William Nelson

Born William Nelson Owen, 1 January 1839, to James M. Owen and Martha Blair.  He dropped the last name of Owen after accidentally killing a Union soldier.  With the help of friends and family members, William made it safely into Arkansas where he married Nancy Jane Watson on the 15 February 1866.  On the 2 November 1888, he established the Nelson township and the town of Datto.  He was shot and killed by his son-in-law, Walter Mullins, on the 6 October 1897.

Myrtle Elizabeth Nelson, daughter of William Nelson and Anna Golightly.  Born 4 September 1886, she went on to marry Claude Elmo Ladd on the 28 November 1904.  After living a long and very productive life, she passed away 3 March 1981 and is buried in the Nelson Family Cemetery.