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Kingsland Cemetery (White Section)

DIRECTIONS: Located mile north of Kingsland School on Cross Roads road, which branches off to the right from 189 north, about 50 yards from U.S. Highway 79 near the school. Section 1, Township 10, Range 12.

Source: Cleveland County, Arkansas Cemetery Records, Volume III.

HISTORY:  In November 1898, Celia C. Graves deed 5 acres of land for graveyard purposes alone and exclusively.  It is interesting that two graves were placed in the Kingsland Cemetery in 1889, one in 1890 and four in 1898, before the date of deed.  There were approximately 600 marked graves counted and recorded during the 1996 survey. 

The cemetery is fenced, well kept and easy to locate.  Mr. W. W. McKinzie devoted many years in the interest of the cemetery.  After his death in 1973 a committee was elected to assume the responsibility.  Now serving are the following: Pres: Mr. W. A. Puterbaugh; V. Pres: George W. Childs; Sec: Helen Goggans; Treas: Reba Rhodes and member George H. Childs.  An annual memorial service is held in May each year.  

Source: Cleveland County, Arkansas Cemetery Records, Volume III.