Cherokee Bay Post Office

In the last few years there has been some discussion (some rather heated) about the location of this post office.  To set the matter straight, I contacted the United States Postal Service's historical department and sent for photocopies of the original applications and maps that show the location of the Cherokee Bay Post Office.  The location is indicated below by the red circle just northeast of Biggers, according to the hand-drawn maps supplied by the U.S.P.S.  It is evident that it was located on the old course of Current River, which has since been straightened considerably by humankind.  Even though its location was in Randolph County, this post office served the area of Clay County west of Corning.

Early Postmasters

Jacob W. Shaver appointed 15 Dec 1857.  Position discontinued on 2 Jul 1866.  Reestablished on 19 Dec 1866.

Robert L. Shewmaker appointed 19 Dec 1866.  Discontinued on 23 Jul 1869.

Notice the Cherokee Bay post office is located northwest of Old Reyno, not the current town of Reyno.

Submitted by Scot Stout