Social Security Information

You can get a photocopy of an application for a social security number after a person dies for $27 from the Social Security administration. Since the person in question is the one that fills out the application, most times they will know who their parents were. This is helpful if you couldn't find out who the parents were from the death certificate. The social security number is usually on the death certificate and if it isn't, try checking the Social Security Death Index.

The Social Security death index only lists people who were drawing benefits at the time of death or someone who died and a survivor drew benefits.

In your letter, state that you are requesting a PHOTOCOPY of the Application for a Social Security Number (form SS-5). Send the social security number, name, death & birth date and a check in the amount of $ 27 made out to the Social Security Administration to:

Social Security Administration
3-A-6 Operations Bldg
6401 Security Blvd
Baltimore MD  21235

It usually takes about 8 weeks but can be worth the wait.

Updated 21 Nov 2006