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Barnett Family Cemetery

Transcription by Kacey (Taylor) Mays 

HISTORY: Nicholas V. Barnett was born in Alabama and came to this area with this parents, Nathanial & Mary "Polly" (Hudson) Barnett in 1836.  They were among the first settlers in this part of the state. 

He first married Elizabeth Hudson, after her death, he later married 3 of the daughters of Stephen & Elizabeth (McKinney) Mathews; Olive, Sarah & Molly.  His residence was declared temporary Court House in June 1873.  At this time the County was formed into Dorsey County, later renamed Cleveland. 

He served during the Civil War in the Confederate Army.  He represented Dorsey County in 1880-81 in the Legislative of Arkansas.  The Cemetery is located about 150 feet from the house.  Evidence has been found of two chimneys, one at each end of the large house, also of the garden area between house and cemetery. 

There is still some pieces of the wire fence that was around the cemetery.  The graves are marked with beautiful white marble.  There is one unmarked grave: Frank Lain - this grave has never had a marker, per Grady Reed.  Ref: J. T. & Margaret Rodgers and the book Marks-Barnett Families and their Kin by Pettigrew-Brightwell.

DIRECTIONS: Located .6 miles on Hwy. 35 S from Rison intersection, turn right on Mt. Elba road and go 2.7 miles.   Turn right onto dirt road, go 1.5 miles.  Cemetery is on left about 50 feet.   Section 24, Township 9, Range 11W.


 Barnett, Elizabeth A.  1828  7 March 1860  Consort of N.V. Barnett
 Barnett, George T.  13 July 1851  17 September 1851  
 Barnett, Marget G.  6 February 1860  5 March 1860  
 Barnett, Robert C.  16 July 1870  22 July 1870  S/o N.V. and Sarah E. Barnett
 Barnett, Susan M.  2 August 1852  August 1864  D/o N.V. and Elizabeth A. Barnett
 Barnett, William G.  29 October 1848  31 March 1857  
 Lain, Frank  Unmarked  Unmarked  Unmarked grave.  Died as a young man.

 Barnett, Nicholas V.

 28 February 1828

 7 May 1888