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George L. Lochridge

George L. Lochridge, general merchant, Kingsland, Ark.

Mr. Lochridge is a member of the well-known firm of Lochridge & Buster, dealers in farm implements, mill supplies, wagons, etc., at Kingsland, and is a man of good business experience, progressive in his ideas and who well understands how to suit the desires and wishes of his customers.

This business was established in 1883 by Mr. Lochridge, who continued alone until January, 1889, when Mr. Buster, formerly a clerk, became a partner. The average value of their stock is from $10,000 to $15,000, and the annual salsa amount to $35,000. They also have a branch store at Orlando, which is doing an annual business of $6,000.

George L. Lochridge was born in Princeton, Ark., in 1859, is the son of George W. and Indiana (Russel) Lochridge, the grandson of Thomas and Deborah (Wright) Lochridge, and the great-grandson of James Lochridge, who was reared and married in Georgia. The latter moved to Maury County, Tenn., in 1800, and there spent the balance of his days, his death occurring in the thirties. He was of Scotch-Irish descent (his parents natives of the old country), and was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

The paternal grandparents of our subject, Thomas M. and Deborah (Wright) Lochridge, were natives of Maury and Bedford Counties, Tenn., the former born in 1801 and the latter in 1801. They moved to Marshall County, Miss., thence, in 1819, to Dallas County, Ark., and settled in the woods near Princeton, where Mr. Lochridge cultivated the soil. He died in 1861 and his widow in 1875, both members of the Methodist Church for many years, and pioneer settlers of Southern Arkansas.

George V. Lochridge was born in Maury County, Tenn., in 1831, is now a retired farmer and resides in Kings land. He came with his parents to Arkansas in 1819, assisted his father in clearing the home place and received a fair education in the common school, supplementing the same by a course at Princeton Academy. He began for himself at about the age of twenty one as a clerk, and was married, in 1854, to bliss Indiana Russell, daughter of Jesse and Mary Russell.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell were natives of Tennessee, where they remained until about 1836, and then moved to what is Dallas County, Ark., being among the first settlers in that county. There they passed the clos­ing scenes of their lives, the father dying in 1841 and the mother in 1874. Mr. Russell was a farmer by occupation, and served as lieutenant in the War of 1812, and was with Gen. Jackson at the battle of New Orleans. Mrs. Lochridge was born in Tennessee, and by her marriage became the mother of ten children, two sons and two daughters now living: George L., J. Frank, Mary (wife of Albert Acruman, of Fordyce), and Lucy D. (wife of W. Scroggins, of Bearden).

The father of these children resided in Princeton and was engaged in the grocery business until during the war, when he removed to a farm near by, and in 1867 to what is now Cleveland County. He resided in Saline Township until 1887, and then removed to Kingsland. He still has a good farm of 360 acres, and is a man whose honesty and integrity is unquestioned. He was justice of the peace for some time in Cleveland County, and filled the position of deputy sheriff while a resident of Dallas County.

In July, 1861, he joined Company I, Twelfth Arkansas Infantry, and operated in Kentucky and Tennessee. He was captured at Island No. 10, but made his escape and joined his command at Memphis. A few months after rejoining his command he obtained a furlough and made a visit home; then, after rejoining his command operated in Texas. He was discharged near Marshall, Texas, in April, 1865.

He is Democratic in his political views, and his first presidential vote was for Franklin Pierce in 1852. He has been a member of the Masonic fraternity for many years, and he and wife are worthy members of the Methodist Church. Their son, George L. Lochridge was early initiated into the duties on the farm, and secured a country school education, after which he spent five months at Little Rock Commercial College. He then embarked in his present business, starting with $318 worth of goods, and through good business management and close application to business, has become one of the leading merchants of Cleveland County.

He was married, in 1887, to Miss Ida Lee, daughter of E. A. and Mary Acruman, one of the prominent families of Fordyce. Mr. Acruman came from Alabama to Arkansas when a young man, and is now one of the wealthiest and most extensive business men of South Arkansas. Mrs. Lochridge was born in Chambersville, Ark., and by her marriage to our subject became the mother of one child, a daughter. Mr. Lochridge has a good home in town, and is a young man whose future outlook is indeed bright.

He is a Democrat, politically, and his first presidential vote was cast for Hancock in 1880. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, Kingsland Lodge No. 430, and is senior deacon of the same. He was at one time secretary. He is also a Royal Arch Mason, belonging to Kingsland Chapter No 74. Mrs. Lochridge is a member of the Methodist Church. Mr. Lochridge's maternal great-grandfather, Rev. James Wright, was probably born in North Carolina, and resided for many years in Bedford County, Tenn., and finally moved from there to Henry County, Tenn., where he died in 1835 or 1836.  

He was a farmer and a Methodist minister for many years. He was a soldier in the Creek War. He was of Irish descent. His wife also died in Henry County, Tenn. 


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