Bart McAbee 1915

Over 60 in 1915
The group of men gathered together to have their picture taken in 1915 as part of a celebration.  Many of the descendants of this group are prominent in the Rector area today.

"Here is a picture of a number of Rector's elder citizens taken back in 1920 on the corner of Main and Fourth Streets where Schaef's Variety Store is now located.  In case you don't recognize them all, they are:  front row left to right: Mark Little, Jim Dooley, John Wiley, J.H. Terry, Ed Craldock, Mr. MacAbee, Burl Robinson, and Phil Carter; back row left to right, Dan Moseley, Bill Cochran, Haywood Lawrence, Mr. Haggard, Lowerly, Robert Clubb, John Simpson, Mr. Kellerher, and Mr. Robinson."

(This appeared as the caption of the photo in the newspaper.  Submitter Julie Ray believes that the 1915 date is correct, not the 1920.)