Williams Cemetery

DUNN, Clifford Otto "Tip", born 11-02-1905, died  8-21-1958, son of Warren "War" Esle  and Adeline (CARLEW) DUNN

DUNN, Harry Lee, born 1892 Moark Arkansas, died  1957, son of Warren Esle DUNN and Adeline CARLEW

DUNN, Harry Lee, born 3-04-1937  Reyno Arkansas, died 1-31-2000 , son of Clifford Otto "Tip" DUNN and Minnie Lee (SANDERS) DUNN

DUNN, Minnie Lee (SANDERS) born  1-13-1906, died   8-21-1958, daughter of Monroe Grant  and Hettie Belle (ADAMS) SANDERS

DUNN, Sane Eric, born 11-14-1970, died  11-15-1970, son of Harry Lee and Monia DUNN

DUNN, Warren "War"  Esle, born February 22, 1862, died March 3, 1910, buried in unmarked grave. His Wife: Adeline "Addie" Caroline (CARLEW) Dunn, born December 25, 1872, died March 22, 1929. Warren and Adeline are my Great Grandparents.  Her grave is marked with a brown stone shaped like a tree trunk.  Warren is supposed to be buried below her under the road that goes through the grave yard.

FIELDS, Joseph Anthony, born 11-17-1971, died 8-16-1975, son of Thomas and Cassie Colleen (DUNN) FIELDS

GRAYSON, Fred  born 10/27/1920, died 7/28/1888

GRAYSON, Reuben Harrison  born 10/15/1888, died 7/5/1968

GRAYSON, Tena  born 8/30/1887, died 4/26/1966

McCLAIN, Frank, born  1876, died   1949

McCLAIN, Maggie, born 1885

McCLAIN, Valva, born 12-04-1914, died  8-14-1920

SANDERS, Iva, died August 6, 1926 age - 31 years, born in MO (unmarked grave), daughter of Monroe Grant SANDERS and Hettie Belle ADAMS

Submitted by Mindy Johnson