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1927 County Tornado

May 11, 1927, Fordyce, May 10 - A toll of nine dead and 21 injured was claimed by the tornado which struck three communities in Cleveland County about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. At Randall six were killed while three more lost their lives at Toledo. Six were injured at Toledo and 15 at Randall. Most of the sufferers were Negroes. Reports received here say four Negroes were killed in other parts of the county.

Kingsland, Toledo, and Randall all were hard hit by the tornado. Several Negro houses and a Negro church were demolished at Kingsland.

Many houses were blown down at Toledo. The home of Bob Lindsey was demolished, and Mrs. Joe Lindsey, who was in the house when the storm struck, had a narrow escape. She was not injured. The home of Duncan May and the school house were blown down. The Barnett house was twisted by the tornado so badly that those in the house were unable to open a door to flee to another room. A bureau was blown on top of a cradle in which lay an infant which was not injured.

The storm struck Cleveland County after several minutes warning. A stiff wind preceded the tornado. The tornado was roaring when it reached Kingsland, coming from the southwest. It struck the three towns about the same time and with devastating force. It swept through the towns and in a few minutes was gone. Many residents of Cleveland County are homeless and have lost all their personal property. Many are seeking Red Cross aid.

Cleveland County Casualty List

Near Toledo

  • Mrs. Ben Foster
  • Buncie Mitchell, 40, Negro woman injured
  • R. S. Lovejoy, Toledo, reported dying
  • Mr. and Mrs. Duncan May
  • Mrs. Frank Fohler (sic), hit by lightning
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. J. May
  • Frank Foster, Jr., 5
  • Porter Foster
  • Mrs. D. G. Cash, eye pierced
  • Harry Cash, leg crushed
  • Isaac Coleman, 16
  • Pink May, 7


Dead At Randall

  • Herbert White
  • Mrs. Sarah Gray
  • D. H. Holloway and wife
  • Lucy Compton, Negro
  • Allen Vaughn, Negro


The injured at Randall

  • Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pride
  • Infant Gray
  • Mrs. Ratlitts (sic)


Submitted by Jann Woodard