Submitted by Robert C. Mann

Lawrence C. Mann, son of Jesse Washington and Matilda Burklow, was born 3-11-1901 in Piggott and died 12-6-1938 in Marked Tree.

Chloe Viola Lewis, daughter of James W. Lewis and Arminta Ann Blake, was born 6-90-1902 in Piggott AR and died 3-13-1985 in Albuquerque NM.

William Ray (left) and Arminta Fay Lewis (right) were twins born to James William Lewis and Arminta Ann Blake 18 August 1906.  Arminta Faye died 29 April 1961 in an auto accident in Piggott.  William Raye died 14 June 19823 in Piggott.

William Ray and Arminta Fay Lewis, ca. 1920. (right)