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Into the Mouth of the Cannon

Robert E. Reynolds - Added 08/11/2007.

Mr. Reynolds has recently published a book entitled Into The Mouth of The Cannon. It is historical an accurate researched history of the 18th Arkansas infantry and the role several families from Bradley County (living in Cleveland, created April 1873) played in the Western Theater during the Civil War.  There is a lot a history about Bradley, Cleveland , Saline, Grant, and Drew counties documented in the book.

The book has biographies of Hartwell S Reynolds, his father Henry Reynolds, his wife Elizabeth Reynolds of Bradley County (living in Cleveland, created April 1873).  Also included are Dr. James L. Isaacs, Lt. George W Isaacs, Sergeant Richard T. Stockton, Granville McGuire, Naomi McGuire of Saline County and many more.  This could be a valuable research book for those that are interested in the early Civil War in Arkansas and why Arkansans chose to join the Confederacy.

Mr. Reynolds also has a family web site (Robert Reynolds Family Archives) containing lot of information about families from Cleveland Counties.  You can visit his website here.  http://www.reynoldsarchives.com/  

Also,  there is a link to purchase the book from Author House Publishers on the site.  The book is a true story that is well-documented.  Each chapter has numerous source reference note numbers authenticating the research. The book is indexed and also contains an appendix making it easy to research a surname.  Mr. Reynolds credits the Arkansas History Commission as very helpful in locating information and source material that went into the book.  http://www.reynoldsarchives.com/into_the_mouth_of_the_cannon.htm