Cleburne County Arkansas

Cleburne County Arkansas Divorce Records

Late Turney Divorce

The Divorce that Wasn't

Submitted by Mary Turney Miller
Transcribed by former County Coordinator Tom Martin

Van Buren Democrat-Oct 18, 1912-p1, c6


Chancery Court files

Mary J. Turney vs Thomas C. Turney is the style of the second suit. Their marriage took place in Conway County on the 10th day of December 1871, and their separation the 30th day of March of the following year, when defendant willfully and without cause abandoned plaintiff and has since continued said abandonment. Non-support and mistreatment during the time they lived together as husband and wife are additional causes stipulated in the complaint. Dowery rights in certain real estate possessed by the defendant and located in Cleburne county in addition to an absolute decree of divorce, is asked for by plaintiff, together with restoration of value of certain property owned by plaintiff at time of his marriage to defendant.

Van Buren Democrat-Nov 15, 1912-p1, c4

Bits and pieces from family history:

Mary J. Turney of Conway County and Thos. C. Turney of Cleburne Co., married in 1871, a divorce was started by Mary about a year or so after separation. Thos. C. didn't contest the divorce or show up at the court proceedings. Both thought the divorce went through and remarried.

After the death of Mary’s second husband and while applying for a pension, she discovered the error of the divorce. Thos. C. Turney had remarried a Miss Charlotta Blankenship with whom he had been happily married for 36 years. One grown son has resulted from this marriage.

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