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Baggett School, 1927

Baggett School 1927

Front Row:  Lela Roberts, Mary Davis, Effie West, Edna Ashcraft, Frances Atkins, Della West, Bessie Gavin, May Roberts, Babe McClain, Hurley Spears, Guy WRight, Bernie Davis, Elbert West, Bob Atkins, Bob Lynn and Clyde Wright.

Second Row:  Miss Geneva Shultz, (Teacher) Ophie Gavin, Lela Wages, Lillian Wages, Ora Spears, Cone Ashcraft, Grace Wright, Ophie Ashcraft, Pat Gibson, Jim Spears, Pete Young, Croff Lynn, Forrest Davis and Stark Spears.

Back Row:  Pebble Gibson, Belle Roberts, Bessie Wright, Lenn Ashcraft, Caddie Gibson, Irene Wright, Fred Young, John Wright, Clare Atkins, Bester Ashcraft and Harry Atkins.