W T Blalock

I W. T. BLALOCK do solemnly swear that I served as a soldier in the army (or sailor in the navy) of the Confederate States, being a member of the 4th GEORGIA Regiment of Calvary from the State of GEORGIA or a member of the crew of the ship called __________; that I was honorably discharged (paroled or released) from such service on or about the 15th day of APRIL 1865 and did not desert the same; that I am now, and have for the past twelve months been a bona fide resident of this State; that I do not myself, nor does my wife, nor do we both together, own property, real or personal, or both, or money or choses in action in excess of the value of $500.00 (exclusive of household goods and wearing apparel); nor has either of us conveyed title to any property to enable him to draw a pension, and that neither I nor my wife is in receipt of any income, annuity, pention or wage for any services, the emoluments of an office in excess of $250.00 per year; provided, that in computing the amount of property owned by the applicant, his or her homestead shall be exempted; that I am incapitated to preform manual labor in the ordinary avocation of life (or am totally blind), and that such incapacity (or disability) is the result of wounds received in the service, being OF AGE WAS BORN 1840_***________ ______________ or of age, accident or disease, and that such disability is not the result of my own vicious habits still persisted in, so help me God.
(Signature) W.T. BLALOCK
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 19th_ day of JUNE 1915
CHAS. C. HALT__________________________________________ W. H. HALT
WALTER MC BEE______________________________JUSTICE OF THE PEACE

Pension application

*** William Terrill Blalock was born May 22, 1840 in Blalock, Rabun County, Georgia. (by Vicky Dennis)

The Lead Hill Bugle newspaper out of Lead Hill Arkansas
November 15, 1884
The residence of W.T. BLALOCK, was consumed by fire, everything lost and no insurance. Neighborhood men and women came to their rescue providing another house, housewares and clothing to make them comfortable until a new house could be built.