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Cherry  (Temperance Chapel) Cemetery

Photo compliments of Wanda (Mitchell) Newton.

Cherry Temperance Chapel Cemetery

HISTORY:  Madison Tate McGehee and his wife Lucy (Cosby) McGehee sold this 4 acres of land on June 13, 1854 for forty dollars to the trustees of Temperance Chapel Methodist Church South.  The trustees were S. Treadwell, S. Mathew, C. A. Standfield, C. Varnell and Thomas Chowning.  A two story building was on this property at the time of purchase.  The McGehee's specified the use of the lower floor by the Methodist Church and the upper floor to be used by the Masonic Fraternity and any Temperance Association.  The remainder of the land was to be used as a public burying ground.


Mary Cherry Tombstone

Mary Cherry

William and A. E. Cherry Tombstone 

William & A. E. Cherry

 R. F. H. Andrew Mitchell Tombstone

R. F. H. Andrew Mitchell

John French Mitchell Tombstone 

John French Mitchell

John Kelsey Mitchell Tombstone

John Kelsey Mitchell

Mary Lucy Barbara Mitchell Tombstone 

Mary Barbara Lucy Mitchell