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From the Piggott Times, dated Thursday, July 18, 1974:

Burkhead Reunion
    Mrs. Nora Parker of Piggot was hostess Sunday to the Burkhead reunion.
All six of the Burkhead family were present.
    Attending were Mrs. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Burkhead of Neeleyville,
Mrs. Lydia Simmons of Boydsville, Mrs. Etta Puckett of McDougal, Mr. and
Mrs. william Patterson of Marion, IL., Mrs. Myrtle Runyon of Pollard, Mrs.
Willard Fike of Clinton, TN, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Holifield of Seary, Patricia
Holifield of Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Holifield, Michelle, Lisa and
Natalie of Poplar Bluff, MO., Loretta Murdough of Searcy, Mr. and Mrs. Ira
Hayes of Rector, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Johnny of Qulin, Mr. and Mrs.
Bill Harshaw of Cape Girardeau, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harshaw of Cape
Girardeau,Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Dumey of Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Mearl Smith
and Douglas of Fagus, Matt and Todd Mallard of Lafayette, IN., Mr. and Mrs.
Dervis Knight of Boydsville, Johnny Knight of West Memphis, Rev. and Mrs.
Edwin Runyon and Bob of Poplar Bluff, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Runyon, Shelley
and Kelley of Pollard, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hillyer and June of Piggott, Mr. and
Mrs. Junior Scheffler, Philip and John of Piggott, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Runyon and David of Swanwick, IL., and helen Patterson of Neeleyville. There
were three visitors after lunch, Lorelle and Ella Whiteside and Frank
    The group enjoyed a wonderful fellowship.  In the afternoon they had
prayer and a song followed by a short talk by Rev. Edwin Runyon.
    It was voted to make the reunion an annual affair.  The meeting next
year will be in the Piggott part on the last Sunday in May.
From The Piggott Times, dated Thursday, July 18, 1974

Banks Family Reunion
    The children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs.
T.W. Banks of Greenway gathered at the Rector Park for a family reunion on
July 7.
    Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest GOODWIN, daughter Peggy and
son, Tom RODERY all of Crockett; Mr. and Mrs. Howard BEEL of Bourbon, Mo., ;
Mr. and Mrs Earl POYNER, Sherri and Carla WYATT of Potaskala, Ohio; STC and
Mrs. Charles REAGAN and children, Larry, Chuck, Beth and Alan of Fort Knox,
KY:  SSG and Mrs. Larry RODERY and children Larry and Laurie of Ft. Riley,
Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry HUBBLE and son Steve of St. Charles, Mo., Mr. and
Mrs. Oliver HAGY and sons Chuck, Ricky and Dewayne of St. Louis, Mo., Mr.
and Mrs. Gail ANDERSON and children of St. Clair., Mo., ; Mr. and Mrs. Les
BELL and children of Eureka, Mo.,; Mr. and Mrs. A.H. BANKS of McDougal, Ar.,
and Mr. Dennis BANKS and daughter of Kennett., MO.
The Piggott Times, Sept. 30, 1982

The LOCKETT and KEMPER reunion was held at McCrory, AR, Sept 26, 1982 with
the following attending:
Mr. and Mrs. C.T. HALL of Loveland, Colorado
Mr. and Mrs. Dan HARDIN of Buhl, Idaho
Mrs. Mary SMOTHERMAN and
Mrs. Selelia GRIEF of Paducah, KY.
Mr. and Mrs. George LOCKETT,
Mr.and Mrs. Clyde WEBSTER
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur LOCKETT, Gary, Tammy, and Timmy, of Bald Knob;
Jim and Delia SMITH and Margline BROWN of Piggott;
Charles KEMPER and Charles and Blanche RUSSELL of St. Francis;
John and Shucosi SMITH of Minier, ILL;
Kathy and Wes SMITH  and Brian, Mike and Connie of Mackinaw, ILL;
Ruby HENSON of Piggott;
Donnie and Mark WALLACE, Steve CRUMP, Stony FERGUS of Bald Knob;
Mrs. Lucy ANERITT; Charles FOX of Oklahoma City, OK,
Mr. and Mrs. Larry KEMPER, Sue, Larry, Greg, Cindy, and Christy; and Pam
MOSS of Trumann, Ark.,
Mr. and Mrs. Rex PARRISH of Piggott; and Sandra NELSON and children,
Bradley, Danielle and Jeffery.
The Piggott Times, May 5, 1998

Kemper Family Gets Together for Reunion

    The children and family of the late Era Mae CREWS KEMPER held a family
reunion Sunday, April 19, at the Pollard picnic grounds.  The famly meets
every year as close to their mother's birthday (April 21) as they can.
    Those present this year were Blanche RUSSELL (daughter) of Piggott;
Pearl FREDERICK of Hardy; Carolyn SETTLEMOIR of Piggott; John WESLEY and
Bonnie SMITH of Kansas City, KS; Delia (daughter) and Jimmie SMITH of
Piggott;  Wayne, Jacki, Ethan, Eli, and Noah SMITH of Piggott;  Walter
KEMPER (son) of Westwood, CA; Charles (son) and Jean KEMPER of St. Francis;
Edmon WOOD of Williamville, MO; Margline BROWN (daughter) of Pollard;
Eugene, Judy, and Matthew BROWN of Pollard; Mark, Blake, and Jonathan MORGAN
of Pollard; Maggie (daughter) and Rex PARRISH of Piggott; Gary, Angie, Andy
and Chastity PARRISH of Piggott;  Eddie, Jeanette and Priscilla HOWELL of
Piggott;  Loel (daughter) and Pete COLLIER of Pocahontas; James , Tina,
Johua, Caleb and Travis HARRIS of Pocahontas; Mary DUPLICHIN (daughter) of
Simmesport, LA; Dean, Pam, Crystal, Russell and Cheyenne ROGERS of
Simmesport, LA;  Wayne (son) and Ann KEMPER of Imboden;  Herbert (son),
Wilma and Amber KEMPER of Reyno; Ray and Pat POBST of Piggott; Ellamae
COLLIER of Monette; and Oma and Marquello HARRIS of Monette.
The Piggott Times, July 18, 1974

Snow Family Reunion

    Mr. and Mrs. Ben SNOW of Rt. 2 Piggott, were hosts to the SNOW family
reunion on July 4.  All of their children were home for the first time in
four years.
    Those present were Janis SNOW MUNDY and daughters Marsha and Christina
of Seymour, Conn.  ;  Mr. and Mrs. Glen SNOW and daughters Marilee and
Amanda of Homewood, Ala.; Mr. and Mrs. (Ellen) Darrell DALTON, Cara Laura
and Jack of Rt. 2 , Piggott; Judy SNOW NEELY, Stephanie and Andrea, who are
en route to a San Diego Marine Base; Celia SNOW HENRY of Mesquite, Texas;
and Paige and Craig of the home.
    Also present were Mr. and Mrs. B.F. MCDONALD, Mr. and Mrs. Watson LIGHT,
Elaine, Tommy and Laurie of West Helena, AR;  Mr. and Mrs. George BALENTINE
and Beth of West Palm Beach, FL.; Lt. Col. Robert F. MCDONALD of Washington,
D.C.; Mr. and Mrs Harry SNOW of Lamar, AR and Mrs. Jim ROLLINS, Mark and
Lynn of Homewood, Ala.
    Visiting in the afternoon were Mrs. Lula IRVIN, Heloise KELLEY of
Piggott, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe FRY of St. Francis and Mr. and Mrs. Larry FRY
of St. Louis.
The Piggott Times, 6/3/98

Jordan Family holds reunion

    The annual Jordan family reunion was held Sunday, May 24, at the Clay
County fairgrounds.
    Those attending were Lilly JORDAN; Eafrus, Ann and Cindy JORDAN; Joel
and Min JORDAN; Florence MORRIS; Alicetene GARNER; Gail and John WAGGONER;
Sharon, Roger and Jeffrey EASON; Dennis and Nina ROOFE; Scotty COOK;
Heather, Rob and Darren SMITH; Joel CATO and Sheila, Desiree, Drew and Dane
ATNIP; Julia, Kevin, Jade and Jake JONES; Barbara JONES; Trishon YOUNT;
Jewell, Jerry Don, Ashley and Marcus KELLER; James, Holly, Logan and Rory
EASON; Betty BURDIN; and Faye and Jule KERPER.
The Piggott Times, July 18, 1974

    On June 7,  1974, a reunion was held at the home of Mr.  and Mrs.
Charley HOWELL, caretakers, at Champion Springs Ranch in Annapolis, MO.  The
family enjoyed swimming, canoe rides, horseback riding, fishing, a lot of
visiting, and a bountiful meal at the noon hour.
    Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Ted HOWELL and children, Beth, Teddy
and September of Annapolis, MO.; Mr. and Mrs. Fred FREIBURGHAUS, Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer ROSNER and children Cathy, Bill and Marc of St. Louis, MO.; Mrs.
Bob CRITTENDEN of Arnold, MO.; Mrs. Lester BALSLEY and Mrs. E.L. WADE of
Muncie, IN; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil HICKSON and Mr. and Mrs. Paul HICKSON of
Piggott, AR, Mr. and Mrs. Larry MILLER and children, Patrick and Cindy of
Fenton, MO.; Mr. and Mrs. Bob PRATT and children, Mike and Karen of Rising
Sun, MD; Mrs. Paul HARTNESS and children, Nathan and Cecelia of Eudora, AR;
Mr. and Mrs. Neal REAGAN and children, Tony, Sean, Shannon and Collin of Ft.
Smith, AR; Mr. and Mrs. Sonny POPE and daughter Julie Ann; Mrs. Floyd JANEY
and children, Rinda, Jenny and Christi; Mr. and Mrs. John PIKE and children,
Cathy, Allison and Tim, all of Lovington, NM. ; Michael Joe POPE of Ft.
Leonardwood, MO, and Mr. and Mrs. David STROOPE of Altus, OK.