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Dr. Joseph A. Robertson, M.D.

Medicine is a very important science, and bears closely upon the happiness, comfort and welfare of mankind, and when the profession is properly conducted it is one of the noblest to which a man can devote his attention. Dr. Robertson has made a good use of his talents, and is justly accounted a leading physician of Cleveland County.

He was born in Calhoun County, Ark., and is a son of Dr. J. C. N. and Elizabeth (Robarts) Robertson, who were born in Tennessee and Arkansas respectively. The father graduated from the Medical Department of the University of Nashville, Tenn., and in 1861 removed from Tennessee to Calhoun County, Ark., and settled at Chambersville, where he has since devoted his attention to his profession, and is now about fifty-six years of age.

Upon the death of the mother of our subject, which occurred in Calhoun County in 18 75, at the age of thirty-six years, Dr. Robertson wedded Mrs. Hancock, of Tennessee, but he was called upon to mourn her death in 1880.

He is a Mason, a Democrat, and has long been a member of the Missionary Baptist Church. He has always been very successful in the practice of his calling, and now travels over more territory in ministering to the wants of his patrons than any physician in this neighborhood.

Dr. Joseph A. Robertson was born on August 25, 1853, and his youthful learning was acquired in Chambersville and Warren, being an attendant of a private school in the latter place. He studied medicine first under the able instructions of his father, but in 1882-83 attended lectures in the Missouri Medical College, graduating in March of the latter year, since which time he has been an active and successful practitioner, and has become well known throughout the county.

He was married on December 16, 1885, to Miss Martha Haskins, a daughter of J. W. Haskins of New Edinburg. They have two interesting little children: Esther and Dean.  Mrs. Robertson is connected with the Missionary Baptist Church and the Doctor is a Mason and a Democrat.


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