G. B. Oliver's Houses, Corning

From the Clay County  Courier:  "The first Oliver home at the corner of West Third and Pine was erected in 1892.  The house was a center of entertainment, featuring two home weddings, in 1912 and 1915.  Fire destroyed the building in June 1918, and the Olivers purchased the R. E. Hawks home on Missouri Avenue which they replaced with a modern brick home in 1920.  The house became the home of P. L. Olivers in 1934.

From the Clay County Courier:  "The G. B. Oliver home was built in 1891 at the corner of West Pine and Third.  The house was completely remodeled in 1906 or thereabouts and occupied the corner until June, 1918 when it was razed by fire.  The 1892 reflected the architectural features of the Victorian Age and made far more of a conversation piece than the remodeled version."

Above photos submitted by Danny Moore

Taken in 2003.