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J. Thomas Glover, Jr.

DESPONDENT YOUTH TAKES OWN LIFE - J.T. Glover, Jr, 19 of Woodlawn dies from drinking tree poison Saturday. He was the son of J.T. (Tom) Glover of Woodlawn, and died at 7:30 Saturday evening from the effects of a quantity of tree poison he drank at 2 pm. Although fully conscious until a few minutes before he died, he gave little reason for his rash act, except to state he was discouraged and felt he had no friends left. It is thought this fatal attempt on his life was partly due to the death of his mother almost a year ago.  

He was the youngest child in the family, and his loneliness is thought to have affected his mental faculties. He notified one of his brothers shortly after he drank the deadly potion and requested the brother to see that all his bills were paid from a crop he had on his father's place. He was carried at once to the home of his uncle, Dr. B.B. Glover, not far from his own home, but all efforts to check the effects of the poison were futile.

He graduated from the Woodlawn high school last spring and was one of the outstanding students. During the summer he attended the Monticello A & M College at Monticello and was one of the most prominent young men and a member of Oak Grove Baptist Church. Besides his father he is survived by 5 brothers, J. E; T. H; Otis; Guy; and Herbert Glover, all of Woodlawn. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon by the Rev. Conrad Glover of Sheridan, pastor of the Oak Grove Church. Burial was in the family lot at Friendship.

Source: Cleveland County Herald, 30 Aug 1933