1884 Marriage Licenses

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September 20, 1884
The Lead Hill Bugle Newspaper, of Lead Hill, Boone County, Arkansas
The following marriage licenses were taken out

Cheatham, N.L. to R. E. Davison
Ellis, Wm. to Loa Stone
Fain, W.T. to A. Harris
Long, D. A. to Susan Youngblood
McCann, M.C. to Louisa Nichols
Mitchell, J.F. to M.C. White
Ogle, J.A. to S. A. Wilhite
Patterson, Jas. to S. F. Cary
Reecer, Jas. M. to S. E. Coated
Sansing, F.M. to P. A. McMahan
Sisco, T.F. to S. G. Bateman
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Marriage Book B

Bratton, William to Nichols, Tennessee; book B, page 290
Christopher, G.W. to Smithwick, H.E.; book B, page 306
Cornet, Francis to Blevins, E.T.; book B, page 293
Dauler, Andrew J. to Turner, Jane; book B, page 316
Davis, James to Gilbert, Martha; book B, page 317
Durham, W.G. to Moore, M.E.; book B, page 279
Ellis, William to Stone, Loa; book B, page 308
Gatlin, J.W. to Walker, Rebecca; book B, page 281
Harris, Augustin to Love, or Lowe, Jane; book B, page 44
Harris, J.W. to Richerson, M.J.; book F, page 302
Howard, W.T. to Davis, T.L.; book B, page 280
Johnson, James to McCormick, Annie; book B, page 287
McCann, M.C. to Nichols, Louisa; book B, page 31?
McCall, T.J. to Hatfield, Isabelle; book B, page286
Mitchell, C.R. to Heaton, T.A.; book B, page 292
Mitchell, S.B. to Dishazo, Alice; book B, page 284
Roberts, William to Graham, Mary; book B, page 113
Royster, Wright to Wakefield, Luofield; book B, page 314
Sanders, E.M. to Todd, Belle; book B, page 284
Stephens, A.L. to Johnson, Mary; book B, page not clear 285 or 295
Tabor, T.E. to Roberts, M.J.; book B, page 297
Wilburn, Johnathan to Atkinson, Sarah; book B, page 308