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Hon. William T. Hollis

Hon. William T. Hollis is a well known citizen of Lee Township, Cleveland County, Ark., and although a native of Chattahoochee County, Ga., he has fully identified himself with the interest of his adopted State.

His birth occurred on April 8, 1833, and he is a son of Dr. William and Elizabeth (Henderson) Hollis. They were married in their native State, and lived there until 1876, where the father followed the occupation of farming and the practice of medicine until the opening of the war; being successful, he accumulated a competency. In his political views he was a follower of the Whig party until the election of Lincoln as President, after which he was a Democrat.

His wife was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church for over forty years, and their union was blessed in the birth of thirteen children, only five of whom grew to maturity, and three now living, William T. being the eldest of the family. The paternal grandfather, Thomas Hollis, was a soldier in the War of 1812, and was in numerous fights with the Indians. He was a very successful farmer, and died in Georgia.

Hon. William T. Hollis received his education in the schools of the country, and when prepared to enter college, his health failed, and for many years was an invalid. During the Civil War he was twice discharged on account of disability. While in Georgia he was elected a member of the county court, and in 1865 and 1866 he represented his county (Marion) in the Lower House of the Georgia Legislature.

In 1861 he was married to Miss Martha Hall, a daughter of Daniel Al. and Sarah L. Hall, of Pineville, Ga., but she died in Pineville three months and twenty days after her marriage. In the month of January, 1864, Mr. Hollis espoused Miss Sarah M. Herndon, of Marion County, Ga., where she was born in 1837. To them a family of six children have been born Irene (wife of Benjamin Murphy, a farmer of Bradley County), Russel (who is alternately teaching and going to school, preparing for a profession), John H. (is managing his father's farm), Carl (is in the State University), Birdie and Mack.

Mrs. Hollis is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and Mr. Hollis is a solid Democrat, and has attained the Council Degree in the Masonic fraternity.


Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas
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