People In The 1900 Census, Big Creek Township, Cleburne County, Arkansas

This is a list of a few people found in the 1900 Census, Big Creek Township, Cleburne County. It is not a complete list of all the people in Big Creek.

1900 United States Federal Census

William Anderson
Wilson Fisher
David Miller
William Nicholson
Francis M Ridges
William Johnston
Franklin Thomas
William A Cagle
Owen Warren
Mellia Massey, born 1854 in Arkansas
Ruff c Massey, born 1881 in Arkansas
Elizabeth Massey, born 1885 in Arkansas
James L Massey, born 1895 in Arkansas
Sarrah Dewitt
Marrie J Lindsey
James A Morris
Richard I McMillon
Elizabeth J Knatt
Blyden Boyce
Reuel T Burge
Robert A Shepherd
Peter H Ellis
Catherine Bowers
Caroline Kirk
Francis M Owens
Francis M Woodam
Charley Staggs
Thomas J Bolson