Berry and Cockrum

Submitted by Dave Berry

Three generations of Berrys from the Success area, ca. 1916.
Left to right:  Elmer Roscoe Berry (1907-1987), Marion Franklin Berry (1879-1941), girl in lap is Wilma Berry (1915-1930), woman standing is Senia May Cockrum Berry (1886-1972).  Seated with hat, Phrigen (Pridge) (of 1860 census) M. Berry (1856-1921), Zelma Berry (in front of Pridge) (1912-1989), and on the end is William Cort Berry Sr. (1905-1992).  William is Dave Berry’s grandfather, Marion his great grandfather and Pridge his gg-grandfather.  Pridge's father was Samuel S. Berry (1836-abt 1862). Senia was married to Marion.

Above: Marion Franklin Berry (1879-1941) and Senia May Cockrum Berry (1886-1972).  Marion's father was Pridge Berry (1856-1921) and Senia's father was James A. Cockrum of Randolph County (Pittman) Ark.  This picture was taken in Success in 1940.

Gravestones of Marion Berry and Senia Berry located in Hitt Cemetery near Success.