Baker, Renfro and Elkins

These photos were submitted by Randall Baker

This photo is of Mr. Baker's great-great grandmother - Nancy Louisa "Lou" Baker, wife of Michael B. Baker. They lived near Pollard.  She was born April 15, 1847 and died between 1910-1920.  She is buried at New Hope Cemetery, Pollard.

Ellen Lou Elkins, wife of Robert F. Elkins. This picture was taken near Pollard, where they lived, ca. 1920.  Ellen is buried at Cummings Chapel Methodist Church.  She was born Dec. 2, 1855 and died August 29, 1929.

Amiel Edward Renfro and his plow mule.  This photo was taken in the Cummings Chapel area, outside of Pollard in the 1940s.  Amiel was born born in Pollard, Clay County on November 7, 1917 and died in Clay County on March 21, 1950.