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Garner Cemetery

Transcription compliments of Marilyn Connell

Garner Cemetery   Garner Cemetery

HISTORY:  The Garner Cemetery was established before 1862.  The land was bought in 1867 so we believe that it was more likely bought from John Iverson Garner.  At present there are stones dated back to Jobis Garlington, 1862, some graves older, without stones.  It might not have been public until 1867.  Most of this is handed down through generation.


 Amanda S. Banks Tombstone

Amanda S. Banks

 Gertie Ann Banks

Gertie Ann Banks

 Jesse T. Banks

Jesse T. Banks


 John C. Banks Tombstone

John C. Banks

 Laura Lee Banks Tombstone

Laura Lee Banks

Daniel Burford Tombstone  

Daniel Burford


 Martha Burford Tombstone

Martha Burford

 Nancy L. Burford Tombstone

Nancy L. Burford

A. J. Carter Tombstone  

A. J. Carter


 Dewey Carter Tombstone

Dewey M. Carter

Emma Carter Tombstone  

Emma (Garner) Carter

Mary Frances Carter  

Mary Frances Carter


 Nancy Adline Carter Tombstone

Nancy Adline Carter

 Sam & Rosilia Carter

Sam & Rosilia E. Carter

 W. M. Carter Tombstone

W. M. Carter