Descendants of Moses Hopper

contributed by Lee Thomas

First Generation

1. Moses Hopper. Born 1802 in Pulaski, KY. Died 1862 in Harrison, Boone,AR.

He married Rebecca Hicks. Born 1804 in VA. They had the following children:

2 i. Paralee Hopper

Second Generation

2. Paralee Hopper. Born 1832 in Warren, TN. Died 1900 in Branson,MO.

She married Washington F. McCormick. Born 1833 in Taney, MO. They had the following children:

3 i. Eliza A McCormick

Third Generation

3. Eliza A McCormick. Born 1859 in Harrison, Boone, AR. Died 1883 in Harrison,Boone,AR.

She married James A. Golding, son of Joseph Connely Golding & Martha Early. Born 20 Mar 1857 in St. Clair, AL. Died ? 24 Oct in St. Clair, AL. They had the following children:

4 i. Effie Paralee Golding

Fourth Generation

4. Effie Paralee Golding. Born 3 Dec 1881 in Harrison, Boone, AR.

She married Herbert Lee Thomas, Sr., son of John Edwin Thomas & Melissa Seeley. Born 15 Jan 1886 in NY. Died 15 Jan 1964 in San Bernadino, CA. They had the following children:

5 i. Herbert Lee Thomas, Jr.

Fifth Generation

5. Herbert Lee Thomas, Jr. Born 6 Aug in Whittier, CA.

Golding, Effie Paralee 4
Hopper, Moses 1
Hopper, Paralee 2
McCormick, Eliza A 3
Thomas, Jr., Herbert Lee5