Miscellaneous Marriages

Submitted by drainessutton at aol.com
Groom                     Bride                 Date        Remarks
Austin, Roy,30            Roy, Dolly, 18        12/23/1920  Both of Lead Hill
Christman, Albert         Southard, Anna
Fancher, H. B.,70         Haskins, Mary Ann,36   7/30/1898  Both of Lead Hill. H.B. Fancher & John W.
                                                                Haskins, securities
Guilliam, James H.,30     Hughey, Ruby, 17       7/18/1928  He of Lowry, she of Lead Hill.
Harris, Jesse L., 29      Haskins, Florence,18   5/16/1909  He of Lead Hill, she of Sycamore.
Haskins, George Lawson,24 Hampton, Mary, 19      1/ 6/1907  George Haskins & Jesse Chaney, securities
Haskins, James, 19        Johnson, Bertha, 19   11/17/1907  Both of Lowry. James Haskins & Jesse
                                                                Parrish, securities
Haskins, S. G.,34         Turley, Margaret,31    4/29/1889  Both of Hanson
Hawkins, John             Southard, Rosa
Hughey, Alva, 21          Purdom, Ethel, 19      8/18/1923  Both of Lead Hill
Hughey, Almus, 24         Johnson, Cuma, 19      9/ 1/1924  He of Lowry,she of Lead Hill
Hughey, Offie Howard,23   Smith, Ida Mae, 25     9/23/1915  He of Lowry, she of Lead Hill. H. Hughey
                                                                & Ross Richardson, securities
Luke, Samuel              Southard, Annie
Maines, Henry, 23         Hughey, Audie, 19      1/ 4/1914  He of Denison,TX, she of Lowry. Henry
                                                                Maines & Wm. Riggs, securities
Parton, J. M.,23          Hopper, V.A.,16        7/11/1890  Both of Omaha. Jasper Hopper & J. N.
                                                                Parton, securities
Southard, J.K.            Moore, Annis
Wilson, John W.,32        Hughey, Winnie,20      4/26/1902  He of Harrison, she of Russellville.