Carroll County, Arkansas

Carroll County Cemeteries

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Name Town Latitude Longitude Transcription Photos
Alpena Cemetery Alpena Archives  
Beaver Cemetery Beaver 362824N 0934614W    
Berryville Memorial Cemetery Berryville 362206N 0933506W Archives Tombstones
Beulah Union Cemetery Sandstone Mountain 361930N 0934538W    
Blackjack Cemetery Grandview 362504N 0933320W
Blue Eye Cemetery Blue Eye 362957N 0932448W    
Blue Eye (Stone Co. MO) Blue Eye 362957N 0932444W
Bobo Cemetery Osage 361358N 0932243W    
Boyd Cemetery Blue Eye  362805N 0932744W    
Briley Cemetery Berryville  362009N 0933154W    
Bunch Cemetery Grandview  362419N 0933435W    
Burris Cemetery Green Forest 362155N 0932852W    
Carr Cemetery Grandview 362917N 0933450W
Carrollton Cemetery (aka Old Lodge Cemetery) Alpena 361553N 0931920W Archives  
Center Point Cemetery Gate
Chaney Cemetery Osage  361253N 0932531W    
CREMATIONS   Archives  
Dean Cemetery Marble 361132N 0933202W Archives  
Denver Cemetery Denver 362328N 0931935W    
Dog Branch Cemetery Osage NE 361213N 0932130W   Tombstones
Enon Cemetery Denver  362803N 0931816W    
Eureka Springs Cemetery Eureka Springs 362400N 0934221W Archives  
Fancher Cemetery Osage 361038N 0932321W    
Farewell Cemetery Farewell Archives  
Farmer Cemetery Berryville 361909N 093317W    
Fuller Cemetery Beaver 362630N 0934946W    
Gaskins Switch Cemetery Eureka Springs  362656N 0934441W    
Gibbs Cemetery Osage NE 361051N 0931906W    
Glenwood Cemetery Green Forest 362030N 0932533W    
Gobbler Cemetery Osage 361117N 0932734W Archives  
Grandview Cemetery Eureka Springs 362602N 0933744W    
Hale Cemetery Blue Eye 362728N 0932800W Archives
High Cemetery Grandview 362824N 0933154W    
Jones Cemetery Grandview 362542N 0933114W    
Marshall Cemetery Grandview 362826N 0933526W    
McCracken Cemetery Alpena 362031N 0931920W    
McGehee Cemetery Osage 361416N 0932317W    
McMillion Cemetery Osage NE  360918N 0932209W    
Moore Cemetery Cabanal (Berryville) 361710N 0933201W Archives  
Moreland Cemetery Grandview 362735N 0933702W    
Mountain View Cemetery Green Forest  361638N 0932354W    
New Home Cemetery Blue Eye 362231N 0932651W    
Norris Cemetery Green Forest 361956N 0932451W    
Oak Hill Cemetery Eureka Springs 362934N 0934126W
Oak Hills Cemetery Alpena  362122N 0932151W    
Parker Cemetery Blue Eye 362311N 0932451W    
Pension Mountain Cemetery Berryville 361751N 0933630W Archives1
Pickens Cemetery Green Forest 362033N 0932609W Archives  
Pleasant Valley Cemetery Grandview 362256N 0933642W
Riddle Cemetery Alpena 362053N 0932104W    
Rule Cemetery Green Forest 361622N 0932738W    
Rush Cemetery Berryville 362103N 0933449W Archives Tombstones
Shady Grove Cemetery Rockhouse 362206N 0933810W    
Sisco Cemetery Osage 361046N 0932417W    
Sites Cemetery Osage 360957N 0932820W    
Sites Cemetery Osage 361033N 0932248W
Snead Cemetery Osage 361124N 0932301W Archives  
Snow Cemetery Berryville  361943N 0933120W Archives  
Sugg Cemetery Archives
Walden Cemetery Beaver  362748N 0934856W  
Ward Cemetery Green Forest 361533N 0932425W Archives  
White Oak Cemetery Metalton 361236N 0933657W Archives  
Williams Cemetery Berryville 362931N 0933322W    
Yocum Cemetery Blue Eye  362459N 0932333W    
York Cemetery Osage  361217N 0932412W    
Zion Hill Cemetery Green Forest  361856N 0932344W    

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