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Kingsland Cemetery (Black Section)

Transcription compliments of Kacey (Taylor) Mays 

HISTORY:  In 1894 a quick claim deed to H. L. Wright, J. T. Davis and John Smith and their successors, for graveyard purposes, from S. S. Dykes and L. A. Dykes.  One acre of land.  In 1916 a deed for 1 acre of land was given by Mrs. L. A. Dykes to John Smith and Will Smith, Trustees of Colored Cemetery.   This land is east of the original property.  For some unknown reason they stopped using the original cemetery.  There is one Cone marker still there.  Ref: Mrs. D. A. "Mattie" Jacobs of Kingsland, who has the original deeds.  This grave is listed in Vol. 2, First Edition as UNNAMED in front of George Child's residence, along with other unmarked graves.  This seems to be the site of the 1st Colored cemetery at Kingsland.

DIRECTIONS:   From Kingsland travel 0.9 mile from intersection at school on Hwy. 79, turn left 1.3 miles, left again 0.3 miles.  Section 1, Township 10, Range 12.