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Barnett Photo Album

 Garland Barnett

Garland Barnett.  1872 - 1962.  Submitted by GSon Barnett Gilbert.

 Garland Barnett

Garland Barnett.  Married Gertruth "Trudie" (Stewart) in 1895.  Submitted by Kacey (Taylor) Mays.

 Garland and Trudie Barnett

Garland & Gertruth "Trudie" (Stewart) Barnett. Photo taken before 1939.  Married 1895.  Submitted by GSon Barnett Gilbert.

 Jule Barnett

Jule Barnett.  1857 - 1941.  H/o Mary Jane (Marks).  Buried in St. Francis Cemetery, a black cemetery.  Submitted by Kacey (Taylor) Mays.

Mary Jane (Marks) Barnett 

Mary Jane (Marks) Barnett.  W/o Jule Barnett.  Submitted by Kacey (Taylor) Mays. 

Robert "Bob" Barnett  

Robert "Bob" Barnett.  15 Nov 1857 - 12 Apr 1894.  Submitted by Kacey (Taylor) Mays.

 Augusta (Barnett) Collins

Augusta (Barnett) Collins, 24 Dec 1873 - 20 Aug 1937.  Married in 1890 to William "Bill" Collins.  Submitted by Kacey (Taylor) Mays.