1927 Flood Map

Submitted by Mark Frazier who writes:

"The base map is from:  The Flood Of 1927, Mississippi River And Tributaries Containing photographic views of America s greatest peace-time disaster, in the overflowed sections of Illinois , Missouri , Kentucky , Tennessee , Arkansas , Mississippi And Louisiana.  Published By The Mississippi River Flood Control Association And Dedicated To The Congress Of The United States .  Edited By Fred D. Beneke.  1927 - Intended to interest Congress in flood control measures.  

"The copy I have had been given to New Hampshire Congressman Edward Hills Wason.

"As best I can tell, the Mississippi River Flood Control Association no longer exists, at least under this name.  It was a quasi-governmental organization based of organized levee districts (local governmental organizations).

"The base map was complied under the direction of Col. George R. Spalding of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers a Federal Agency."