Clay County Courier Files, 1905

Submitted by Rita DonCarlos

News from Growing Datto:

Dr. SHORES and his brother Tom made a business trip to Corning Monday.

Our school is progressing nicely under the management of Prof. JENKINS.

News reached here Tuesday morning of the death of Henry BURTON's wife, one-half mile north of the Richwoods church.

Miss Kate SCHRADER came home to stay from Corning last Thursday, having been at Mrs. LATHAM's for the past three months.

I. H. DAY and Sons have bought the entire stock of drugs belonging to the Chas. L. SHORES Drug Co., and have opened up for business.

Miss Stella WHITTINGTON and Miss Besse  BLACKBURN, two charming young ladies of Biggers, spent last Sunday here and took dinner with J. G. SMITH.

Jim TARELTON's restaurant on Front Street was raided by a lot of mischievous boys Sunday evening and Monday morning. Jim decided he would quit the business and sold his entire stock to E.M. RICHARDSON, it invoicing $3.50.

Jim LUTTRELL and his wife of near Biggers are here this week. Mrs. LUTTRELL is at the bedside of her mother, Mrs. Mary MALONE, who is lying very low at this writing with that dread disease, consumption.

Interesting new from 1905 was recently brought to our attention. Dated, Friday, January 13 of that year. The Courier printed a picture of St. James Hotel, Corning, with this caption: "Probably the best known hotel on the line of the St. Louis and Iron Mountain railway between Little Rock and St. Louis is the St. James, located in Corning. This excellent hostelry is heated by steam throughout and each room is supplied with hot and cold water, baths and all other conveniences connected with an up-to-date hotel. Captain and Mrs. J.E. MATTHEWS are the proprietors and are very popular with the public."

Corning and Clay County

Situated in the best county in the world and has a bright future.
At this time of year many citizens are changing residences, some moving to other parts of the state, while a great influx of worthy citizens are locating in and near the city of Corning. We believe that a few broad, sensible remarks at this time about Corning, the metropolis of Clay County and the best town of northeast Arkansas, will not be amiss,
but a guide to those who desire to locate in one of the best, fastest growing young cities in this great commonwealth.
Corning is beautifully situated on the main line of the great St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern railway, six miles south of the Missouri and Arkansas state line, and 154 miles north of Little Rock, the state capitol.
The population of the town at the present time is fully 1, 800 and the additions that should and will be taken into the corporate limits of the city, will easily increase that number to 2,000 happy, prosperous, contented people. The town has about doubled its population during the past seven years, which is a good indication of the substantial growth and development of our surrounding country.
A modern two-story, seven room brick school building was completed two years ago at a cost of $10,000.
We have an excellent local and long-distance telephone system, electric light plant, bottling works, stave factory, two of the best banking institutions to be found in Arkansas, two first class hotels, heading factory, seven miles of good sidewalks, two weekly newspapers, three beautiful church buildings, Methodist, Christian and Baptist, $25,000 court house, the prettiest girls in the world and the most hospitable, enterprising and generous people to be found on the face of the earth.
We also have a delightful climate.
Outdoor work is carried on all winter and cattle live the year round without feed brought to them. To the east is the noted Black River bottoms of timber and rich farmland. To the west are acres of fertile land and more timber.

Earl VANHOOK, owner and operator of RHEA Hardware Store here, was host to his employees and their wives at a dinner  in Sunshine Cafe, Monday night, December 27. After the dinner all went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Warren COOPER where gifts were exchanged. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Earl VANHOOK and family, Mr. and Mrs. Warren COOPER and family, Mr. and Mrs. J.N. HUGHES, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin VANHOOK, Mr. and Mrs. Harold POYNER and Mr. and Mrs. Calvin SPENCE.

Corning Senior Girl Scouts: Augusteen HOUSEHOLDER, Joan ALEXANDER, Maudie RICHARDSON, Betty Jo McELVAIN, Phyllis McDONALD, Madelyn BLACKWOOD, Margaret STAFFORD, Helen HART, Wanda STALLINGS, Edith BREWER, Betty Sue SMITH and Helen SEARS. Assistant leaders are Mrs. Donald YOUNG and Mrs. Gordon L. HUTCHINS.
Intermediate Scouts: Jane GOODMAN, Carole THOMAS, Emily SHEEKS, Ruth Ann MAGEE, Harriet LAMB, Pansy Joe JULIAN, Fern HOLT, Kathryn HOLT, Marcella BLACKWOOD, Edna AINLEY, Lynne ESTES, Nancy JOHNSON, Shirley KIMBALL, Nina MILLER, Erma STALLINGS, Irene TAYLOR, Shirley JOHNSON. Leaders are Mrs. W.W. ESTES and Mrs. J.A. MAGEE.

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