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Submitted October 2004 by Linda A. Collard Muncie, IN who tells us that her grandparents were Dr. William Henry White, and Elijah Collard. Linda's great grandfather Joseph Hampton Collard married Mary Almeda Massey daughter of John Massey and Elizabeth Ray.

The Collard Brothers

Sons of Joseph Hampton Collard and Mary Almeda Massey-Collard
An old newspaper article from Arkansas Gazette featuring a story of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Collard.

Special to the Gazette.

Batesville, Sept. 22. -- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Collard of Banner, 20 miles north of here, celebrated the 65th anniversary of their marriage at their home today.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Collard are 84, and have lived in the same community since childhood. Mr. Collard was born in Grayson County, Ky., and came to the Arkansas Ozarks with his parents, the move having been made in an effort to better the failing health of his father. The family homestead a tract which it cultivated continuously for 49 years until it was sold a short time ago.

Mrs. Collard, who was Mary Almeda Massey before her marriage, came to Banner with her parents from Cass County, Georgia.

There in a thinly settled section of the Arkansas Ozarks a childhood courtship began that culminated in marriage when each was 19. They have eight children, all of whom live in this section, except one, who lives in Oklahoma.

Mr. Collard attributes his long life to temperance in all habits. He does not smoke or drink. He believes in prohibition but says that he observes more drinking among the younger generation than was prevalent when he was a young man.

Mr. and Mrs. Collard are in excellent health. Mr. Collard still takes an active part in community life and his wife continues to do her daily housework as efficiently as a woman half her years. They both take an active part in the affairs of the Baptist church. They have been members of the Eastern Star Lodge for 20 years. Mr. Collard has been a Mason 34 years.
Joseph Hampton Collard's Death Certificate
Signed by Opal and Doctor William 'Henry' White June 6th, 1933