Sylvanus Bishop & Family

Submitted by John Edwards

Sylvanus A. BISHOP and his family taken on his farm (or homestead) in Corning, Clay County around 1903.

Front row, L-R:  Sylvanus A. BISHOP b. 1 Mar 1841 d. 7 Dec 1904, Mary Elizabeth (Benedict) BISHOP b. 8 Mar 1853 d. 27 Oct 1919

Back row, L-R:  Donald (Abram McDonald) b. 24 Feb 1881 d. May 1969, Amy (Amelia Winona) b 9 Jul 1874 d. 27 Dec 1959, Annie May b. 15 Apr 1867 d. 30 Oct 1935, John Lester b. 2 Apr 1869 d. 22 Nov 1950, Elsie V. b. 10 Aug 1878 d. 27 Jan 1961

Not only was John one of the first teachers in Clay County, he would later move to Stillwater, OK. in 1904 and become mayor of that city from 1907 to 1910.

Sylvanus and Mary Bishop

Mary Bishop, son Donald, and baby George.

Clara Teters, granddaughter, Annie Bishop Teters, Daughter, Amy Bishop Barnett, daughter.

Submitted by Danny Moore