1888 Marriage Licenses

Submitted by Vicky Dennis

[01] Bigelow, W.O. to Bledsoe, Emma
[02] Briggs, James to Lane, W.L.
[03] Boyd, T.J. to Hart, Martha
[04] Brooks, William to Gilbert, Susan E.
[05] Cling, Gray of Western Grove, Newton County age 37 to Taylor, Nancy age 21 of Valley Springs, Boone County, Jan 20, 1888;
     filed page 77, book C, Jan 23, 1888 by W.W. Watkins Clerk.
     Bans of matrimony January 22, 1888 C.C. [Ray or Roy] JP
[06] Dickey, F.C. to Powers, Nancy C.
[07] Emmerson, F.A. to Gray, Nellie
[08] Faidley, W.E. age 46 of Elixir, Boone County to Ellis, Texas age 20 of Elixir, Boone County, August 29, 1888;
     filed page 150, book C, September 4, 1888 by W.W. Watkins Clerk.
     Bans of matrimony September 2, 1888 Enoch Jones.
[09] Gee E.W. age 27 of Lead Hill, Boone County to Dickey, S.R. age 22 of Lead Hill, Boone County
[10] Hickman, D.F. to Howser, M.S.
[11] James, W.E. to Brice, Sarah
[12] K?, W.J. to Singclory, F.B.
[13] Maxwell, F.M. to Neveles, Fannie
[14] Mills, W.H. to Rogers, S.W.
[15] Patton, J.R. to Harris, Floia B.
[16] Reynolds, William A. to Smith, Sarah
[17] Roy, N.J. to Morrison, S.A.
[18] Shurlock, W.W. to Hawser, Jennie
[19] Wiggins, Edward to Simons, Amanda J.
[20] Withraw, Charles to Guthrie, Mar