. He married Laura Jackson and had several children. He had a brother named Richard William Jones who was born about 1870 and I think most of the family was in Benton Co, Van Buren Co., and Yell Co. If you know any ancestors or descendants of this family please contact me. Thank you.

Paul E. Diles Wed Feb 12 16:50:00 1997
Looking for information on the CRABTREE family that moved to Benton Co. around 1875 from Illinois. My mother Myrtle CRABTREE born in the county.

Gale Judkins Fri Feb 14 19:09:59 1997
Seeking to correspond/exchange family history info with the descendants of R.R.(Robert Richmond) and Suzanna Pace, died Polk Co., AR. R..R. died about 1921. He was born in Lawrence Co., TN, fought in Civil War, lived for a time in Obion Co, TN before removing to Benton Co. AR by 1880. Lived out his days in Polk Co. Oldest son, Ollie, b. TN.

Ken Larkins Thu Feb 13 20:17:13 1997
I'm looking for date of death on harvey and Nancy Larkins, my grandparents. They may have died in Bentonville, ark. Probably sometime after 1940 and between 1980. Not much to go on huh? Sorry.

Kathy Byers Thu Feb 13 23:36:27 1997
My grandfather, Charles Venus RICE, was born 1905 Gravett, Benton Co AR. Want to verify this info. His father was Sylvester. Moved to Oklahoma & Texas. Married Inez Virginia Weaver near Guthrie OK abt 1928. Charles died 1976 Ft. Worth TX

Donna L. DCamp Mon Feb 17 15:51:27 1997
My families are from Arkansas, mainly Carroll County. Would appreciate any information on any of the following: Campbell

Millie Alexander Wed Feb 19 10:10:41 1997
Need any information on LYNCH, Olive or W.C. and SARGENT, Margaret one being buried in Benton Co. and the other owning land in Benton Co. around 1850-1905. I have a photo of Olive Lynch, born in Kansas ? and possibly buried in Benton Co. AR Margaret was married to a BAKER.

Bennett Dickson Wed Feb 19 10:29:57 1997
Seeking information on following Bentonville families: DICKSON, WOODS, JEFFERSON, McGILL, HOGG, PEEL, BERRY John Bennett Dickson moved to Bentonville abt 1838, son James Armstrong Dickson b 1819 m Mary Ann Woods. Dwight Dickson 1859-1929 m Madeline Jefferson dau of John J. Jefferson. Bennett Dickson 1889-1923 m Mary Katherine McGill dau of Lon Hogg McGill and Elizabeth Peel , dau of Samuel West Peel and Mary Berry. Especially interested in establishing a possible link between John J. Jefferson and George H. Jefferson, a Bentonville grocer.

Kathy Byers Thu Feb 20 00:34:24 1997
RICE/BROOKS/WEAVER/CALVERT: My grandfather, Charles Venus RICE b.1905 in Gravett, Benton Co, AR marr. Inez Virginia WEAVER @1928 possibly near Guthrie OK. Charles parents were Sylvester L. RICE b. 1873-1874 KS d. @1938-1939 Ft. Worth, TX and ? Brooks b. AR d. @1916 Clay(?)Co, TX. They were married @1890-1895. Sylvester's parents b. GA. Inez's parents were Isaac L. WEAVER b. @1883 AR d. @1949 Snyder, OK, and Matilda "Mattie" CALVERT b. VA @1887 d. Dinuba, CA 1953; were married @1905. Isaac's parents b. AR: mother Jennie or Jessie b. 1850--her parents b. TN. Mattie's parents b. VA

Lori Rood Thu Feb 20 09:31:40 1997
ROBERTSON - I am looking for information on the ROBERTSON family who lived in Benton County Arkansas in the mid 1800s. William ROBERTSON, b abt 1817 and wife Elizabeth. Children: Susan ROBERTSON LEWIS; William Henry ROBERTSON; Adaline ROBERTSON JOHNSTON; Benjamin ROBERTSON; Sarah Jane ROBERTSON HAYS; James R. ROBERTSON; Abraham L. ROBERTSON. It appears children were born in Lowell or Bloomington.

Shawn Miller Thu Feb 20 13:58:56 1997
I'm trying to locate HASLEY and HENDERSON folks from Benton County AR. Any help would be great

Betty S Sat Feb 22 19:12:18 1997
Betty S Feb 23 10:00 1997 BROWN John Harvey b. 1870-75 in Rogers, Ar>Mo>Ks>Ok married Henrietta COCHRAN(CHIDISTER) 1895. Ch. Edith, Eulalia, Orbra Harve, Tina Bell, Bernard Harvey, Ophelia, Zenobia, Velox Augna, worked in buying and selling real estate, and around mining areas and on the railroad. Cousins could have been MURPHY and OSBORNE Father may have been William BROWN. Would like to know who parents and siblings were and where he is buried.

E. Andersen Sun Feb 23 16:54:00 1997
I am looking for the surname DENHAM. Arthur DENHAM married Alverita KELLY. They had children; Frederick (b1885), Herbert (b?), Louisa (b1887), Kimball (b1889), Minnie (b1896), Edwin (b1899), Oliver (b1902). All were born in Benton County, AR. Frederick DENHAM died age 14 in 1899 in Benton County, AR, Herbert married Ida DRY, Louisa married John HARRINGTON, Kimball married Bessie HARDY, Minnie married Bill REESE, Edwin married Pearl BOOTH, Oliver married Ruth FLETCHER. I am seeking the names of their decendants and the names of Arthur DENHAM's parents. Oliver and Ruth DENHAM were last known to be living in Fort Smith, AR in the 1980's. Thank you.

E. Andersen Sun Feb 23 17:00:19 1997
I am looking for a marriage record for Joseph Patrick KELLY, Jr and Eliza Jane BISHOP, reportedly married in Marysville, AR on 12/25/1974. Thank you!

LARRY HILL Mon Feb 24 12:13:03 1997
Researching all CHILCOTE / CHILCOAT families. Over 14000 names on file. See my web site at www.decaturnet.com/~chilcote/index.html

Dena Harrison Mon Feb 24 15:59:21 1997
BULLARD, Elisa, b. 1818 TN. Resided Osage, Benton Co., AR 1880. Need information about this family, especially her son listed as Carlile BULLARD, b.1858 in AR.

Tom Cook Tue Feb 25 21:22:49 1997
I am looking for information On Oliver Lee Cook he went by Lee he moved to Thompson Ar. in 1889 ( I can't find Thompson Ar. anywhere) in 1902 he recived a Bookkeeping degree from Pea Ridge. He married Myrtle Sprouse I don't know when or where.. Thanks Tom Cook

Kathy Welder Fri Feb 28 12:53:01 1997
MELTON, family of William & Mary (Victory), resided Izard Co. in 1871-1890's. Children: ROBERT F., WILLIAM Albert, Nancy, Mary. Robert F. wed Martha(Lamb?) dau. Ella, Arra, Vina, Mary, Josephine. They remained in Izard Co. 1910. Father William Melton, after death of wife Mary, wed Eleanor Cook and went to Madison Co. 1900. & Benton Co. 1910. William Albert(my ancestor) went to KY. & Tenn. In 1910 census Ella Melton, dau. of Robert F. is living with Houston & Mable Lamb, Izard Co. listed as neice. Any help on this family is appreciated.

Gerald Williamson Fri Feb 28 19:15:02 1997
WILLIAMSON. Seeking information on William (Willie) Leroy Williamson b. 187? Bentonville, Arkansas. Later purchased land in Polk county Arkansas c.1898. Married Susan E. Nobles >Alabama year unknown. My father Clem A. Williamson b. 1907 Polk County, Arkansas. Any information on William L. Williamson birth, marriage, death other family lines would be appreciated. Thanks.

March - April 1997

Linda Coleman Wed Mar 5 16:35:06 1997
BANKS--Seeking information about Jabez Baxter BANKS(b.7 Dec.1825,LauderdaleCo.,AL) who moved to Benton Co.about 1837 with father, Thomas Robert BANKS,and extended family, including uncle,Samuel Austin BANKS. Jabez's first wife was Sarah SHERROD. Second wife was Elizabeth GAMBLE(GAMBILL).

Brent Scollie Wed Mar 5 09:10:00 1997
Burriss family. Preparing biography of Rufus Allen Burriss (1860-1925) for the Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Father L.M. Burriss was living in Siloam Springs AR in 1911 and before that in Franklin AR in Feb 1907. The family may have migrated from Kentucky to Arkansas. Would like to establish full name of father and name of his wife or wives. email address valid to 26 March 1997. After that 33 Avocado St, Ottawa ON Canada K1V 9C8

Joe Ann Collins Fri Mar 7 15:39:41 1997
Looking for William Logsdon/Logston.[Seen both spellings] born 5/1877. Wife was Lydia J. ?? . Children were Iris and Delia and there was another girl,don't know her name. Delia married a Petty. I believe the Logsdon/Logston's came to Benton Co. Arkansas from Livingston, Co., Ky. If he was in Bentton Co., Arkansas I am sure he lived out his life there. I can be contacted at drcollins@kih.net or at this address: Joe Ann Collins 282 Collins Road Marion, Ky. 42064.
Pam Kusler Fri Mar 7 21:12:29 1997
Looking for the parents of ALFRED KING MORRIS born in 1880 in AR. Married MARTHA E. OVERBEY she was born 1890 in AR. Children are AVA, LEAR, ELMER, CLIFFORD, SHARDEN AND OPAL. They were residing in Benton County, AR in 1900.

John R. Fetters, Jr. Sat Mar 8 16:13:28 1997
CARL, Margaret Pauline born 11 Apr 1852 in Siloam Springs, AR. Seek info on her family. Could the Thomas Robert CARL listed in BLM land transactions be her father? Cynthia Maxwell her mother? She was married (date unknown) in Percival, IA to William FITZGERALD born 1832 or 1835 in Limerick, Ireland. W. Fitzgerald died 1894 and was buried in Wray, CO. Margaret Pauline (CARL) Fitzgerald died 1900 and was buried in Falls City, NE.

Judy Walters Fri Mar 14 20:17:58 1997
PHILLIPS Looking for help and information re the PHILLIPS family of Springdale, Benton Co., AR. Great grandmother was MARTHA BELLE PHILLIPS, had two sisters, ARTIE PHILLIPS and ELIZABETH PHILLIPS. There were also two brothers, one unknown to me and the other was named ANDREW or DREW PHILLIPS. Martha Bell was b. Jan. 31, 1864,m. WILLIS JONES in Ariz. and d. in Nev. Dec. 13, 1900. Will appreciate any info and would be willing to share any info I have.

Michael S. Peters Sat Mar 15 08:29:42 1997
I am trying to find descendents of Benjamin Archer and Annie (maiden name unknown). Benjamin Archer was born in the 1830's in East Tennessee. He is in Benton County, AR by 1880. He is still in Benton County in 1900 as he appears in that census. There is an obituary of a Mr. Archer who was a resident of War Eagle. His death date is not printed but a date is show in brackets [Rogers Democrat 11/10/21]. If anyone has any info on Benjamin and his family, please contact me at GeneoGuy@AOL.COM

Lisa Duitman Sat Mar 15 10:49:28 1997
FERNIMEN, Calvin bought land in Benton Ark in 1857 and 1859. He might possibly be the father of John Fernimen b. 1851 (where?) who was buried in Oregon Co MO in 1941. Anyone researching the FERNIMEN line?

J.D. McKee Sat Mar 15 18:50:31 1997
BENTON Co., AR.- POLSON /POULSON FAMILY I would like to correspond with anyone who may have a Benton Co., Ar. connection to the Polson Family . The family lived in or around the Trident Area.I am a descendant of DORA francis POLSON. Dora was the daughter of William Polson and Mary Jane Elliot.Siblings I know of were : Ella, Katie, Evie,& Will..Were there any other siblings? Does anyone know where Dora, MaryJane, or William were buried? Dora was born Feb. 18, 1873, Was she born in Benton Co. ? Any and all Polson info. would be greatly appreciated, and I would be happy to exchange family info. Thanks, J.D.

JD McKEE Sat Mar 15 20:24:58 1997
BENTON/WASH. Co. AR - HOBBS, JOHNSON, PASCHALL FAMILIES Would like to correspond with anyone who has connection or info. on these families in the Benton Co., or Wash.Co.,Areas. time frame 1850- 1900. I am descended from Sarah Hobbs born Cir: 1872 Ar . Sarah is the daughter of Thomas Hobbs 1849 Tn. & Sarfrona Johnson . Thomas & Sarfrons married in Wash. Co. 1868 Sarfrona is the daughter of John Johnson cir :1808 Tn. & Eliza ? Thomas is the s/o Jesse HOBBS1825NC & Nancy Paschall1828NC I am told that the HOBBS & PASCHALL families traveled together from NC to AR. where Jesse and Nancy decided they wanted to raise their family. They lived at Hobbs mountain. I would appreciate any info on these families or their descendants. Thanks, JD

Dee Naughton Sat Mar 15 22:35:44 1997
I am searching for any information, relatives of Cornelius and William BUTTRAM, who lived in Benton Co. in 1854. They purchased land at that time in TWP 20N. Apparantly, they lived as neighbors and purchased adjoining land. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who recognizes these names. Thanks much,

Karlen Bruner Bain Tue Mar 18 13:15:05 1997
I have an AR mystery. The 1880 census of Osage Twnp, Benton Co., AR shows my gr grandmother Liva A. LINSCOTT as a 14-year old boarder with Jonathan DUCKWORTH (Age 60, b.MO), his wife Nancy (Age 54, b. KY) and their children Jonathan (17), Andrew (15) and Nancy (12), all b. AR. Arkansas is not a state even remotely associated with Liva's KS and IN family! What was she doing there? Her mother died in 1878, her father Francis Marion LINSCOTT had remarried in 1879 to a widow Sophia WOOD FOWLER. Nothing we know about Sophia leads to AR, but we wonder if the DUCKWORTHS could be somehow connected to her. At this time, we have no idea. The question of why and how long Livy was there or what the connection was has become extremely important because this census report is all we know about a 5-year chunk of her life during which she probably met her first husband, my gr grandfather Wm P. LAUTER/LAUGHTER -- who is another mystery. Even the slightest clue might help. These names ring any bells?

Philip Qualls Tue Mar 18 12:44:19 1997
My gg grandfather Martin Qualls born 22 Oct 1815, Overton county Tennessee, died 27 sept 1838 in Berryville, Carroll county. I have extensive data (7500 people) on his descendants but can not identify his parents or siblings or his place of burial in Carroll county. Qualls descendants lived in Montgomery, Washington, Benton, Madison & Izard counties. We suspect that his father may have been James Quarles/Qualls or Robert Quarles/Qualls. Will be happy to exchange gedcom files.

Kathy Byers Sat Mar 22 12:09:36 1997
RICE/BROOKS Sylvester L. RICE b. Mar 1873 AR or KS, parents b. IN or GA, marr. Martha L. BROOKS @1895 probably Benton Co. Martha b. June 1874 AR. Her parents probably Isom or Isham BROOKS and Lucino or Lucinda ? b. TX @ 1847, her parents b. IL. Isom(Isham)b. SC or GA @1838, his parents b. NC. 1880 census(Benton Co/Wallace Twp) lists Sylvester RICE (age 7) with Samuel & Martha RUSSELL (couldn't read Sylvester's relationship with head of household). 1900 census (Benton Co/Eldorado Twp) shows Sylvester married and living in next dwelling to Samuel & Martha RUSSELL-- possibly related. One child of Sylvester RICE and Martha BROOKS was my grandfather Charles Venus RICE b. Gravett, Benton Co AR 1906 or 1907.

Marcia Mondier Perguidi Sun Mar 23 15:16:59 1997
Researching surname MONDIER any and all. Particularly John Lewis MONDIER b:1845 probably France m: 2nd Mahala Jane EDWARDS HIGGINS/HAGENS. Resided Benton Co. AR. @1878 to 1918 at time of death. Trying to find names of his parents. John and Mahala had children David Bazeel b:02/02/1878; Benjamin Lee b: 1879; Johnny MONDIER son by 1st wife unknown b: 1869 in MO. Nettie B. Higgins Daughter of Mahala and Shade HIGGINS b: 1868 in MO. Also need name of John Mondier's 1st wife. Any information on any MONDIER relatives appreciated. We are all related in some way.

Ann McGuffey Sun Mar 23 16:28:53 1997
KELLERNS, KELLERS, LUCE, HALL SCARBOROUGH I'm looking for information about a George B. KELLERNS or KELLERS. In 1930 he performed the marriage ceremony for Bill LUCE and Zena Carlton HALL. The marriage took place in Benton County, Arkansas, but George B. Kellerns' credentials were recorded in Union County, Arkansas. Zena had Scarborough relatives in Union County, Arkansas. Who was George B. Kellerns? Was he related to the Scarboroughs?

David Leon Philips Thu Mar 27 15:40:05 1997
CHANDLER, JOHN "PINK" , Siloam Springs, Benton Co, Ark, Delaware District.= 1st wife ELIZA BECK= children, (1) William Penn Chandler born 1871, (2) William "Tsali" Chandler born 1875, Haralson Co, Georgia (my g-grandfather). (3) Virginia Chandler born ??? married Robert Sands, (4) "unk. sister", died of sleeping sickness.= 2nd wife SUSIE ???= one known child John C. Chandler. William Penn Chandler, age 29, filled out an application to enroll himself and his half brother John C Chandler as Cherokee citizens to the Dawes Rolls Dec 17, 1900. He stated that he was from Siloam Springs, Ark and had lived there most his life. He also listed the names of his parents. Can anyone give me any information on this family or have any census records that show the above Chandler's at Siloam Springs during that time frame? Thanks for your time and effort

Lisa Brewer-Williams Sun Mar 30 12:26:19 1997
I am searching for HARPER; My ggGrandfather MAC HARPER and his wife ELIZA HARPER came to BLOOMFIELD, BENTON co. from N.C. as far as I can tell. I would like any information on MAC and ELIZA HARPER. They had 9 childre, FORREST, FLORA, CHEVE, CLIEVE, DOCHE, NED, JANE, CLAUDE, and my ggrandfather FRANK BURLIN HARPER. b 3-25-1884 in Bloomfield, Benton Co. ARKANSAS. I am also looking for any desendants from this HARPER line. My Grandmother, RUTH DELORES HARPER HUCKEBY is FRANK HARPER'S daughter.

Wendy Fennell Tue Apr 1 21:00:41 1997
HOPPER Looking for info. on Napolean Bonapart HOPPER, b. 10-12, 1841 in Missouri. Mothers name June MACK. Fathers name unknown. Family history says Napolean was an orphan raised by relatives. Napolean m. Virginia McQueen abt 1847. Napolean died 10-18, 1925 in Rogers, Benton Co., ARK. Virginia died 11-19-1902 in Rogers, Benton Co., Ark. Any information on these names?

Wendy Fennell Tue Apr 1 21:13:39 1997
FROST/SHARP Looking for information on the FROST family which lived in Benton Co., Ark. Joshua FROST b. 7-01-1836 in Knoxville Tn. d. Aug 28, 1909 in War Eagle, Benton Co., Ark. m. Elizabeth Caroline WELLS b. 2-14-1843 in Nashville, Tn., d. 3-21-1936 in War Eagle, Benton Co., Ark. Wiley Laurence FROST {son of Joshua} b. 10-19-1870 in Humansville, Polk Co., Missouri, d. 9-08-1961 in War Eagle, Benton Co., Ark. m. Margret Liza Louise SHARP, b. 3-12-1871 in War Eagle, Benton Co., Arkansas, d. 4-13-1954 in War Eagle, Benton, Ark. Arlie Allison FROST[son of Wiley ] b 10-31-1890 in Alabum, Madison co., Ark., d. 3-17-1988 in Portland, Oregon m. Elnora Helen HOPPER b. 8-28-1890 in Cawker City, Mitchell Co., Kansas, d. 6-10-2962 in Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon. Elnora & Arlie were married in Rogers, Benton Co., Ark. on 4-11-1909. Supposedly the Rogers & Frost families came and settled in Benton Co. together a town was established and a coin was tossed to see if it would be named Rogers or Frost. Rogers won. Am interested in info. on these families and any family stories.

Ronald DePue Wed Apr 2 20:22:18 1997
We are searching for Petross, Haxton, Stone, Douglas and Mayes in the counties of Benton and Washington. We know there are four generations of my family (Petross) buried in the Bluff Cemetery in Springdale, Arkansas, Washington County. We are currently planning a trip with cousins to search for our roots in Arkansas. Any guidance you can give us will be appreciated. Thank you,

Carolyn Gang Thu Apr 3 11:32:12 1997
CREEKMORE/ROUSE/MEADORS. Seeking descendants of Luraney Meadors who married Horatio Gates Creekmore. Also descendants of John Allen Rouse who married Julia Beck. Both families resided in Benton County, Esculapia Township from 1900- 1910. Trying fo find parents of Julia Beck, and parents of Luraney Meadors Creekmore, and grandparents of John Allen Rouse. All info gratefully appreciated. These are great great grandparents..

Joanne Montgomery Thu Apr 3 13:59:35 1997
Lizzie Ellen WOODELL/WOODALL married Alfred David in 22 May 1892 in Carroll County, Arkansas. We are trying to locate any information on her parents who we believe were named J.T. Woodall and Bettie. Any help would be greatly appreciated. They also lived in Benton County. Thanks, Joanne

Norma Karter Fri Apr 4 19:50:48 1997
I am looking for any information on HENRY MOLDER or MOULDER that was listed in the 1860 Benton Co AR census. He is listed with his wife NANCY and children JAMES, ANDREW AND FRANCES. Living nearby is his son ISAAC MOLDER with his wife EVALINE and chidlren NANCY and ANTHONY.

Don Rigali Sat Apr 5 04:55:27 1997
HUTTON, seeking family & information about James Franklin HUTTON, born Jan 1, 1837 in Alabama, moved to Wood county Texas and at the end of the Civil War moved to Benton County. James Franklin married for a second or third time in Benton Co., and later moved to Madison Co. Arkansas. I would like to know who he married, and their children, I think he was married four times. James died May 17 1905 in Madison Co. AR.
Hank Jenks Mon Apr 7 21:27:29 1997
WELLS/MCMORRIS--I am looking for information on the WELLS family. Eva WELLS married Thomas Henry MCMORRIS on Sept 3, 1897. Eva WELLS was born in 1874, died in 1951 and is buried in Gentry, Benton Co., AR. I have much info on the MCMORRIS family but no info on the WELLS family except that Eva's father was possibly a Jeff or Jefferson or Jefferson Thomas WELLS. The mentioned WELLS family has strong ties in Carroll Co., as well

Karen M Raichle Tue Apr 8 07:20:14 1997
MAHANEY/JOHNSON Wish to connect with anyone searching these families in Washington Co from circa 1851 to 1900. Jacob JOHNSON and wife Margaret(Peggy) MAHANEY from Jackson Co TN arrived in Fayetteville area of Washington Co AR around 1851. Jacob died there about 1853. Peggy died in Oct 1890. She is buried in Son's Chapel . Around 1860, they were joined by their siblings, Thomas R MAHANEY and his wife Elizabeth JOHNSON also from Jackson Co TN. Descendants intermarried with BOYD, OXFORD, BRICKSEY, WIL(K)SON. Children were still in Washington and Benton Co in early 1900's. Would love to share info on these families. How does this Mahaney family relate to the other listed here? MAHANEY/MAHANAY/JORDAN Reuben A MAHANEY and his wife Margaret JORDAN were married in Allen or Monroe Co. KY. They moved to Benton Co AR around 1870. Children include James Emanuel (1856-1920); John C (1858-1925); Mary E born 1863; Margaret born 1864; McEllan (male) born 1866; Andrew J(1868-1915) Francis B born 1871; Martha A born 1872; Anna who married James Sikes; and Docia who married a Skeen Allied families include COOK, SHIRLEY, SIKES, SKEEN Reuben A MAHANEY died after 1900, Margaret E MAHANEY died between 1880-1900. I am searching for any death/burial records for these people.

F. Dean Long Wed Apr 9 13:55:47 1997
Looking for information on David Ames. He settled in the Siloam Springs, Ar. area.He was born in 1820, his wifes name was Tabitha. They had 3 children, Barthina born in 1844, Benjamin Hiram born 1847, William Oscar born in 1850. I am trying to find his wifes maiden name. She was a full blood Cherokee Lady, she was born in 1816. Thanks for any help you can give

Mike Frichette Thu Apr 10 14:34:57 1997
Looking for any information on my Greatgrand mother, Martha Elizabeth BRADSHAW, born 1870 in Bentonville, Arkansas. Any information would be greaty appreciated.

Pam Nordgren Sat Apr 12 12:20:15 1997
Searching for parents, sublings of WILLIAM JEWEL PATTON. He m. ALEY _JENNIE_ JOHNSON in Washington Co., AR. in 1869. They were parents of WILLIAM DANIEL PATTON, M.D., b. 1870 in Bentonville. Pattons resided in Bentonville until 1883, when they moved to Stephens Co., TX. Dr. Patton practiced medicine in Canyon City, TX and Amarillo, TX. William Daniel Patton d. 1915 of pneumonia. William Jewel Patton d. 1917. Aley _Jennie Patton d. 1902. Elder Pattons also parents of an adopted daughter, Mary Gibson, m. ? DRENNAN. She is mentioned in mother's obit. Nothing is known of her aside from the adoption and marriage. Seek info. on her, as well.

Sandy De Taranto Fri Apr 11 10:04:04 1997
Seeking info on Thomas SHARP, d.o.b.& Place unk. Thomas lived in Lincoln,AR sometime between 1890-1910, and had 4 children with an unknown woman (she was reported to be of navajo decent). Their children were, George, Charles, John, Thomas, and Franklin who was born in 1904. Franklin SHARP married Freda Ruth PALMER in Benton Co., in 1925. Any info on the PALMER'S or the SHARP'S is welcome. I'll share what I know.

John Miller Tue Apr 22 10:09:47 1997
Looking for information from Benton County. My grandfather, W.J. Miller, was from that area. The place name that I have is Miller Spring or Springs. He also mentioned Sulphur Springs which I always assumed was in Texas, but I see that place name in Arkansas as well. The family bible has been destroyed and I have no other information. He (or the family) moved to Texas in the late 1800's to Sulphur Bluff/Sulphur Springs. He married Mollie Harris in Paris?, Texas.

Ray Autrey Mon Apr 28 09:37:52 1997
Looking for resources and confirmation of Isaac MARRS in Benton Co. Arkansas. He is a g...ggrandfather on my mother's side (Waco, TX). I have one ref. by a Col. J.P. Neal who wrote that Isaac MARRS (1779-185?) was first white man in Prairie Grove Valley in 1826, bringing wife, 7 sons, 2 dau., one dau- in-law, and 3 servants. If anyone has further references, sources, land documents, maps of this area, I would appreciate information or directions. I am working backwards up the line toward Virginia in mid-/early 1700's. If anyone needs text of what I have, let me know, and I will transcribe it to text format.

M. Olds Mon Apr 28 20:53:41 1997
I am looking for any information on Ruban MORRIS his wife or his family, Ruban was born around 1839-1863. He married Liddia KING and they had at least one daughter by the name of Nellie Elzada MORRIS. Nellie Married a man by the name of Joesph LUTTRELL, Joseph and Nellie LUTTRELL had a farm near Siloam Srings, Arkansas. I have been told that Ruban MORRIS was in the Union Amry, stationed in Arkansas. Any information would be wonderful. Thank you very much,

kathleen blanc maker Tue Apr 29 08:25:23 1997
alice louise chaplin (chaplain) dob:1-1-1868 Benton Co. Ark

kathleen blanc maker Tue Apr 29 08:32:50 1997
alice chaplain (chaplin) dod: 1-1-1868, benton co ark daughter of Thomas Chaplain dob? and Patia (Patty) maiden name unknown dob:3-27-1841. alice married Benjamine F Fulgham (fulghum) 12-25-1895 Sebastian Co Greenwood dst.

May-July 1997

Judie Fite King Wed May 7 19:09:03 1997MOSER-SWANSON Francis Marion Moser b 16 Feb 1832 Monroe Co., TN d 4 Mar 1880 Benton Co., AR md Mary Swanson 14 Jan 1851 Monroe Co., TN. Mary was b Feb 1837 d Apr 1905 Benton Co., AR. Would like complete birth date & place, complete death date and parents for Mary. She is buried in Mt. Hebron. Is Francis buried there also. Will share info on MOSERS. Thanks. Judie Fite King, 350 W. Castle Harbour, Friendswood, TX 77546- 5620

Shannon Fri May 9 19:23:03 1997
NOAKES-Looking for NOAKES relatives in Benton County.My Great Grandfather lived in Rogers, Arkansas.I have his birthdate as June 1870. Heard there was a book about the NOAKES from Arkansas. WOuld love to find out about it.

Sheryl Banks Sat May 10 20:25:14 1997
Looking for information on McNair/Robinson. They lived in Siloam Springs AR in the early to mid 1900's. John McNair may have been a blacksmith between 1815 and 1818. He was married to Asneith or Azneith Robinson. If anyone has any information that might help please e-mail. I am really hoping that this isn't one of the family branches that has died off without a trace. Thanks!

Brenda Hopkins Sun May 11 11:55:17 1997
I am trying to locate any information on my GGrandmother Asbrene Doss she was born in Benton or Saline Ark 11 Apr 1875 married Nelson Reid. I need to know who were her parents and any other information I can get ahold of concerning the Doss Family. Thank You.

Shelly Dixon Tue May 13 18:10:28 1997
Looking for info. on Huella Smith, born on May 11, 1864 in Logan, AR. in Benton County. She married Daniel Peyton Daniel from Hico Springs, AR. She moved to Centralia, OK in 1915.

GENE ROBESON Wed May 14 06:53:56 1997
Am seeking information on my gggGrandfather John ROBINSON and his family who moved to Bennet Co. or Washington Co. AR from Bedford Co. TN. about 1836. He died in 1844.

Janis Lindemann Sat May 17 15:40:03 1997
Need help finding GEORGE DAWSON on 1870, 1880 Benton Co. Census. He filed a claim from Benton Co. AR as a southern loyalist following the Civil War. The claim would have been filed sometime between 1871-1880. Does anyone have Dawson family information during the above time period? Have Dawson family information from 1890 to present. Will share.

Jo Anne Neely Gomez Mon May 19 06:46:48 1997
GRAMMER/KINDLEY - Have previous queries but recent information received from old newspaper articles indicate that my gr grandmother, Mary Ann GRAMMER, had half brother named Elijah Sherman GRAMMER born to John W. and Sarah Frances MILLER GRAMMER on 03 Apr 1868 near Quincy in Hickory Co., MO. He studied at Bentonville College and in Sep 1887 moved to the Pacific Coast (State of Washington) and became a logger and also Senator. Elijah married Emma Parke KINDLEY on 21 Jan 1904. Emma was daughter of Cyrys and Cynthia Ann (LAMBETH) KINDLEY -- pioneer residents of AR, coming in 1852 from NC and establishing their home in Bentonville. Also indicates Senator and Mrs. Grammer tooke into their home in Seattle, Mrs. Grammer's (Emma's) niece, Floy Cynthia Ann OAKLEY and also Captain Field E. KINDLEY, second American air ace in World War I (also Emma's nephew). Capt. Kindley son of George C. and Ella Frances (SPRAKER) KINDLEY. Shows Capt KINDLEY born 13 March 1896 on the old Pea Ridge Battle Ground, Arkansas. Any information or relatives please contact me at email address of jodygomez@yahoo.com or my mailing address of Jo Anne Neely Gomez 39860 High Street Cherry Valley, CA 92223. Many thanks

James C.Heath Mon May 19 12:48:38 1997
Would like to know the marriage date of Felix Hardin Coker to Mary Lucinda Boyd in Benton Co. about 1887. Thank you.

Joseph Hewgley Wed May 21 00:05:07 1997
I am looking for information concerning a family of Grahams from Benton County, AR. They lived in the Lowell, Ar, area in Benton Co. before moving to Monte Ne. In Monte Ne they worked for the resort built by the somewhat famous "Coin" Harvey. My maternal grandmother (Dixie Lee Graham) was born in Monte Ne. As a teenage girl she sang at "Coin" Harvey's "convention," the year he ran for President. I am interested in finding out more about my maternal grandmother's parents. I know they were in the Lowell area at turn of (or early years of) this century. As mentioned, they then moved to Monte Ne. Besides my grandmother Dixie, other children born to this family of Grahams were named: Berry (or Barry), Minnie, and "Pete." Another child named Carrie died in early childhood. Thank you very much for any assistance. Monte Ne, Ar. My maternal grandmother (Dixie Lee Graham) was born to this family. Before moving to the Monte Ne area, I know the family was in the Lowell, Ar, area at the turn of, or in the early years of this century. After moving to Monte Ne they worked at the resort built by the somewhat famous "Coin" Harvey. My grandmother, as a teenage girl, sang at "Coin" Harvey's "convention" the year he ran for President. Other children born to this family were named: Minnie, Berry (or Barry), "Pete," and a daughter who died named Carrie.

nadine billingsley Fri May 23 01:34:26 1997
searching for NANCY OXFORD McAFEE. First marriage to BERRY McAFEE abt 1846. Had children Louisa and William W. McAfee plus others. 2nd marriage to WILLIAM ANDERSON of Benton Co. No known children to the second marriage. Would like information on birth, death and parents.

Walter Jones Sun May 25 19:51:24 1997
I need information on Ezra A. Gore. Ezra was born in Grundy County, Illinois in 1865. He lived in "all over the state" from 1900 until his death about 1945. I have records of him living in Black Rock Township, Lawrence County, in 1910. Prior to that he lived in Roc Roe Township, Monroe County. He married Mattie Taylor in Clay County, in 1907. I believe Ezra died in Gravette, Benton County Ark. about 1945, and is buried somewhere in the area. I have a picture of his headstone but am unable to locate the cemetery or read the date of death. I have a considerable amount of information on this man and will gladly share it with interested parties. Any information you can find will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Peggy Camp Mon May 26 08:18:12 1997
SURNAMES: Looking for the burial place in Benton co. ,Ar. of my greatgrandparents. WILLIAM LAYFETTE CROMWELL AND HIS WIFE EMMA JO {nee SPEARS }. Believe they are buried near Silom Springs area. All help appreciated.

Peggy Camp Mon May 26 08:29:20 1997
Looking for my grandmothers brother in Benton co. Ar. All stories I have heard of Matt CROMWELL say he was a sheriff in Gravette, Ark. at one time and that he is buried there . All information would be greatly appreciated.

Patricia Ware Mon May 26 17:07:45 1997
Back in Aug 1974 a lady, Mrs Johnnie GARRETT, Res Petit Hydra G-6, Alger, Algeria wrote to the Benton Co Historical Society with a query re: Ambrose BLACKBURN his wife, Mary Emaline GRADY. Ambrose was killed in the Civil War, and Mary Emaline married James A CHURCHWELL, my ggrandfather. Since we are researching the same family would like to contact her. I have attempted to write Mrs GARRETT in Algeria, but my letters have been returned undelivered. ....Was just wondering if she has contacted the society since 1974 with a more current address so that phone or write her.. Thank you very much. Patricia Ware Choctaw OK 73020 Thanks so much.

Boice Burns Wed May 28 19:00:22 1997
William Hammack was in Benton County,AR in the 1850's. At that same time his daughter Cynthia Cyrene born 1835 in AR was there in that county and was married to Robert Mann born 1827 in Hawkins County,TN. Robert was murdered by bushwackers while they were living at Pea Ridge during the Civil War period. After that Cythia's brother came from Illinois and she went to Il with him and eventually died in Johnson County,Illinois. Robert and Cynthia had four children:Nancy,Sarah Jane,Elizabeth and William.I would be very interested in getting all the information available on the Hammacks.

nadine billingsley Fri May 23 01:34:26 1997
searching for NANCY OXFORD McAFEE. First marriage to BERRY McAFEE abt 1846. Had children Louisa and William W. McAfee plus others. 2nd marriage to WILLIAM ANDERSON of Benton Co. No known children to the second marriage. Would like information on birth, death and parents.

Larry Bates Sun Jun 1 09:42:28 1997
Looking for information on the families of Presley N Thomas,and Benjamin Franklin Bilton,Joesph Nunley,and the Porter family.Presley N Thomas ,born 1815,died circa 1875, came to Benton county Arkansas,from Calloway county Missouri,after the civil war.Presley's wife most likely had died in Missouri,as after entering Arkansas he married Sarah Porter,and had four children,Fred ,Sally,Laura,George Samuell,the children and thier mother came to Texas in 1886.Benjamin Franklin Bilton,lived in Washington and Benton counties,Benjamin was born in 1837,died 1928,he married a woman L.C.,of which nothing is known ,he then married Mary Elizabeth Nunley born 1846,died 1918,daughter of Joesph A Nunley born 1802,died circa 1870,Benjamin and Mary had eleven children,Jackson,Sam,Ecloe,Joesph,Thomas,Walther,Florence,Julie,Lula,Albe rt,Calvin.Benjamin fought in the civil war in Texas,and also migrated to Texas in 1886.anyone interested please contact me I will trade information,thank you.

Irving Blabon Sun Jun 1 15:00:16 1997
I am searching for the NOSLER FAMILY. I located, in the 1860 Census of Arkansas NUSLEVER, HENRY* (spelling unsure) page 418 BN Benton County. I know that a Henry C. NOSLER lived in Arkansas. I am willing to share information.

Gail Gaines Butler Mon Jun 2 22:57:37 1997
Surname: GAINES. The GAINES family was shown on the 1900 census in Benton Co.The GAINES'names: Adelbert M. Gaines, born 1854 in KY, married Elizabeth Gaines born 1858 in KY. Children: Walter Michael Gaines, born 1883 in KY; Ivan Gaines born 1886 in KS; Ora V. Gaines born 1889 in KS; Cecil G. Gaines born 1892 in KS; Albertina M. Gaines born 1894 in AR; Leslie K. Gaines born 1896 in AR; Murviel M. Gaines born 1898 in AR. Walter Michael Gaines is my grandfather, I know he lived in Osecola, Mississippi Co., AR or it may be Wilson, AR, same county sometime. That is where my father was born. Walter was married to Fannie Elizabeth Cole, this was his first wife. Fannie died 9/16/1910 and is buried in, I believe Wilson, AR. Walter and Elizabeth does show on the 1910 census for Mississippi Co. I do not know why or how Walter got to that part of AR. Fannie was born in and from TN, Tipton Co. They did not show in the 1910 census for Tipton Co. Walter Michael Gaines was a blacksmith. I found him on the 1920 census, Tipton Co., married to his second wife, Nora Elcan. I have not been able to find any of the other GAINES slibings. I don't know if they went back to KS or KY. If you have any information, please e-mail me at JRBBGB@aol.com. Thank you

Jack Maddox Fri Jun 6 19:00:14 1997
I am looking for any information on the following families from Benton county Arkansas. ROTRAMEL OR BULLOCK. I have some information on the Rotramels dating back to Henry Rotramel, born cir 1780, place unknown. Also on the Bullocks back to James P. Bullock, born cir 1810 in North Carolina. Most of my relatives were from around Gravette, Hiwassee, Bentonville, Beaty. Anyone who has any information on these family names, Please contact me via E-mail, any information would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you for your page.

Pam Nordgren Fri Jun 6 22:11:21 1997
Researching William Jewel PATTON and his wife Aley _Jennie_ JOHNSON. They were residents of Benton Co. in 1870 when their son, William Daniel PATTON was born. It is believed the elder PATTON was a stockman or farmer in the area, although he perhaps owned a business in Bentonville. The PATTONs were also parents of an adopted daughter, Mary GIBSON, who m. a DRENNAN. She is mentioned in her mother's obit (1902, Canyon, Randall Co., TX), but nothing more is known about her. Seeking information on elder PATTON, including CW service, parents, siblings, etc. They were m. in Washington Co., lived in Osage Twp.

Ronny Watkins Fri Jun 6 06:54:22 1997
WILLIAM HENRY WATKINS , wife LUCINDA SCOGGINS, WATKINS, moved to Benton Co. Ar. and was there in 1860, I am searching for information on him or his son JAMES WILBURN WATKINS, they lived at Osage Mills. Any help will be grately appreciated.

Tammie B. Chada Mon Jun 9 08:26:48 1997
Benton County Arkansas: SURNAME: BRUMFIELD I am seeking information on James O. Brumfield and Margaret __________. James and Margaret has ten children, two of which were born in Benton County, Arkansas. Children are: Mary J.- b 1832 in Illinois, George Washington - b Sept. 1834 in Illinois, William - b 1836 Arkansas, Jesse - 1839 Arkansas, Catherine - b 1843 Arkansas, Lucinda - b 1845 Arkansas, James McDonald - b 1849 Benton County, Arkansas, Joel - b Oct 7, 1851 Benton County,Arkansas, Frances - b 1855 and Margaret - b 1858. Am seeking any information on this family. If you can help please e-mail me at tchada@flash.net.

mlbarnes@soback.kornet.nm.kr Wed Jun 11 18:32:31 1997
Looking for information on William Preston Barnes and his wife Jane Morris. They were both buried in the Bloomfield (Double Springs) cemetery. William Preston Barnes Born: 20 May 1843, Lancaster Co., Illinois Married: 9 Aug 1884, Galena, Missouri Died: 11 Nov 1930, Siloam Springs, Arkansas Buried: 13 Nov 1930, Bloomfield, Arkansas Jane Morris Born: 1 Feb 1852 Died: 4 Sep 1935 Buried: 7 Sep 1935, Bloomfield, Arkansas They lived in Siloam Springs, Arkansas for an unknown length of time.

Dorothy Casler Thu Jun 12 22:14:32 1997
I am searching for William W. WHITE, born in 1824 in PA. He married Frances M.______? about 1845. Their first child Caroline B. was born in 1846 in Indiana. By 1848 they were in Benton County, Arkansas where he was a wagonmaker. He was also the foreman of a murder jury which was written up in Goodspeed's book of Benton Co., ARK. pub. in 1889. Sarah A. WHITE, Wm.'s second daughter was born in 1848 in Benton County, Ark. as was his third and last daughter to this wife. Her name was Frances Lovetta J. White born 1851 in Benton Co. By 1857 Wm. and girls had moved to Lawrence Co., MO. where he married a second time to Mary Ann (Polly Ann) WILLIAMS who was said to be a Cherokee Indian. If anyone can tell me where the first wife, Frances, is buried in Benton Co. I would be very pleased. Wm. WHITE remained in MO. the remainderr of his life, dying there in 1905. Any information on this family would be very appreciated. Thank you someone for your help.

Janis Norris Fri Jun 13 12:21:18 1997
I am looking for any information on Yelvaton MELTON who bought 40 acres of land in Benton Co. in 1854 from a bounty land grant. ---------

Dorothy Casler Sat Jun 14 20:02:33 1997
Looking for William W. WHITE b. 1824 in PA. who married Frances M._______? about 1845 in Indiana and who moved to Benton County, Arkansas by 1848 when his second daughter Sarah A. White was born. She married John D. BRYANT. His third daughter Frances Lovetta J. White was born in Arkansas in 1851 and married James D. POTTER in 1872. His first daughter was Caroline B. WHITE born 1846 in Indiana.

Mrs. Stevie Powell Sun Jun 15 18:43:05 1997
HUNT, I am looking for information on WILLIAM HUNT and wife ELIZABETH BRACKETT HUNT. They left Union County, Georgia about 1872 and went to Benton County, Arkansas. Their children were MARTHA JANE, REBECCA, JOSEPH, SARAH, ALFRED, MARY, JOHN,NICY, GEORGIA ANN AND WILLIAM. I was unable to locate them after 1880. Does anyone know what happened to them. Will share information. Address to Mrs. Stevie Lou Powell at mpowell@gte.net. Thanks.

Mrs, Stevie Powell Sun Jun 15 20:38:13 1997
WALKER. Searching for information on HENRY WALKER and wife PHIDELL MCGLAMORY WALKER. They left Fannin County, Georgia about 1872 along with HENRY'S Mother, MARY POWELL WALKER. Need more information on HENRY'S father JAMES WALKER. They are buried in the Flint Cemetery in Benton County. Their children were, SARAH LOUISE,JOEL,HETTY ESTER, MARTHA,ALLEN BRADY, NANCY, AND GEORGE HENRY WALKER.I need to locate some of the descendants and will share information. Thanks. Address query to MRS. STEVIE LOU POWELL

Pat Nance Tue Jun 17 09:54:43 1997
Looking for Hiram Caulfield b. 1836 TN m. Nancy Alice Bray b KY. Came to Arkansan ca 1869. Homesteaded in Madison County,AR north of Huntsville. Last information he sold land 1881. 1880 census states he had one leg.Nancy died in Okla. 1923. Other family connections Joseph Baker, Rhoda Neal(Neil), George John Mayes, Priscilla Goodwin, all appear to have lived in Madison, Washington, Caroll, and Benton Counties.

Bev Zuerlein Fri Jun 20 21:28:35 1997
BENTON COUNTY: Information on family of WILLIAM & ELIZABETH RUDDICK. They lived in ELKHORN, where he was the postmaster for many years, being appointed on 4-8-1840. He moved to Ark. as a young boy with his parents. Looking for any information that would lead me to his parents names, her parents names or information regarding his son WILLIAM RUDDICK who died at the Springfield Prison Camp during the Civil War, OR ANY information concerning this family. THANK you.

Stephanie Smith Mon Jun 23 08:14:37 1997
Looking for information on Lawrence Young BURGESS who purchased property in Benton Co. in 1896. He was an immigrant from Chickasaw Co., MS. He returned to MS and left behind a wife and two children (a son named Ollie) circa 1900.

Gary E. Young Mon Jun 30 10:55:55 1997
Seek descendants of John B. and Alsie (STANDLEY) SIMPSON of Siloam Springs, Benton County. They were from Carroll Co., Mo. and had three children that I know of: Russell, Mantie, and Clara who married Martin Winstead.

Jim Porter Sat Jul 5 09:20:12 1997
MCDONALD: Need information on Joseph MCDONALD listed in the 1870 Benton Co. Census, page 268. I have not seen this census. Where were he and his wife born. What were his wife and children's names. Was he still living in Benton Co. in 1880?

gilbert ard Sun Jul 6 06:48:36 1997
Researching the Ard families from Bladen Co., N.C. and Marion Co., S.C. that migrated West. Also need information on Ard cemetery and church in Yell county. Cemetery located at latitude 350843N longitude 0931232W.A

August - December 1997

Wilburn C. (Dub) Wright Sun Aug 17 17:37:56 1997
BENTON COUNTY LOOKUP Micajah (McCager??) Wright married Martha Jane Brence son in law of William T Brence died:August 13, 1898

Sharon Robertson Mon Aug 18 17:57:44 1997
My great-grandfather, Arthur Ernest McGAUGH, was born in Lowell, Benton County, Arkansas 10 December 1880. Am looking for information on his mother; I believe she died soon after giving birth to him. His mother's name was Paralee; father's name was Oscar Jerome McGaugh. Thanks.

Richard G. Reed Mon Aug 18 19:49:53 1997
METCALF: Decendents of Doran E. Metcalf b.1907 Benton County near Rogers. Any info. please contact me Richard G. Reed at Finder5050@aol.com

RICHARD G. REED Thu Aug 21 21:18:15 1997
Looking for decendents of ELIZAMOND B. METCALF, b.1842,d.3/25/97 Benton County, Ark. His children were Lula Mullins, Celia A. Moody,Martin,James H.,Enoch F., Edward Y.. They lived near Rogers. Any GreatGrand child or GreatGreat contact please contact me RICHARD G. REED at Finder5050.@aol.com

Jon Lane Sun Aug 24 19:46:39 1997
I am looking for information on Charles Lane b. 4/21/1859, d. 10/22/1899. He is buried in Dickson Cemetery outside of Cherokee City. I believe his wife was Julie Ann Trout(?), b. 1868, d. 1956. I believe he is the father of John Edward Lane, who is my great grandfather. John was born 9/14/1885 in Phelps

Ron Murray Sat Aug 23 12:03:45 1997
I am researching my great-great grandfather John Green MURRAY. I am told that he died in Lowell, Benton County, Arkansas around 1930. I am looking for his descendants and other relatives. I believe that one of his sons settled in Benton County around 1900, William A. Murray. The family was originally from Crawford County, Missouri. Around 1900 different family members went to Oklahoma and Arkansas.

David Zoller Mon Aug 25 17:13:35 1997
I am looking for descendants of Thomas SNODDY b.. 1857, d 1935 who married Eliza (Lucy) J. GARRISON 9 Jan 1881. Lucy was B. 1859, Smith Co., TN. d. 1948. Both are buried in the Joe Ward Cemetery, Benton Co., AR. along with one daughter Maggie SNODDY b. 1883, d. 1910. Thanks

John McCoy Mon Aug 25 19:47:17 1997
MCCOY Looking for relatives, descendants or general information on my grandfather's brother, Leslie Hebert MCCOY (b. April, 1892 in Phillips, NE). Married Mary?? Moved to and died in Decatur, Benton County, AR after 1925.

Russ Skaggs Tue Aug 26 15:53:07 1997
Looking for a Obit for my great great grand father. I know that the Easley girls have put out books with those in them. But he seems to of been missed. His name was ISAACS SKAGGS, he died Jan 9, 1912. His wife name s was Nancy Skaggs, but was in the obit book as a NANCY SCAGGS. I have the books that cover this time frame and he isn't there. Can any body look this up for me in the papers from Rogers Ark. He was buried at Pace Chaple by Pea Ridge battleground. Thanks. All SKAGGS/SCAGGS info wanted!!!

Russ Skaggs Tue Aug 26 16:22:14 1997
Also looking for info on where a tract of land is. It was flooded out by Beaver dam, I am told. but would like to know where it would be at in todays world. I know it's under water, but what part of the lake. Sec 25 Twp 20 N Range 29 W 160 acres. Any help would be appreiciated, Thanks...

Carol L. Franklin Thu Aug 28 19:55:27 1997
Seeking any information on the Family of Martin FARMER, who died in Benton Co., AR. His parents are: Luke FARMER, and Jane WILLIAMS from VA & TN. Siblings are: Henry Farmer, b. 1824 in Knox Co., TN; Elizabeth "Lizzie"; Cyrus; John W., b. 1822; Luke M. Jr., b. abt 1832; Mary Ann. If you have any information on any of these families, I would love to hear from you. Thank you! Carol L. Franklin

Barbara Spencer Sun Aug 31 18:33:02 1997
Looking for any information on Micajah C. WRIGHT, b. abt 1816 in Tennessee. Shows up in Monroe Co, Ak on 1850 census with wife family: wife Sarah age 26 b. in OH son Thomas age 5 b. in AR son Micajah age 2 b. in AR This family setteled in Benton County and had close association with families BRENCE, GEE, PETCOCK, WALKER. Descendants of Micajah C Wright Micajah C WRIGHT b: 1815 in Tennessee d: 1860 +Sarah b: 1824 in Ohio m: Abt. 1835 CHILDREN: Thomas WRIGHT b: 1845 Micajah WRIGHT b: July 27, 1847 in Arkansas d: March 09, 1935 in Navarro Co, Tx +Martha Jane BRENCE b: June 1860 in Illinois m: May 10, 1877 in Saline Co Arkansas d: April 15, 1916 in Navarro County, Tx Charles Buford WRIGHT b: July 19, 1860 in Arkansas d: in Cape Girardeau, MO +Winnie Elizabeth GRAY m: January 30, 1884 in Princeton, Caldwell Co, Kentucky d: in Cape Girardeau, MO Thanking you in advance from Texas!

Dennis Deason Mon Sep 1 14:34:19 1997
Looking for the parents of William Columbus DEASON, born Benton County Arkansas in 1847. Married Amanda Mahala ETRIS in 1866. Children were: Henry Warner DEASON: b 1867 d. 1938 Lowell, AR m Telitha Jane KENDRICK William Austin DEASON b 1869 d 1902 Martha Josephine DEASON b 1870 d. 1901 Sarah Emily DEASON b 1873 d 1875 Lorena Elizabeth DEASON b 1875 d 1946 Jana Isabeil DEASON b 1878 d 1901 Francis Mahala DEASON b 1881 d 1963 Nancy Annie DEASON b 1883 d 1920 James Newton DEASON b 1885 d 1966

Dennis M. Neil Mon Sep 1 19:54:23 1997
Seeking information of the Nicholas G. MITCHELL family who lived in Benton County, AR prior to 1888 at which time they moved to Neosho County, KS. Nicholas m the widow of Johnson C. WOOD, Martha MARTIN WOOD. Johnson C. WOOD was previously m to Margaret S. DOWNING and had a family by her. Apparently, after Johnson C. m for the second time to Martha MARTIN, he soon died and she m Nicholas G. MITCHELL and she and all/many of the ch of the prior marriages, as well as their own and at least one member of another allied family, Arizona TYGART TUTTLE (d/o Martin F. and MAry Jane LAFORS TYGART) moved to Neosho County, KS, possibly in the Chanute area. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I would be happy to exchange information. Thanks!!!

Lynnette Davis Thu Sep 4 15:52:02 1997
We are compiling a history of Ottawa and Woodburn, Iowa. We need information on the prime founder of Ottawa, Benjamin COPPOCK and his son, J.N. COPPOCK. They were also very prominent in Woodburn, owning several businesses and starting the bank. Benjamin died in Hot Springs, AR, at J.N.'s home in 1909. We have no information on J.N. COPPOCK and quite a bit of information on Benjamin, but would appreciate anything. Would also like to locate relatives that might have pictures of this family. Benjamin moved to Siloam Springs first from Woodburn in 1901.

Savannah Jordon Mon Sep 8 21:11:42 1997
Searching for info on great g.-father/mother Jasper & Vannie Gordon. Last known to live in Siloam Springs, possibly 1920's. Their sons were Frank & charley Gordon. Charley Gordon had a daughter Nora Gordon Ollar, who was my grandmother. Any info would be appreciated. Savannah Jordan - oldsarge@thevision.net

JUDY WAISNER Tue Sep 9 12:14:07 1997
Iam searching for the JOHN B. JONES and CHLOE ESTER RENFRO FOWLER family. John B. Jones was married Sept. 21, 1880 to the widow Chloe Ester Fowler, a school teacher who ran a boarding house. She was previously married to LEWIS FOWLER in Freemont co., Iowa in 1866. She had two children by Lewis; Edward Lewis who marr Lou Ella Stanley (dau of John Andrew Stanley and Hannah Johnson who are buried in Stanley-Oak Grove Cemetery). Lewis and Chloe also had Joseph Chessley Fowler who marr Thursey Melinda Kerr (dau of Wm Harrison Kerr and Mary Sherill). Chloe and John B. Jones had 4 children according to the census. I only know the names of two; Nora E. and Wayne Jones both born in Benton co., Ark. Lewis Fowler died 1878 in Washington co., Ark. and Chloe moved to Benton co. John and Chloe later moved to Okla. and are found listed on the 1900 census with Edward in Indian Territory near Pryor, Okla. They later moved to Stillwell, Okla. where Chloe died. Where did John die? What are the names of the other children? Who are John's parents? John was b. Sept. 1859 Ark, Wayne b. July 1885 Ark., Nora E. b. Jan 1888 Ark. John and Chloe were married in Benton co. Ark. Chloe had a sister named Martha Alice Renfro who marr John Chessley Boatright of Madison co., Ark. Her father was Rev. Joseph Cephus Renfro.

Ross Hart Wed Sep 10 22:05:05 1997
Looking for descendants of JAMES HENRY PETTUS (b 1791, d. 1881) and wife MARY VIRGINIA BARNES (b. 1822, d.1880) . They both came from VA and, after some time in MO, died at Sugar Creek, Benton Co. Stories abound about the two but none substantiated. Henry said to have owned a comb factory, had three wives, travelled to Australia, and accidently killed his last wife, Mary Virginia. The couple may have travelled west with BARNES family members as ANDREW J. BARNES living with them in 1850, Greene Co., MO census.

Johneda Tinnin Lee Fri Sep 12 05:21:02 1997
I am a Hargrove descendant and interested in contacting descendants of JV Hargrove that laid out Siloam Springs in Benton County. I have lots of Hargrove information and interested in finding more cousins

Tom D. Morton Sat Sep 13 05:21:43 1997
Davis, Elijah b: 25 apr 1807 d: 19 Oct 1884 buried Benton County, Arkansas. One child by Rebecca Fletcher - Andrew Baker Davis, born Benton County??? died Wewoka, Oklahoma 1911 married Lucinda Eveline Hawk[e] [s] b: 1834 d: 1935 Madison County Arkansas they had 12 children, one of whom Benjamin Franklin Davis is my Grandfather and was born at Rhae's Mill, Bentorn County???, Arkansas. I seek the location of Rhea's Mill and information on the ancestory of Lucinda Eveline Hawk[e] [s]. S-mail Tom D. Morton, P. O. Box 12062, Oklahoma City, OK

Myrl Ross Mon Sep 15 20:02:13 1997
I would like to correspond with anyone having knowledge of Thomas S BROWN(b 1805 NC) and his wife Orpha ? (b 1825 TN or NC). Thomas BROWN was married ?1) to Sarah New on Nov 15, 1829 in Morgan County, Illinois. They had three ch: Rachel (b 1835); Zachariah T (b 1838); Emily A(b 1840) Between 1840 and 1844 Thomas married 2) Orpha ??(b 1825 TN or NC). They left Illinois for Benton County, Arkansas after 1846 and had ch: William Basil (b ILL 1846); Richard K (b. AR 1850); Caroline M (born AR 1852); Robert J (b AR 1857); Louisa ALmira (b AR 1860); and Charles (b AR 1860). The family went to Texas about 1857 and were in Dallas County in 1860, and Bell County in 1870 and 1880. They lived neighbors in both both counties with my gggrandmother Mary A BROWN [believed to be her maiden name](1828 TN), wife of R. Kenneth BROWN (b 1827 TN, d 1846 ?).Mary and RK were in Clinton Co. IL 1850 census. I am certain Mary A/RK and Thomas S are related but have not been able to connect them. Any help will be appreciated.

Joy Harrington Wed Sep 17 12:54:00 1997
Looking for Harrington,Gibson ,Reece ,and Darnell.all who live in Gravet Arkansas and Deactur.(all from benton county) around the 1843- 1855) appreciate any information.Thanks.

Rod Broome Thu Sep 18 09:46:43 1997
Looking for info on George Washington Mitchell (Bloomfield, Benton County) and Mark Cunningham (Cherokee City, Benton County). Both my GG grand fathers early to mid 1800s. George from Tenn. and Mark form OK/Mo?

Phyllis Hill Sat Sep 20 12:07:59 1997
Who were the parents of Fannie L. NORTON (age 17) who married Robert A. HARRISON (age 26) in Benton Co., AR, 6 May 1888. They later went to Oregon. I would like to learn more about her and her children. Have not been able to find this family in 1900.

Phyllis Hill Sat Sep 20 12:16:45 1997
I am searching for a cemetery record for my great grandfather, Christopher C. HARRISON, born 26 Oct 1821 in Washington Co., IN; died about 1891 in Arkansas. I have heard he died from injuries received when the horses he was harnessing reared and knocked him against a picket fence. Family records always said he died about 1888 in or near Rogers, Benton, AR but another source says he is buried in Harrison, Boone, AR. He was listed in the tax rolls of Benton Co., District 3, in 1889 & 1890. Any help will be appreciated.

Michael S. Caldwell Tue Sep 23 16:43:29 1997
Hello, I am seeking burial records and obituaries for Bentonville, Benton County, Arkansas residents Jacob C. HANKS, who died in 1913, and his wife Drucilla (Frazey) HANKS, who survived him. They appeared in the Arkansas 1910 census as follows: 1910 Arkansas Census: Benton County, Osage Twp. Bentonville, Pineville Rd. ed 30, #192: Jacob C. HANKS, Head, 71, m. 46 yrs, Pa/Pa/US Drusilla, Wife, 69, m. 46 yrs, 2/2, Pa/Pa/Pa ________________________________________________ Previously, in 1900, this couple lived in Madison County, Arkansas, near a son whose name appears to have been Louis N. HANKS. I have much information on both Jacob's and Drucilla's Pennsylvania ancestry, and am happy to share with interested researchers.

Debbra Szymanski Wed Sep 24 09:47:37 1997
Need information on JAMES GREENE RODGERS who died in Benton County, AR 3 Apri 1899. He was the son of JESSE RODGERS and MARTHA JAMESON. James married RUAMAH ELIZABETH SAUNDERS on 22 December 1850 in Rutherford Co., TN. Their children were: SARAH E. b.1852 (married J. B. MILLS), MARTHA M. b. 1854 (married M. D. ALLEN), JESSE E. b. 1856, MARSHALL RICHARD b. 13 February 1861, NANCY JANE b. 6 April 1863 (married THOMAS J. HOOD), MARY I. b. 1866, AURY L. b. 1869, DORA b. 1871, OLLIE b. 1871, MINNIE V. b. 1874, JAMES IRVING b. 1876 (married BESSIE FIELDS), ANNIE E. b.?, JOHN W. b?

Dena Dodd Wed Oct 1 19:32:07 1997
Looking for onformation on a W.H. (William) Pershall in Benton Co. He was in newspaper articles in 1895 in Benton Co. and Siloam Springs as having shot and killed a "Lanthrop". Interested in census listings of family members. He was a widow in 1895 in his 50's. Supposedly had land in either Boone or Marion Co. prior to that. May have died in Benton Co. if they convicted him

Norman Blansett Thu Oct 2 05:28:01 1997
Benton County Arkansas. Need info re: BLANSETT,Arch. Family history said he had a grandson that was struck,and killed, by lightning.

Carol Garafola Fri Oct 3 13:00:31 1997
HOOK-WALKER Seeking further info on William Walker HOOK, b.abt. 1910 Bentonville. His father was William "Andrew" HOOK and mother was Jessie WALKER HOOK. Andrew died 1916 Bentonville and Jessie remarried (to whom?) and reportedly left Arkansas.

Carol Garafola Fri Oct 3 13:15:30 1997
AMES-WHITING-COMPTON-CONN-DICKSON: Mary WHITING AMES and her children lived Bentonville after 1880. Children were: Helen/Ella AMES b.1850 m. Amos Ed COMPTON. Clara M. AMES, b. 1852 m.Isaac CONN. Nancy Ellen AMES, b.1857 m. William A. HOOK. Charles Wesley AMES b.1859 m. Virgie B. DICKSON. Other Bentonville surnames associated with this family: RATLIFF, FARMER, HUNTINGTON, TUCKER, CARNAHAN, GRAMMAR.

Kenneth Robertson Sat Oct 4 09:10:04 1997
DIAL, Oda Jane b. 1873 MO., raised on the White River in Benton Co., AR m. 1889 near Muscogee, Indian Territory (OK) to Zachariah Lester Robertson, lived Lincoln, Carter and Oklahoma Counties, OK d. 1863 Ok City, OK Oda Jane was raised by relatives near Rogers, AR after her mother died. She was illiterate and only 16 years old when she married. Have never been able to make a family connection for her. Would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions.

Bev Hart Sun Oct 5 18:21:51 1997
JAMES BLACKWOOD, B 1806 married to (?). His dau, Harriet Blackwood b. 1848 married Harvey Houston b 1840 Union Co GA. James BLACKWOOD'S dau, Mary b. 1848, married Benton C DAVIS THOMAS (CALVIN) HOUSTON B ca. 1805 m Sarah Catherine (HENSON) HOUSTON. Settled in Newton Co CA. 1850. I "think" James's son was a doctor in Newton Co(?) I have pictures of Harvey Houston--this is charcoal painting, group picture of B C & Mary Davis which is very diiiim. But will be happy to trade with you for pictures of info! I am Bev Hart of mhart@radware.net Perhaps some of family moved to Johnson Co AR or Benton Co? What was James Blackwood b. ca. 1806 occupation?

Judy Hoard Wed Oct 8 12:35:31 1997
POWELL, Margaret Tennessee b Mar 5 1874 or 1876 in Logan AR m James Wm LEWIS Jul 28 1889 in Sebastian Co AR. Her parents were Robert B POWELL and wife Lucenda. I have found a Dr Henry POWELL in Benton Co. Was he related to Robert B POWELL? What was LUCENDA"s maiden name? Have found an Arkansas POWELL in the History of the 27th AR Confederate Infantry. Because of being named for a state could he have been related to my Powell's? Who were Robert B POWELL"s parents? Thank you.

Sandra Robison Thu Oct 9 10:18:10 1997
Looking for information about EDMUND CAVNESS (or Caviness) who owned land in Benton Co. in 1854. This sounds like a clue to a gggfather. Also connections to the family of SARAH FORD who married WILLIAM HENRY CANVESS. Am I looking in the right place?

Rhonda Sun Oct 12 15:02:05 1997
I am researching the family of Sterling Price Parker who lived in Benton County near Hiwassee. He was my great-great grandfather he was married to an Emma Higgins or Higginbotham would appreciate any info.

Wanda Reed 31 Oct 1997
i am searching for asbrene ardelia doss,born 1875 died 1951 husband nelson reid born 1864 died 1943 both were born in benton county, nelson,s (father,s) name is george ------reid, asbrene ardelia and nelson are buried in forest rose cemetery,lancaster.

Wanda Conley 12 Nov 1997
Seeking information on John W. PARKER -wife-Elizabeth BURGESS, believe came from Cannon Co. Tenn. after 1850 before 1860 to Benton Co. Ark. Elizabeth died 22 March 1877, John died 7 May 1889. Both buried Barron cemetery near Vaughn, Benton Co. Ark. Known children: William, Francis Marion-married Sarah WILSON, Louisa Catherine, born 1849, Thomas and Madison, born ca 1856. Madison married Mary E. and moved to McDonald Co. Mo.-was living there in 1900. Madison died there before 1910. Thank you.

A. Virgil Barnhill, Jr. 15 Nov 1997
Am looking for the BARNHILL family who migrated to Benton County early. There were three brothers Abel, Alexander and Alford (or Adfred) who came from Tennessee. Am seeking the names of their wives and the dates that they were married, or another information that may be available concerning them. Please contact A. Virgil Barnhill, Jr., P. O. Box 22621 , Knoxville, TN 37933 and email with data.

Jim Bridges 17 Nov 1997
William Preston PEACH, b 26 Feb 1848 in IL, m Annie E. Williams 19 Sep 1872 in St. Clair co., IL. At some point, the family moved to Rogers, Benton, AR. PEACH family historian seeks correspondence by e-mail or U.S. mail with descendants or those who may know of descendants. Jim Bridges, 4 Capital Drive, Washingtonville, NY 10992-1342.

Roger Coltvet 18 Nov 1997
I am seeking information on the families of: Clifford POHLMAN (b. 2 Apr 1908 in Eagle Grove, IA; d. Mar 1980) last known residence was Rogers, AR. Howard POHLMAN (b. 9 Jul 1917 in Eagle Grove, IA; d. Jan 1982) last known residence was Rogers, AR. Clifford and Howard were brothers and they had several other siblings who may also have been in Rogers, AR. I am researching a family illness and need to contact these families for that reason. Roger Coltvet 5507 E. Royal Palm, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Maretta Locke 21 Nov 1997
Adeline Goodrum &Shadrack Brown(b1832) LOCKE along with other siblings, Tabitha Locke (Ben F) SIKES, Martha Corilla Locke(Wm Harvey) CLAXTON, Mary Jane Locke (Preston R) KING, & Nancy Samantha Locke (Francis) POLLOCK moved to AR & inot Bento Co in early 1860's from Bedford CO TN. It was Benjamin F Sikes who gave the land for the town of Rogers. Does anyone with LOCKE, GOODRUM, SIKES, CLAXTON, KING, POLLOCK in their line identify with this information? Would appreciate a contact.

Ann White/Leonard, Cottingham/Gipson, Di Coio 22 Nov 1997
I am searching for Amos Webster White, married to Laura (Lara) Janetey Whopengarner abt 1897. First born Grace Pearl Jan 1902. Martin W Leonard m Nancy J Laster before 1859. First born Mattie June 1859. 5 children. Marion Gipson married Ludy Whilhite (Wilhite) abt 1889. First born William Morris Dec 1890. There were 9 children. All of the above may lived in Benton County.

Nadine Billingsly 22 Nov 1997
I am searching for the death place, cemetery and date of death for Nancy McAfee Anderson. She married William Anderson in Berry Co. MO 1880. It is believed her maiden name was Oxford born in GA about 1832. 1st married Berry McAfee. They (Berry and Nancy) appeared in the 1850 GA Census but the next time she appears in the 1880 Benton AR census married to Anderson as a second wife. In the years between she had two children by McAfee. one in MO and the other in AR. Can't find where they lived. Any help with her will be appreciated.

Linda Garner 25 Nov 1997
I am interested in any data or document references concerning the descendants of John Ward and Catherine McDaniel many of whom came to Benton County, Arkansas before and during the final Cherokee removal. I am particularly interested in information concerning Benjamin Ward and wife Jane Ray Ward. Benjamin Ward was the son of Charles Ward and grandson of John Ward and Catherine McDaniel. Will share any genealogical data which I have concerning the Ward Family. Thank you.

Eddie Davis 25 Nov 1997
Looking for parents of and/or place of birth of Mary F. HENDERSON (or STROUD) born. Jan. 5, 1843 in Missouri, died Oct. 26, 1910 in Arkansas. She was 1/4th Cherokee Indian and both of her parents were born in Missouri. She married George Washington VAUGHAN, a member of the family that lived all over NW AR, including Benton County. Any information on her parents or her place of birth would be appreciated.

Eddie Davis 25 Nov 1997
Looking for any information on any EDWARDS or MCQUISTON families in Benton County from 1883-1920. May Florence Edwards, born 4-4-1883 in Colorado was the daughter of Edward Edwards and Dorothy Elizabeth McQuiston. Edward was a Welsh or English-born Engineer that died in a train wreck 3 months before May was born. (This occurred in PA). Dorothy went with her 3 brothers to Colorado, where May was born. By the 1890s, May was living in NW AR, married to Calvin Leroy VAUGHAN. May's uncle Joseph McQuistion, born 1860 in PA, as was his parents, was living nearby with his family. I'm trying to find where in Colorado May was born, what happened to Dorothy, May's mother, if any of Joseph's brothers were living in Benton County or neighboring counties, who Joseph and Dorothy's parents were, where in Pennsylvania they were born, and where in Pennsylvania did Edwarad Edwards die. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Eddie Davis 25 Nov 1997
Looking for any MYERS or MIRES families originally from Indiana living in Benton County between 1870 and 1920.

Patricia Perkins 9 Dec 1997
I am searching for information on my g-grandfather. His name was Jerimiah CAVINESS. He was shot to death near Eureka Springs Sept.23 1895. He left a widow, Lulu Dover, of New London Ia. After Jerimiah's death she married a man from the Benton Co area named William Spencer Mays. Prior to his marriage to Lulu Dover, His first wife had died. Her name was Martha Kirk. There were some other Kirks in the area at the time. Any information is appreciated.

Alfred Andrew TISDALE and his family (wife Permelia Hillsman BORUM) and children moved to Benton Co., AR in 1837, coming from Lawrence Co., AL. More children were born to them in Benton Co., and they left in 1848 and moved to Bastrop Co., TX. Looking for any trace of the family or any records which might possibly help me find who his parents were or if he had any siblings.

Machelle Hammack Bronaugh 15 Dec 1997
Am searching for any help in looking for gr grandparents William HAMMOCK and Wife, Narcissa Jane around Benton County. They were married abt 1861, first child Mary was born in 1862, last child was born in 1878. Last child was William Riley Hammack, my grandfather. Can't find this fam on the 1870, father was dead before 1880 because in 1880 Narcissa Jane remarried to Alfred F. Peebles. Can't find this fam on 1880 census under any surname in either Ar or Ok. Any help would be appreciated and would also love to meet more cousins ......thanks

Chris Green 16 Dec 1997
Clarence Everett DAVIS and Emma May RONE had a son Dwain Donley DAVIS on 24MAY1912. They were living in a rural area near Centerton, Benton County, Arkansas. The birth cert states that Clarence was a farmer and Emma was a housewife, and that they were both born near Centerton, Arkansas.
Clarence's age at the time of his son's birth was 22, Emma's age at the time of her son's birth was 18.
Dwain Donley DAVIS' middle name, DONLEY, was thought to have been a family name or possibly another surname associated with the DAVIS family. Any connections, or suggestions on where I go from here would be much appreciated.

January 1998

Janice Mauldin Castleman 1 Jan 1998
Please contact me if you have any information on Rev. Lewis HEATH shown on the 1850-1860-1870 Benton Co., AR census. In 1850 he is found in Pea Ridge with his wife Elizabeth and daughters Martha 14 and Louisa (?) 14. He is buried in 12 Corners Cemetery just NE of Pea Ridge, dates: 09 Jan 1801 to 22 Nov 1872. He may possibly be the Lewis HEATH who married Elizabeth RAY in Williamson Co., TN in 1817. There is a Lewis Heath on the 1830-1840 Bedford Co., TN census who could be this same man. Lewis and Elizabeth's daughters were born in TN. I need to know if the Martha HEATH shown on the census is the Martha R. b. 16 Feb 1836 TN who married George Sylvester (Syl) LEE c1854. This family lived in Garfield, AR. Their children: Nancy Ann Lee b. Aug 1855 m. John Martin MURRY; Burrell Lee b. 1858 d. 1882; John L. P. Lee b. c1862 m. Nancy WORDEN; Jesse Vincent Lee b. 1865 m. Mary A. RUBOTTOM; Dysart W. Lee b. Apr 1867 m. Bettie KEY; Wade Lee b. Apr 1868 m. Emma _________; Robert E. Lee b. Jun 1869 m. Ida E. WARMAKE; Mary M. Lee b. c1874; Sallie b. 1876 m. James WADE; and Seth Bates Lee b. 14 Aug 1878 m. Annie C. _________. George Sylvester Lee's parents were John W. LEE (founded Lee Town) and his wife Martha A. SHELTON, daughter of Abednigo and Nancy Ann (GOUGH) SHELTON, from Butler Co., KY.

Sandy De Taranto 2 Jan 1998
Seeking info on 'Hattie' Esophia JONES b. Oct 1893 probably AR. She married Jay Gould PALMER b. March 18, 1883 died May 1975 in Springerville, AZ. Hattie died Feb 1971 in AZ. Hattie's parents were Charles JONES & Florence MORRIS. Any info on the JONES, PALMER, or MORRIS lines will be greatly appreciated.

Richard McClure 2 Jan 1998
Nelson WARD of Benton Co, born 1821 in Connecticut & buried at Vaughn, AK. Married Minerva Lousinall. Children: Margaret, Henry, Chalotte, Oliver, Andrew & Rebecca.
Edwin James BISHOP of Benton Co, born 1846 in Connecticut & buried at Vaughn, AK. Married Margaret Louisa Ward in 1871. Children: Minerva, John Henry, Charlotte, James, Margret, Myrtle, Bela Nelson, Mary Alice, Ida May, Nancy Estelle & Byrd Dell.

Rachael O'Steen 3 Jan 1998
I'm interested in finding out about my maternal grandmother's family. She grew up in Pea Ridge with the name Kathryne Keen. Her family changed the name to Keene while she was growing up. (I'm clueless as to why.) She was married once before she married my grandfather, James Ellis. They made their home in his native Barry County, Missouri. I don't know who my grandmother's first husband was. I believe her father, Wesley Keen owned a sawmill outside of Pea Ridge. Hettie Keen was her mother's name. They had 4 children; Billy Wes, Connie, Kathryne and Willis. Anything you can find would be greatly apperciated!!!! My e-mail address is JOsteen176@AOL.com.

Debbie Davis 4 Jan 1998
DAVIS,BANKS, Solomon (Salom) DAVIS b.1/23/1798,Surry Co.NC d.7/22/1870 in Benton Co.,Gourd Springs,AR. Wife Winifred (Winnie) Jerusha DAVIS b.1800 TN, d. 6/1876 buried Elm Springs AR. Need information on Winnie's death, and obit. on both.

Brenda Warren 6 Jan 1998
I am looking for info. on E.J. MACON and R.S. MACON who owned a large apple brandy distillery in Bentonville in the late 1800's and early 1900's. They were originally from Warren Co., Tenn. The name of the distillery was Macon and Carson Distillery. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

Eddie Mills Dugger 8 Jan 1998
I am seeking information re: my ggrandfather JOHN WALKER FORD, who was supposed to have been born in Benton County, Arkansas, we have his DOB as Aug. 26, 1855, date of death was Jan. 9, 1932, he died in Haskell County, Oklahoma. Would like to know who his parents were and of any marriages in Benton County, Arkansas. John Walker Ford was married prior to his marriage to Lizzie Moore in 1889, he had four children when he married Lizzie. I would like to hear from anyone who might have info concerning his parents or any siblings, spouses, etc. Thank you for any and all help.

Barbara Elliott 8 Jan 1998
I am seeking any descendents of HAYWOOD PRESTON OAKLEY who married ELIZABETH BULLOCK May 7, 1836 in Granville Co., North Carolina. In 1840 census they were in Rutherford Co. Tenn., 1850 census they were in Bedford Co. Tn., and in 1860 census they were in Benton Co. Ar. Both are buried at Oakley Chapel United Meth. Church, Rogers, Ark. along with some of their children. In the History of Benton Co. book put out by the Genealogy Soc. there are several articles on this family. I have the book, but would like more information on this family.

Larry Worley 11 Jan 1998
info on j. MATTHEWS in 1840 census my be my greatgrand father i think john MATTHEWS

Jon Lane 11 Jan 1998
I am searching for my Lane ancestors. My grandfather was John Edward Lane ( b. 14 Sept. 1885, d. 30 Mar. 1962). He was married to Lora Allen Shipley ( b. 28 May 1889, d. 22 Jun 1944). They are both buried in Afton, Ok. I believe his father was Charles Lane ( b. 21 Apr. 1859, d. 22 Oct. 1899) and his mother was Julie Ann (Trout?)Lane Proctor (b. 1868, d. 1956). Both Charles and Julie are buried in Dickson Cemetery, outside of Cherokee City, Benton County, Ark.
Also buried in Dickson Cemetery is David Lane ( b. 1851, d. 1916). I believe he might be Charles' brother. Edward G. ( b. 1831, d. 1917) and Mary A. (?) Lane ( b. 1831, d. 1908) are buried in Dickson Cemetery. I believe that Edward G. and Mary A. Lane are the parents of John and David. I have no conclusive evidence other than are buried next to one another in Dickson Cemetery.
I have recent pictures of the above mentioned Lanes in Dickson Cemetery.
Does anyone have any information on these Lanes??
Lane Homepage -->http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/8498/Lane.html

Corinne Callahan 13 Jan 1998
CLARK, James W. born 1825 in Tennessee, came to Bentonville in 1840, married Jane Mason DICKSON and built the Eagle Hotel. I am his great-great grandaughter, and am looking for the name of his mother and father so that I can continue my research. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Mandy Hougland 17 Jan 1998
I am currently involved in extensive research on that part of Benton County known as MONTE NE. Would be interested in hearing from anyone with information pertaining to the late William Hope "Coin" HARVEY (1851-1936). Also looking for other persons whose families lived in the Monte Ne area between 1900-1963, who might be able to give me a better picture of the town and its residents. In my research, I have come across such names as HUMMEL, Millie; GRAHAM, Barry and Josephine; CRONENBERG, Miriam. Am especially interested in seeing photgraphs taken of the area between 1900-1936 and hearing stories of from time period.

Elizabeth Henderson 18 Jan 1998
George Grover Henderson died in Siloam Springs in 1972, Benton County, Arkansas. Want to locate the married names of his two daughters to trace the family line.