Elkins Honeycutt

Submitted by: Cassie Crum

This photo is of Louisa Ellen Wright-Elkins, born December 12, 1852 in Tennessee and died on August 28, 1929 in Swain Township, Clay Co. Arkansas and buried at Cummins Chappel in Pollard, Arkansas (according to her death certificate). 

Louisa Ellen Wright was the daughter of Thomas Wright (born about 1809 in N. Carolina and died after 1900) and Celomia/Solome Lunden-Wright (born about 1826 in North Carolina and died before 1900 in Arkansas and buried at the Lone Graves Cemetery in Rector, Clay Co. Arkansas).

Louisa Ellen Wright married Robert Franklin Elkins on September 22, 1877.

Robert Franklin Elkins was born Feb. 13, 1848 in Bedford County, Tenn. and died on April 2, 1924 in Pollard, Arkansas and buried at Cummins Chapel Cemetery in Pollard, Arkansas.

Robert Franklin Elkins was the son of William Dowell Elkins (CWS) (born Feb 18, 1816 in Culpepper Co. Virginia and died Jan. 15, 1895 in Graves Co. Kentucky) and Julia/Juliet Ann Unknown (born Dec. 2, 1816 in Virginia and died Jan. 14, 1883 in Graves Co. Kentucky.)

The second photo is of Merley D. Honeycutt (born on April 1, 1880 in Arkansas and died on April 14, 1924 in Pollard, Clay Co. Arkansas and buried at the Cummins Chapel Cemetery in Pollard, Clay Co. Arkansas according to the death certificate, but according to one Federal census he was born on October, 1871 in Arkansas) and Olivia Ellen Elkins (born August 7, 1879, but according to one census she was born in October, 1877 in Tennessee and died March 30, 1952)..

Olivia Ellen Elkins was the daughter of Robert Franklin Wright and Louisa Ellen Wright-Elkins.

Little is known about Merley D. Honeycutt at this time.