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Harvesting Hidden Treasures

Wanda Mitchell Newton  

Former Kingsland resident, Wanda Mitchell Newton, releases new book, Harvesting Hidden Treasures. The author is the youngest of ten children born to the late Wallace Edward Mitchell and Mary Jewell Graves Mitchell. She grew up on their family farm four miles  southeast of town in the Saline community and graduated from Kingsland High School in May 1956.

Wanda’s desire to write began at an early age and through the years has written poetry, short stories, and articles for special occasions. Her ultimate desire has always been to write a book about her childhood.  She shares several of her poems as well as a few of her mother’s in the book.

Life began for the author during the Depression, followed by WWII, which created extreme difficulties for their family.  Amidst those difficulties were many daily experiences on the farm, which she feels, are worth sharing.

The simplicity of life in rural Arkansas will allow readers to catch a glimpse into an era almost forgotten by today’s society. Day-by-day word pictures are painted of spring through winter, allowing readers to see how a family of ten survived.  Sacrifice, hard work, and an abundance of love were the necessary daily ingredients.

Since a good harvest was vital to their family, Wanda chose to entitle her book Harvesting Hidden Treasures. Just as in spring they sowed seeds that brought forth crops to be harvested in autumn, beautiful treasures were planted and woven within her heart also.Now, in the autumn of her life, she brings forth her harvest and wishes to share it with others.The homespun stories will warm your heart as you walk alongside the author. It is not a book of eloquent words or of a fancy lifestyle.  It is one of plain and simple daily experiences that made her who she is today. A few of the treasures she shares is:  A Farmhouse Christmas, Winter Wonderland, a Quilting Party, Peddling Watermelons, Dinner on the Riverbank, Hog Killing Day and Winter Morning Memories.  Old family photos are shown thoughout the pages.

Wanda invites you to walk alongside her and share laughter, shed tears of both joy and sadness, and see how God blessed in the midst of poverty and hardships. Harvesting Hidden Treasures is a great book for older children, as it will allow them to see the contrast in life then and now. Hopefully many adults will recapture special treasures they, too, have forgotten; Now rediscovered.

Seeds that were sown in poverty have borne a bounteous harvest.   

To receive a signed copy of Harvesting Hidden Treasures, Please send $12.95 plus $2.50 for S/H. Send to Wanda Newton, 233 Spur Dr., Victoria, TX 77904. Phone: 361-578-5452.