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Holderfield Photo Album

 Berry Holderfield

Berry Holderfield. B. Mississippi & moved to Cleveland Cty., by 1860.  Enlisted in the Civil War, captured as a prisoner of war & held in Pine Bluff.  Died of illness, probably Malaria, before 1865.  F/o Tom Holderfield who m. Mary Jacqueline (Goggans).  Tom was f/o Garland Augustus Holderfield who m. Monnie (Crook).  Submitted by Tonya Hyatt.

Holderfield Children 

Garland & Monnie Holderfield Family.  Front: Garland & Monnie Holderfield.

Back, L to R:  Faye w/o Clemon Spakes, Rob h/o 1st Mary Pebble Cooper & 2nd Lucille Gray, Hester w/o Jack Ashcraft, Ross h/o Robert Lee Rauls, Bernice w/o Wheeler Rauls, Inez w/o Austin Shelby, Elma w/o T. A. Hyatt and Dewey h/o Bertie Mae Shelby.

Not shown is Curtis Holderfield who died shortly after marrying Mary (Varnell).  Submitted by Tonya Hyatt  

 Mammy's House

Mammy's House.  This is what is left of the old homeplace of Garland & Monnie Holderfield & where all of their children were raised.  According to Tonya's father, it used to be a fairly large house but much of it has been torn away & left to deteriorate.  It is located in Herbine.  Submitted by Tonya Hyatt.