Clay County Courier Files, 1892

Submitted by Rita DonCarlos

It is reported that William M. FISHBACK and E.W. RECTOR have informally announced their intention of being candidates for Governor at the next election. We believe FISHBACK to be the ablest man in the Democratic party of Arkansas today, but don't believe he can ever be elected to the position he seeks. As between the two gentlemen named, however, we would unhesitatingly support FISHBACK.

John WEBB is an attendant at county court in Piggott this week for the purpose of taking out license for the sale of liquor at Moark the incoming year.

A Primary election for the selection of a postmaster was held at Walnut Ridge the 24th. Many other places are doing likewise. Cannot Corning do the same. What say you?

The poor devils out on the farm that labor 13 hours a day for their scant living who think that had WEAVER been elected president they would have more corn in their cribs and more meat in their smokehouses, certainly were fooled by more that one stump orator, but then generally when a man is easily fooled he is as easy to forget it and yell for some other fellow.

In the courthouse yard at Corning you can get 17 pictures taken for 25 cents. Here for only ten days. Cases ten cents. All sorts of fine photographing done. Here for ten days only. Respectfully E.L. CARAWAY.

That Ambrose BARNETT will get up at any time in thenight, or missd a meal, to get to run a foot race; There are more fishermen in Corning than there ought to be; That J.M. PHILLIPS is one of the finest mechanics in Northeast Arkansas; That Mrs. ROBERTS can say "no" in a special term of court with as much grace and dignity as a Queen.

Counterfeiter HAMBACH, who was picked up here a few weeks ago, was tried in the federal Court at Helena a few days ago and sent up for five years.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas BAKER have a new boarder at their house too young to go to school. Haven't learned it's sex.

James ROBINSON is going to have Christmas at his house in the way of a turnip supper and candy breaking. (Don)

The "Lion Hearted" Democrats of Pulaski County are "lion hearted" indeed, when they send Dan W. JONES, who declared in a recent speech in Little Rock that he will not support FISHBACK if he is nominated, as one of their representatives to the State Convention.

Honorable Mel L. JONES has written a letter withdrawing all his oppostion to Mr. FISHBACK. Mr. JONES is a gallant Democrat, but that one they call Dan W. ought to go and join the third party, he is a politcal half-breed.

The poisoning of a large number of convicts at Helena last week is still a mystery. About 100 prisoners are affected, ten of whom have died and other expected to die.

The offices of the Piggott Argus and the Corning Index have been consolidated and one paper only is to be published in Piggott under the name of Clay County Banner, with N.F. JONES as editor in chief and Noah HOUSE as local editor and business manager. The Courier wishes the new paper and it publishers success, trusting that the consolidation may prove both pleasant and profitable for both gentlemen.

A little fisticuff fight took place in KLEIN and ROSENBLUM's Store last Friday afternoon between Frank TISDIAL and Will WYNN, which, but for the interference of friends, might have resulted rather seriously. WYNN had attached TISDIAL's crop, or a portion of it, for rents and supplies. TISDIAL objected to the actoin and raised a row with WYNN. Several pretty good blows were exchanged and a little skin and blood lost before they were separated. TISDIAL submitted before Esquire HARB and was fined $3.00 and costs.

Reverend J.D. RUTLEDGE, for the past year pastor of churches of GAINSVILLE, Circuit was removed by the last annual conference to St. Francis Circuit.

They say: That Dr. OLIVER can fall further in a foot race than any man in town;
that Jacob BROBST actually worked two hours this week;
that Corning is going to have one of the largest and best barbecues on the "Glorious Fourth" ever given in this county;
that G.B. OLIVER made a dude out of a very fine looking man when he had his whiskers cut off;
that 56 years have failed to make an old man of Joseph DUDGEON, but today finds him hale, lively, industrious and active;
that bicycles are vehicles under the town ordinance, but that baby buggies are not;
that "Dad" LINDSEY will make a first-class constable;
that Bill POLK has a very small pair of mules or a very large pair of Jack Rabbits that he drives to his buggy;
Foot racing is very popular at present.

J.E. MATTHEWS, whose announcement appeared in these columns last week for the office of constable of this township, has accepted the position of city marshal and requests us to announce to voters of Kilgore Township that he is no longer a candidate. This leaves the whole field for "Dad" LINDSEY. If there is any other aspirant for that office we have not heard of him.

At 12 o'clock sharp today the Democratic Convention of this State was called to order by Honorable J.E. WILLIAMS, chairman of the State Central Committee. An eloquent prayer was offered to the throne of Divine Grace by Rev. R.D. SMART of the First Methodist Church South of this city. Honorable W. BRALEY of Washington county, was chosen temporary chairman. The permanent organization of the convention was effected by the unanimous election of Honorable C.S. BRIDEWELL, of Hempstead County, as chairman and John W. HOWELL of Johnson County, as secretary.
The first order of business being nominations for governor, Honorable John H. ROGERS, the gifted and eloquent orator of Sebastian, appeared upon the platform and placed the name of Honorable W. M. FISHBACK before the convention for its consideration. Among other things Mr. ROGERS said that "for more than 20 years he had known Mr.  FISHBACK well; he was a friend and neighbor and no occasion had ever presented itself when Mr. FISHBACK was not found battling for the people's rights during the long years he had known him. He had watched his course and always found him to be a man who knew the right and dared to assert it." Mr. ROGERS was heartily applauded, the Clay and Randolph delegations stood true to their colors. Upon announcement of FISHBACK's nomination by the chairman, a large fish, painted on canvas, was placed by the chairman's desk, above and below which were the words, "Our " "Back" respectively.

Sheriff McNIEL says that Honorable Felix TAYLOR told him that "Dad" LINDSEY had promised to buy 100 watermelons and treat the town if they would not tell that McKINLEY joke on him.

About the only political excitement here is that Republicans hope to see Jim BLAINE defeated in the Minneapolis convention, while the Democrats hope to hear of his nomination. The Democrats know that they can take the great advocate of truth and principles, Grover CLEVELAND, and defeat BLAINE next November, at the ballot box, as they did eight years ago.

On Wednesday of last week John TIDWELL, a farmer living on Cane Creek in Beaverdam Township, was in the act of cutting a sapling and peeling the bark with his pocket knife held in his right hand, when an awkward lick plunged the blade into his right leg near the thigh. The blood spurted copiously from the gash and continued to flow until he reached the house, where his wife bound up the wound in an application of soot and sugar. Some time later Dr. E.V. GLASS was called. He found that the femoral artery had been severed and that while the external application had prevented the flow of blood from reaching the surface, it had not checked it internally, but had caused it to permeate the body just beneath the cuticle, precipitating blood poisoning. Mr. TIDWELL suffered great agony until Sunday afternoon when he died. (Poplar Bluff)

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