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Hughey Breathwit

Once again has the "angel of death" like some mighty bird of prey, spread its black wings over our little village, and with its own unrelenting hand wrote its cruel autograph upon the brow of our esteemed friend, Hughey Breathwit, Sept. 9, 1898.

His immortal soul parted that veil which separates mortals from immortals and time from eternity passing swiftly from this world into the presence of the living God.  Just entering manhood, in the prime of life, with his father and mother and surrounded with a sufficiency of this world's goods to fit and qualify himself for the battle of life in which we have every reason to believe his laurels would have been many.

His whole life was one continued flow of filial affection and unparalled obedience to his parents in the purest sense of the word. A perfect man and star of the family.

He had been complaining about 5 days but unwilling to give up was only confined to his bed four days.  His relatives all were present except one sister whos love for brother was deeply cut by the might hand of death.

His hands were always ready to discharge his duty but they now lie still in death.  His bright and shining countenance which always scattered sunshine along the pathway of his friends and associates, will be seen no more.  But one thing we know: His past life entitles him to a place among the rank and file of the redeemed.

He was consistent and posessed a high degree of refinement together with a moral character that gave him an eminence in the esteem of all who knew him.  As thou hast gone to the house of many mansions, we bid thee a long, loving, tender farewell.  A Friend William McKinney

Submitted by Belinda (Brown) Winston

Source: Cleveland County Herald, "Kingsland News", 29 Sep 1898