1883 Marriage Licenses

Transcribed and submitted by Vicky Dennis, VDennis at alltel.net

A.L. King was the Boone County Clerk and Recorder in 1883

Marriage Book B

Boyd, T.H. age 27 of Carrollton to Porter, Nancy age 16 of Carrollton; page 239
Brown, W.E. age 20 of Springfield Missouri to Coker, Cassie age 20 of Lead Hill; page 227
Briggs, Andrew age 22 of Lead Hill, Marion County, to Morrow, Nancy J. age 23 of Lead Hill Boone County; page 248
Briggs, J.W. age 22 of Lead Hill to Pickard, Alice age 18 of Lead Hill; page 240
Buckner, L.O. age 22 of Harrison to Underdown, Maggie age 21 of Harrison; page 266
Chaffin, H.J. age 21 of Lead Hill to Hole, Sarah Jane age 21 of Lead Hill; page 244
Clepper, W.T. age 21 of Bellefonte to Ogle, B.C. age 19 of Bellefonte; page 272
Cox, J.E. age 24 of Lead Hill to Smith, Paralee age 22 of Lead Hill; page 246
Dupee, William age 58 of Boone to Smith, Ivie age 50 of Boone; page 277
Golston, W.E age 24 of Burlington to Rex, Nancy A. age 21 of Burlington; page 266
Gray, Geo. age 22 of Boone to Davis, Jossie age 23 of Boone; page 273
Hain, [or Ham] W.J. age 29 of Stone Valley, Newton County to Clark, Dora age 17 of Bellefonte; page 256
Harris, T.J. age 21 of Pleasant Ridge to Young, L.A. age 16 of Pleasant Ridge; page 237
Herd, J.W. age 19 of Lead Hill to Bason, L.A. age 18 of Lead Hill; page 245
Heuphill [or Hemphill] J.F. age 19 of Duggers Mills, Searcy County to Wheller, F.F. age 19 of Duggers Mills, Searcy County; page 274
Jeard, Sam age 20 of Elm Wood to Ricketts, Fannie age 20 of Elm Wood; page 271
Jernigan, E.A. age 23 of Harrison to Andrews, Mollie L. age 18 of Harrison; page 267
Keys, Thomas age 22 of Boone to Glover, Louisa age 23 of Boone; page 260
Maulen J.R. age 26 of Lead Hill to Whitney, R.A. age 18 of Lead Hill; page 253
Mastaler, M.C. age 32 of Little Star, Carroll County to Robertson, Matilda E. age 19 of Burlington; page 250
Matlock, Roland age 31 of Boone to Pierson, Ardelle age 27 of Boone; page 260
Misinger, Calvin L. age 25 of Harrison to Raynor, Margaret A. age 18 of Harrison; page 250
Mc Cracken, T.J. age 68 of Carrollton to Campbell, M. age 51 of Harrison' page 270
Mc Gill, William age 21 of Harrison to Wilbanks, Mary age 18 of Harrison; page 249
Mc Millan, J.P. age 17 of Harrison to Wilson, M.C. age 16 of Harrison; page 267
Noel, William M. age 19 of Omaha to Jewell, J.L. age 16 of Omaha; page 239
Parks, W. C. age 23 of Lead Hill to Whitley, Maggie age 17 of Lead Hill; page 261
Reeves, John M. age 25 of Duggers Mills, Searcy County to Pantou, M.E. age 17 of Duggers Mills, Searcy County; page 248
Riggins, F.M. age 23 of Rally Hill to Willis, Sarah E. age 18 of Rally Hill; page 240
Sharp, J.M. age 24 of Clear Creek, Marion County to Trippet, R.E. age 19 of Pleasant Ridge, Boone County; page 239
Simmons, Cally age 21 of Valley Springs to Bales, Rachel age 21 of Valley Springs; page 276
Stewarh, D.T. age 38 of Bellefonte to Johnson, Emily age 32 of Clear Creek, Marion County; page 249
Thomason, Bailey age 23 of Burlington to M. C. Thomason age 30 of Burlington page 276
Weatherford, J.T. age 23 of Bellefonte to Ruee, Laura age 23 of Bellefonte; page 244
Williams, A. age 45 of Eureka Springs to Davis, Meriah age 23 of Eureka Springs; page 264
Wilson, J.K. age 31 of Harrison to Josline, Tilda J. age 16 of Harrison; page 259
Wilson, J.W. age 18 of Elixir to Ross, Dora E. age 17 of Elixir; page 274
Young, J.F. age 22 of Bellefonte to Brittainham, S.A. age 18 of Bellefonte; page 253