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Jabus J. Mosley

Jabus J. Mosley is a member of an old and prominent family, and although he has been a resident of Arkansas since 1850, he was born in the Palmetto State, June 21, 1830, being the third of eight children, three now living, born to William A. and Mary L. (Smith) Mosley, who were also born in that State, the father being of English descent.

He is now residing in Cleveland County, and as he was born on January 2, 1802, he is now eighty-eight years of age, but shows very little the ravages of time, and gives every promise of living many years longer. He always devoted his attention to farming, in which he was quite successful. His wife died in 1834, aged about seventy-eight years, and she, as well as her husband, was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church, she being connected with the same for over half a century. This worthy couple's union lasted sixty-eight years.

Jabus J. Mosley resided in South Carolina during early youth and manhood, and at the age of twenty-two years began to till the soil on his own responsibility and his efforts were attended with such good results that he has made this his calling through life.

In 1850 he came to Bradley County, Ark., and four years later located a portion of his present farm. He is now the owner of 800 acres, of which 125 are under cultivation. He joined an Arkansas Regiment of Confederate Cavalry in 1862, and was a member of Cabell's brigade until the close of the war. He was in the battles of Pine Bluff, Wolf Creek, Poison Springs, 'Mark's Mill, Jenkins' Ferry and with Price on his raid in Missouri. He was slightly wounded once.

December 8, 1852, he was married to Miss Hepsey C. Brawner of Georgia, and by her is the father of three children: T. G., L. A. and J. S., all farmers of Cleveland County.

Mr. Mosley and his wife are members of the Missionary Baptist Church, in which he is a deacon, and he is a Mason and a Democrat, and since 1868 has served as justice of the peace, and has proved an efficient incumbent of that office.


Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas
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