Newspapers in Clay County, AR are below.

Clay County Courier
810 N Missouri Ave
PO Box 128
Corning AR 72422-0128
(870) 857-6397

The Clay County Times Democrat
209 W Main St
Piggott, AR 72454
(870) 598-2201

The following newspapers are available for reading at the Rector Library:

Rector Library Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  9-6
Wednesday and Friday  9-5
Closed on Saturday and Sunday 

Some Clay County newspapers can be found at the Greene County Library in Paragould.  At this time, there are no online volunteers to do lookups associated with the Greene County Historical and Genealogical Society. Requests for lookups must be done via the United States Postal Service.

Greene County Library
120 N 12th St
Paragould AR  72450

Library hours are:

Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Volunteers are at the Library most every afternoon from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. to provide individual help.

Clay Co. Courier-Corning Sep 29, 1893 - Feb 5, 1987 * Newspaper - Microfilm
Clay Co. Democrat-Rector Oct 1, 1959 - Jul 22, 1987 * Newspaper - Microfilm
Clay Co. Banner-Piggott Jan 2, 1942 - Jan 31, 1969 * Newspaper - Microfilm
Clay Co. Independent
Available at the Rector, AR Public Library
Published at Rector from 1925-1934 Microfilm Editions
  May 1926-May 1928
  May-Dec. 1929 (Some weekly editions are missing)
  3 Editions from June-Aug. 1930
  5 Editions from Jan-June 1932
Piggott Times Jun 28, 1973 - Sep 2, 1987 * Newspaper - Microfilm

* Some papers did not survive.

Research Tips

Consider writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper in the area where you are looking for information about your ancestors.  A lot of people read letters to the editor so for the price of a postage stamp, you might get good information.  Try to be specific with your query and remember to add an address where people can contact you if they have information to exchange.  Most newspapers do not accept unsigned letters to the editor so remember to sign your name.

You might write something similar to this:

To the Editor,

Seeking information on Sally Jones, b.1895 in any town.  Lived in any county in 1920 and married John Smith, had 11 children.  Children were:  etc... (Add anything you know about your ancestors.)

Anyone with information please write to me at:

Your name
Your address

Your name (Remember to sign the letter)

Updated 21 Aug 2011