Blake and Nichols

Information and Photos submitted by Dwayne Blake

Hays Hays School, Piggott, ca. 1920
The only known individuals are those marked:  Boyce, Clyde and Nareen Blake.

Nichols Family taken about 1910 Cordelia is the daughter of Henry Coleman and Susan Jane McCleskey Blake.
Front:  Eldon Nichols, Cordelia Blake Nichols, Oval Nichols, Will Nichols
Back:  Jess Nichols, Beulah Nichols, Joe Nichols

Boyce Owen Blake (left) b. 1910 d. 1982
Clyde Arter Blake b. 1912 d. 1965

Sons of Sam Blake, son of Henry C. Blake, son of Henry Blake.

Samuel "Sam" Blake
1900, 20 Years Old
Son of Henry Coleman and Susan Jane McCleskey Blake
b. 1879 Piggott, d. 1955.