County Home of Clay County, Piggott, Arkansas

Anderson, Henry F Yes 26 Sep 1866 67 Adair Co KY Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Blue, Andrew Jackson Yes 02 Mar 1869 64 Butler Co MO Dan Blue Unknown Jane Golbin Unknown
Boyd, Mary No 00 Mar 00 70 MS Co Clayborn Boyd Unknown Martha        
Eades, Francys Marion No 10 Aug 1859 74 Lawrence Co IL John Eades OH Sarah Jones? Knoxs Co IN
Grey, Oscar No Unknown 44 Kinmoney IL Albert Grey IL Annie George IL
Honeycutt, John Wesley Yes 20 Mar 1869 64 Oiborne Co TN Jake Honeycutt Middle TN Martha Smith Unknown-AL?
King, Enos Raleigh Yes 17 Sep 1881 52 Cole Co MO Stephen A King TN Jane Dean KY
Meadows, Albert Alexander Yes 06 Feb 1858 75 Bartin Co IN Greenberry Meadows White Co IL Eliz. Slym? Gibson Co IN
Murphy, John Yes 05 Dec 1853 80 Anna IL John Murphy TN Chylotta Jenkins NC
Orange, George W Yes 20 Jan 1862 71 George Co IN Simon Orange Unknown Penepy Ann Corney? Green Co KY
Rice, Florian No 00 Feb 1868 65 Iowa Ziba Rice Unknown Martha Clara Jane Farmer Unknown
Rodery, Pinkny Welb Yes 02 Sep 1856 77 Wikly Co TN Benj. Franklin Rodery Nashville TN Elizabeth Welb Wikly Co TN
Rowland, Laura (Wm A) Wd 14 Jan 1858 76 Salusbury TN Rivrilous Humphrey NY Mary Cheers TN
Staggs, Willie Ann No 10 Jan 1882 51 Wayne Co MO William Staggs Wayne Co MO Sarah Ann Peoples
Thompson, Charley Yes 02 May 1855 78 Clark Co OH Tom Thompson Unknown Eliz. Kitchen? Unknown
Underwood, John Thomas Once 08 Jul 1855 78 Dunklin Co MO John Underwood KY Chylotta Waydell TN
These are some biographies that were written in the book on 06 Sep 1933